2017 Rumble in the Bronx

By Brett Wilson, Doug Scott and Evan Roteman

Despite competing with final exam week conflicts, college exposure camp conflicts, ACT exam conflicts, etc, the Rumble in the Bronx tournament, year in and year out, pulls in a truckload of AAU basketball talent from far and wide. Below are some of the players that caught our eye.

Jalen Williams 2019 6’1 guard High School: Perry High (AZ) AAU Team: I-10 Celtics - I-10 Celtics coach Paul Suber says that Williams has attracted some early D1 interest. His playmaking abilities were fun to watch. He has a tight handle and was a drive n dish machine. Excellent ability to elevate on his basket drives. Plays hard at the other end as well.

J’Saan Strover 2019 6’1 guard High School: Skyline High (AZ) AAU Team: I-10 Celtics - Strover was another high potential guard from Arizona who made the big trip East to show his wares. He was very active on the defensive glass and a nasty thief in the passing lanes, both of which enabled him to show his excellent ability to be a one-man fast break starter. Terrific speed, shake n bake moves, court vision and passing ability made him a transition game wrecking ball.

Joseph Abate Walsh 2019 6’6 forward High School: North Andover High (MA) AAU Team: All for One - Walsh is active and long. He competes well in the post to set up his solid back-to-the-basket game. A few years in the weight room will complete that package. He has excellent timing and instincts to set himself up as a drive n dish receiver. Gets back on defense and is very good in rim protection and shot block blocker coming out of help defense situations.

Tyler Bourne 2018 5’7 point guard High School: Notre Dame -West Haven HS (CT) AAU Team: CM3 - Bourne can shoot the 3 ball. Good with his dribble and play making abilities. Needs to turn up on defense and limit his turnovers against bigger guards.

Will Kondrat 2018 6’4 wing High School: Lincoln High (NY) AAU Team: CM3 - Kondrat is decent in transition. Good length. Can be effective with his dribbling and play making. Needs to be more explosive in the paint when going against defenders and needs to be a better post defender.

Ithiel Horton 2018 6’3 guard High School: Roselle Catholic (NJ) AAU Tean: The Firm - Horton is a good shooter. Doesn’t force his shots. Average with his dribble. Needs to be a more vocal

Qualon Wilkes 2018 5’7 guard High School: Bassick High(CT) AAU Team: PHD - Speedy guard that can get to the rim at will. Also a tremendous on ball defender with tons of heart. He was a pest defensively and a handful offensively for bigger guards to handle. Must work on consistent mid-range pull-up for the next level.

Chamaldo Martin 2018 6’5 forward High School: New Dorp High (NY)  AAU Team: Staten Island Sharks - Martin is strongly built and a force on the court. Big offensive rebounding motor, strength and aggression. Used his big body well, be it holding his space in the post or devouring ball handlers in a trap. Showed both face-the-basket and back-the-basket talent. Mid range jumper was money. If he shoots the three, he will be a good big guard/small forward at the collegiate level.

Cliff Onorui 2020 6’9 center High School: Queen of Peace HS (NJ) AAU Team: The Firm - While at a young age now, Onorui could develop himself into a force in the middle. Good on the boards. Nice hands. Average post moves. Needs to add more muscle to be a stronger in the post. 

Kyle Lofton 2018 6’2 point guard High School: Putnam Science Academy (CT) AAU Team: The Firm - Lofton has a good handle and passer. Can finish in transition. Shows decent athletic abilities. Needs to work on being a consistent 3pt shooting threat. Should get great exposure at the D1 factory that is Putnam Science Academy.

Bryson Andrews 2019 5’10 guard High School: Abington High (MA) AAU Team: All for One - Andrews has a serious case of the “quicks”. Great energy player, terrific change-of-speed game and a nose for getting to the hoop. His speed, tempo changes and aggression make him an And One magnet. Makes the free throws that he piles up.

Elijah Buchin 2018 guard High School: Woodstock Academy (CT) AAU Team: The Firm - Buchin is part of a collegiate prospect roster that Coach Tony Bergeron is stockpiling in his new stint at Woodstock Academy. That means Buchin will spend the winter competing vs. the super loaded NEPSAC prep school teams. D1 scouts won’t have to guess about his ability to compete at their level, because they will get to see him do it night in and night out. He has a good jump shot, both mid range and 3pt shot. Plays under control. Needs to get stronger with his dribble at the basket.

Joe Girard 2019 5’10 point guard High School: Glens Falls HS (NY) AAU Team: Albany City Rocks - Every City Rocks team seems to be loaded with skill and talent. Running the point for them is an honor and testement in itself. Accordingly, Girard is a good decision maker. Knows how to find his teammates. Will generally hit his open shots, but needs some more consistency from beyond the arc. Works hard on defense.

Jalen Echevarria 2019 5’7 point guard High School: St Mary’s - Lynn (MA) AAU Team: All for One - Echevarria is a floor general who can both run the show or blow by and create with his lethal first step quickness. His tight handle and shiftiness make him a drive n dish engine. He relocates with savy after his post feeds. Fun to watch.

Sean Conway 2018 6’3 guard High School: Fairfield Warde (CT) AAU Team: PHD - This sharp shooter was hot from the field shooting over 50% from three this weekend. He also showed the ability to put it down on the floor and get to the rim when he wanted to. Must work on his strength and foot speed defensively to compete at the next level.

Isaiah Stewart 2019 6’9 center High School: McQuaid High (NY) AAU Team: Albany City Rocks - McQuaid has recovered to his high potential form after a tailbone injury wrecked his winter season. He is a good rebounder. Good with his dribble in the open court for his size. Active around the basket on offense and defense. Good post moves. Needs rotate that long frame more aggressively in order to block more shots.

Jeenathan Williams 2018 6’5 wing High School: UPrep High (NY) AAU Team: Albany City Rocks - Willaims is a good athlete. Left handed player. Passes willingy and creates plays. Can play above the rim and finish at the basket. Needs to get stronger with his right hand dribbles.

Joe Pridgen 2019 6’3 guard High School: Governor’s Academy (MA) AAU Team: Expressions Elite- As usual, Expression Elite did a nice job sourcing New England talent from the loaded NEPSAC prep schools. Coach Josh Corria was enjoying a sweet talent edge on this 16U team that was led by Pridgen’s ability to dominate a basketball game. This thick, strong, and athletic guard can do it all.  On defense, he prowls and harvests in the passing lanes to feed his dunk highlights. He bodies up nicely to separate lighter guards from their dribble. He will drain the uncontested three, but secretly prefers to be contested so he can blow by and slash. He will go to college for free.

Buddy Boeheim 2018 6’5 wing High School: Jamesville DeWitt School (NY) AAU Team: Albany City Rocks - Boeheim is a decent position player. Streaky shooter. Knows how to find open spots on the court. Average ball handling. Needs to be a better one on one defender.

Justin Winston 2019 6’6 wing High School: Montclair Emmanuel (NJ) AAU Team: NJ Playaz - Winston is good on the boards. Can dribble and push the ball on the break. Can create for himself above the rim. Athletic player inside and out. Needs to get more aggressive on defense and show that he can stretch the defense with outside shooting.

Dyondre Dominguez 2020 6’7 forward High School: Tolman High (RI) AAU Team: Expressions Elite - As a reclassing 2020, Dominguez brings a scary level of physical ability. Long, vertical and aggressive to the rim. He is a one man fast break starter with his ability to clean the glass and push the ball out with excellent speed. He is very, very left handed, which works fine at this level, but will need to be balanced in his future years as he moves up to face high caliber college opponents.

Noreaga Davis 2018 6’3 Guard High School: Notre Dame-Fairfield (CT) AAU Team: PHD - Davis was simply tremendous vs Dominican Elite scoring 18pts and grabbing 15rebs. The big guard used his size and strength to get to his spots on the floor. Must work on his motor and a consistent jump-shot to compete at the next level.

Elijah Hutchins-Everett 2020 6’9 center High School: Montclair Emmanuel (NJ) AAU Team: NJ Playaz - This young big is already a good post player. Can play with his back to the basket and turn and face. Good rebounder. Can take up space in the middle. Runs the floor. Needs more lateral movement on defense.

Jake Betlow 2019 6’0 guard High School: Maverde (FL) AAU Team: NJ Playaz - Betlow can shoot the spot up 3. Moves well without the ball. Plays well in transition. Good energy on defense. Needs to be a better shooter off the dribble and screens.

Preston Santos 2019 6’6 forward High School: Brooks School (MA) AAU Team: Expressions Elite - Santos is a gifted basketball athlete. He can outrebound and outrun the other mere mortals on the floor. He will shred your honest attempt to box him out. If he invests the time in a practice gym to add shot making skills to those physical gifts, his upside is very high.

Daryl Banks III 2019 6’0 guard High School: The Patrick School (NJ) AAU Team: NJ Playaz - Banks 3.0 is a decent shooter. Knows how to play in a system. Works hard. Good with his dribbling skills. Needs to be more aggressive with his play making.

Jose Perez 2017 6’5 wing High School: Putnam Science Academy (CT)  AAU Team: Dominican Elite - Spending winters in Tom Espinosa’s PSA gym is a day to day grind against a lot of high major prospects. To prosper there, Perez had to play hard, and he definitely brought that to this AAU tournament. He has 3pt shooting range and ability, but not great consistency. He does attack and finish at the basket well.

Nicholas Spinoso 2020 6’6 forward High School: Kellenberg Memorial High (NY) AAU Team: NY Lightning - Spinoso took on the always difficult task of being a young big playing “up” against older players. Talented young perimeter players can often thrive playing “up”, but the post area is a man’s game. What Spinosa lacked in weight room reps, he compensated for in effort and instinct.  He is a lefty with a sweet over the right shoulder game. He hustled into his screen setting and was usually the first big down the floor in transition. He attacked the rebounds with instinct and effort. He needs to find his voice on defense, so he can direct the team defense traffic in front of him.

Omar Silverio 2018 6’3 guard High School: St Raymond High (NY) AAU Team: Dominican Elite . Silverio is a source of Dominican hoops pride, and he leads the DE team accordingly. He is a high volume, but average 3 point shooter. More practice gym reps will be his friend. Can handle the rock. Decent passer. Can play the point when needed. Needs to play harder defense.

Marcus Hammonds 2018 5’11 point guard High School: Cardozo High (NY) AAU Team: Next Level - good with the ball. Good passer and court awareness. Can hit the 3pt shot. Needs to add muscle and get stronger.

Jamal Watson 2019 6’3 swing High School: Archbishop Molloy High (NY) AAU Team: NY Lightning - Watson is an entriguing player. He is currently starring as an undersized big for Dennis Nuss’ Lightning squad. His thick body, effort and athleticism serve him well in that role. The obvious issue, unless he comes up with a serious growth spurt, he will need to have perimeter skills to excell at the next level. Only time will tell if he is prctice gym rat enough to make that transition.

Emmanuel Umoffia 2019 7’0 High School: Score Academy (FL) AAU Team: NY Gauchos - Wanna get noticed by a college scout, walk into the gym at 7 feet tall. Umoffia runs end to end. Can rebound and be a shot blocker. Average footwork in the paint. Needs to become a more all around polished player to maximize his hoops gene pool lottery win.

Hassan Drame 2019 6’5 wing High School: Our Savior New American School (NY) AAU Team: NY Rens - Hassan Drame is a good athlete. Decent with his ball handles. Can start the fast break after the rebound. Has good wingspan. Needs to be a better defender.

Fousseyni Drame 2019 6’5 wing High School: Our Savior New American School (NY) AAU Team: NY Rens - Fousseyni Drame has good athletic ability. Can give you some minutes in the post but should develop as a wing. Good wingspan. Can get some rebounds. Similar style of play like his twin brother. Needs to be a better defender. 

Keron Williams 2018 6’0 guard High School: Newark Eastside (NJ) AAU Team: NJ Beast - Williams was a wrecking ball on defense, a passing lane bandit. Very athletic and talented on offense. Pretty Eurostep game, deadly on his open three pointers and moved very well to get open.

Malik Proctor 2019 5’7 point guard High School: Immaculate High (CT) AAU Team: CSA Velocity - Proctor is the Energizer Bunny on the court, frantic and relentless energy and movement at both ends. Fastest and most agile force on the floor. Vocal leader. Money from deep and in the mid range stop n pop.

Jake Cook 2019 6’9 center High School: Shaker High (NY) AAU Team: Albany City Rocks - Cook is a big with decent footwork and rebounds well. Can finish around the basket and clean other missed shots. Average touch. Needs to get stronger.

Noah Hutchins 2019 6’0 point guard High School: Park School (NY) AAU Team: Albany City Rocks Hutchins can dribble well with either hand. Knows when to push the tempo and when not. Good feel for the game. Sees the floor. Good passes and defender. Needs to be more of a finisher at the basket.

Elves Ceballos 6’ 2019 guard High School: All Hallows High (NY) AAU Team: NY Gauchos - Ceballos has a solid frame which serves him well in the bumping and screening actions. He has excellent offensive rebounding instincts and aggressiveness from the wing. H e is a vocal leader on the defensive end. He is good with the jump-stop/change of direction game. Nice midrange stop n pop. Good Eurostep. Moves well without the ball, including good repositioning discipline on ball penetration.

Andrew Delaney 2019 6’6 wing High School: Blair Academy (NJ) AAU Team: Albany City Rocks - Delaney can rebound. Good average shooter and takes good percentage shots. Shows some athletic moves although he can be rough and rugged. Needs to be more of a agile defender and work on his dribbling.

Mike Bisile 2019 5’10 guard High School: Immaculate High (CT) AAU Team: CSA Velocity - Bisile has a useful quick release jumper. His basket drives are low and quick with a strong finish that is hard to stop. He thrives in the uptempo game. He has the classic Little Man’s box out discipline and the competive spirit that drives that.

Symir Torrence 2019 6’3 combo guard High School: Syracuse Academy of the Science (NY) AAU Team: Albany City Rocks - Torrence is versatile with his play. Can play some point guard and point wing. Good IQ. Effective with his dribble drive and pass. Needs to look more for his outside shot.

Tahjae Hill 2020 6’2 Wing High School: Hilton High (NY) AAU Team: City Rocks - Explosive, quick wing who is very athletic, often playing above the rim. High energy, actice defender. Big leaper who grabs a ton of rebounds. On offense, he is very composed. Can dribble drive and attack the rim, or go to a nice jumper.

Will Amica 2020 5’11 High School: West Genesee High (NY) AAU Team: City Rocks - Speedy guard, with a super quick penetration dribble. Can drive and kick or knock down the pull up jumper and has a nice floater game in traffic. He was first to every 50/50 ball. A tough competitor.

Anthony Clayton 2020 5’11 guard High School: Shaker High (NY) AAU Team: City Rocks - Another very quick guard who was on the floor all day for every loose ball. Defensively, creates problems for any big putting it on the floor. Has great hands, to either poke to ball to a teammate or grab the steal himself. Nice passer who feeds the post well. Good pump fake to set up his blow-by attacks.

Lance Ware 2020 6’9 forward/center High School: Life Center Academy (NY) AAU Team: NY Rens - If there is such a thing as a perfect Basketball body, this young wing has it.  His great size and length was cleaning up on the glass all day long.  Runs the floor really well, and can finish nicely in transition.  A lefty , he can put it on the floor and dribble by his defender. Nice timing and shot blocking as well. Needs to work on catching in the post, and ” go to” moves off that catch.

Richie Greaves 2020 6’0 guard High School: St Josephs High (NJ) AAU Team:  NY Rens - This Rens’ starting guard is really exciting to watch. Very athletic high flying guard who was finishing at the rim over much taller defenders.  Seems like he is all over the court any time there’s a play to be made.  Gets into the lane with a quick drive and dish .  Has a nice stoke from three and buried many today.  On D very active and willing to take a charge.

Brandon Weiss 2020 5’8 guard High School: Wagner Jericho High (NY) AAU Team: LI Lightning - Tough heady PG, with a nice quick first step going left or right and can finish with both hands. Sees the floor really well making his teammates better with hard precise bounce passes to cutters.  Does not miss much from downtown with a smooth stroke from 3.

Carlton Paris 2020 5’10 guard High School: ​ Wagner, Valley Stream North HS (NY) AAU Team: LI-Lightning - Quick guard who has a great feel for the game, and nose for the ball.  Attacks the basket well, with some strong finishes at the rim.  His long arms were creating havoc on D getting in the passing lanes with multiple deflections.

Aiden Rountree 2020 6’3 Swing High School:  Hamden Hall CDS (CT) AAU Team: Stamford Peace -  Tough, active rebounder who refuses to give in around the glass.  Can quickly elevate for many ” clean up” finishes at the rim. Has good length.  Will need to improve his perimeter shooting to get to the next level.

Quinn Kelly 2020 6’1 guard High School: Rye HS AAU Team: ​Stamford Peace - Freshman playmaking guard with real potential.  His defensive intensity is very impressive.  Great hustle , seemed as though his hands were on every pass with many steals and deflections. He was on the floor for loose balls and contesting everything. On offense, he’s a nice floor general, with good patience, never forcing the action when it’s not there. Has a quick handle with a good hesitation crossover getting by his defender.  He can score when needed,  but really excels at making everyone around him a lot better.  A player to watch.

Rashan Fisher 2020 6’5 forward High School: Trinity Catholic High (CT) AAU Team: Stamford Peace - This baby faced ” big ” is feeling his way, but had some really nice moments today. Strong potential as he grows into his frame and hits the weight room.  Moves surprisingly well without the ball, and can catch in transition to finish.  Strong rebounder and competed really well on the glass.  Will need to improve on his post footwork and shooting.

Matt Mayers 2020 6’8 forward High School: Hastings High (NY) AAU Team: NY Gauchos - Great length, and was a real problem for his opponents on D.  His size and aggressive to the ball attitude is a nice combination. He anticipates well where the rebound will be and goes after it hard.  Nice shot blocking with excellent timing for a young player.  Not afraid to shoot it when open, but will have to work at this aspect of his game.

Jalen Smith 2020 5’5 guard High School: Cardinal Hayes High (NY) AAU Team: NY Gauchos - What this young player lacks in size, is made up for by his “tough as nails” mentality.  A speedy muscular guard who was not to be denied.  Impressive lateral quickness on D led to many turnovers off of the trap. Came away with many loose balls on the floor which led to easy fast break buckets . Can finish with both hands around the rim, and has a nice spot up 3 from deep.

Alex Vertus 2020 6’1 Gguard High School: Pine Crest School (FL) AAU Team: ​Rock United - The versatile guard impressed us on Saturday with his inside outside game. He combined his ability to knock down jumpers from range, with his smooth finishing skills to lead his team to a win. On the other side of the floor his impressive frame for a guard allowed him to jump passing lanes, creating many opportunities to turn his defense into offense for his team.

Romello Faison 2020 5’10 guard High School:  MLK Graham High (NY) AAU Team: ​Team NYC - Faison did it all for his team in a competitive loss to the much bigger NY Gauchos. He shoots with great confidence and makes things happen on defense. Additionally, he plays with a ton of grit, allowing him to attack the paint with a lot of determination. His finishing and decision making need improvement moving into the next level.

Trey Hall 2020 6’6 forward High School: East Hartford High (CT) AAU Team: ​Expressions Elite - The big man needs more time to develop into his body but possesses all the raw athletic talent to be a high D1 player. His good outside jumper forces defenders to play him on the perimeter, but when that happens, Hall has the ability to drive right by them and finish at the rim. Not to mention, he also has a variety of post up moves that he displayed on Sunday.

Ty Foster 2020 5’10 guard High School: Lincoln High (CO) AAU Team: Expressions Elite -  This highly touted guard from Colorado suited up with X elite’s 2020 squad this weekend. The smooth operator controls the tempo and pace of the game as well as any. He has very nice touch around the rim as we saw with his high arching floater. Has all the makings of an elite D1 floor general in the 2020 class.

Alex Maminakis 2020 6’2 Wing High School: Archbishop Molloy (NY) AAU Team: ​ LI Lightning- Haber - This athletic wing showed a lot of promise this weekend when we saw him against a tough Louisiana Select squad. His athleticism shined brightest, and with a quick first step and craftiness around the rim, Maminaud lead his team to be competitive in this one. He is a vocal leader, and also has an impressive mid-range pull up. Look for him to compete for time on a loaded Molloy squad next winter.

Jayshaun Miller 2020 5’8 guard High School: Homer High (LA) AAU Team: ​ LA Select/Team Millsap - He was the engine that made all systems go in an impressive finals appearance for the team from Louisiana. Miller is a heady playmaker that consistently attacks his defenders. Additionally, he can step out and shoot the three at a high rate, and is a good finisher in transition.

Braden Thompson 2020 6’4 forward High School: Airline High (LA) AAU Team: ​LA Select/Team Millsap - This athletic big impressed us with his quality touch inside. More importantly, his defense is what stood out to us as he made several game saving chase down blocks that sent the crowd into a frenzy. His presence inside was unparalleled to any big we saw this weekend as any ball that came off the rim was his.

Christian Caldwell 2020 6’4 forward High School: Southwood High (LA) AAU Team: LA Select/Team Millsap - We can arguably say that he was the offensive MVP of the 15u division. Caldwell was the most explosive player in the field as he rose for multiple thunderous jams in transition on the weekend. What stood out more than anything was his ability for a forward to step out and hit jumpsuits from long range, while also being able to take guys off the dribble like a guard. He’s a big reason why the squad from the Bayou made a deep run in the Big Apple.