2022 Team RC23 Rosters


Team RC23 is an independent AAU program based out of the Greater New Haven, CT Area. Their 17u coach is Andre Sutton, a veteran AAU program builder and an assistant coach at Hillhouse High (CT).


Their 2022 rosters are comprised of the following high potential players:


Avery Sutton (2025) 6’1 guard, Hillhouse High (CT)

Nate McLeery (2025) 6’2 guard, Hamden Hall Country Day (CT)

Hassan Powell (2025) 5’9 guard, Bassick High (CT)

Karon Wilkins (2025) 5’9 guard, Hillhouse High (CT)

Noah Madigan (2025) 6’1 guard, Hamden High (CT)

Johnny Kauhl (2025) 5’10 guard, North Haven High (CT)

Teriq Mallory (2024) guard, Hillhouse High (CT)

Chris Van Tassel (2025) 6’4 forward, Wilbur Cross (CT)

Noah Vega (2025) 6’1 small forward, Eli Whitney High (CT)

Tyrese Kelley (2025) 6’0 small forward, Hillhouse High (CT)

Amere Best (2025) 6’3 forward, Career Magnet High (CT)



Thomas Glover (2024) 6’3 guard, Career Magnet High (CT)

Dom Galetti (2024) 5’9 guard, Notre Dame West Haven (CT)

Matt Bostico (2024) guard, North Haven High (CT)

Carter Mulhern (2024) 5’8 guard, North Haven High

Bernett Scott Jr (2024) 5’11 guard, Achievement First-Amistad High (CT)

Jhani Barge (2024) 6’2 small forward, Ansonia High (CT)

Brendan Grudberg (2024) North Haven High (CT)

Ken Little V (2022) 6’2 small forward, Derby High (CT)

Trejon Williams (202) Hillhouse High (CT)



Mekhi Bristow (2022) 5’11 guard, Hillhouse High (CT)

Randy Alston (2023) 5’7 guard, West Haven High (CT)

Alex Prezioso (2023) guard, Hamden Hall Day (CT)

Anthony Parker (2023) 6’3 guard, Xavier High (CT)

Justin Hess (2022) 6’3 guard, Guilford High (CT)

Jalen Sullivan (2022) forward, Hillhouse High (CT)

Elijah Holder (2023) 6’4 small forward, Hillhouse High (CT)

Nikai Brooks (2023) 6’4 forward, Hillhouse High (CT)

Kenneth Little III (2022) 6’4 forward, Hillhouse High (CT)