Test The Waters Showcase Top Performers - 10/12

By David Cordova

On Saturday, October 12, RecruitTheBronx.com paid a visit to St. Raymond High School in The Bronx for the first annual “Test The Waters” High School Basketball Showcase, where teams from the five boroughs of New York City and Westchester County dueled it out in preseason battles. Here are the standouts from Saturday’s action:


Jayon Norwood, 6-2, Shooting Guard, White Plains High School, Class of 2020 - Norwood has plenty of potential on the court. he is good at attacking the lane and running on the fast break at all times. Has plenty of athletic ability and is very good with shot selection.


Tymir Greene, 5-9, Point Guard, White Plains High School, Class of 2021 - Greene is a good facilitator to his teammates and has a good IQ when on the floor. He is a solid playmaker that can create for himself by taking certain shots at the right time, including drives to the tin.


Eisaiah Murphy, 6-0, Shooting Guard, White Plains High School, Class of 2020 - Murphy is an All District player who has an affinity for scoring. He has a good shot from the outside, and is also known for penetrating to the basket. He is good at absorbing physical contact at the basket and is fearless when going up for two.


Quion Burns, 6-4, Swing, White Plains High School, Class of 2020 - Burns is a forward who can also put the ball on the floor and loves to run on the fast break. He is a very athletic player that likes to play above the rim and is a great rebounder. He has the good hands that allow him to be a force on the defensive with steals. Good at the lost art of boxing out in the low post.


Branden Pannell, 6-1, small forward, LaSalle Academy, Class of 2021 - Pannel is very versatile, as he can put the ball on the floor and likes to run in transition. Has plenty of passing abilities and can grab rebounds efficiently. He also has the ability to drive to the basket and hit jumpers from the perimeter.


Michael Carothers, Jr, 5-8, Point Guard, LaSalle Academy, Class of 2021- Carothers is quick on the fast break and is always active on both ends of the court. He is a tough defender and makes strong drives when going to the basket. His ability to strip-steal the ball, usually leads to him zooming up the court or leading the break for an assist.


Romello Faison, 5-11, Shooting Guard, Cardozo High School, Class of 2021 - Faison is very active on both ends of the court and loves to run in transition. He takes pride making strong drives to the basket, which often result in him drawing fouls and getting to the free-throw line. He sas the ability to shoot jumpers from long range, after forcing the close-outs to be too careful.


Sharif Nelson, 6-0, Point Guard, Cardozo High School, Class of 2021 - Nelson draws alot of interest due to his deadly shot from long range, which can prove to be damaging to the opposition if he is not contained. He is also a strong defender who plays the opposition tough and is very actively after the ball as far as getting steals, loose balls and rebounds.


Chamarri Baskerville, 6-1, Guard Cardozo High, 2020 - Baserville is tough and plays with plenty of energy, and has a good shot from long range. He also provides plenty of effort as far as getting steals and loose balls. Has the ability to make strong drives to the basket.


Errol White, 6’6 forward, Cardozo High - White has compiled a pretty deep Top Performers RTB resume. He is long and versatile. Has ballhandling abilities to get past defenders, which creates early entries into the basket. He can be very explosive on both ends of the floor as he plays above the rim on offense and has good motor on the defensive end, which allows him to corral rebounds and block shots.


Ziare Wells, 6-4, Shooting Guard, Nazareth High School, Class of 2021 - Wells makes smooth ballhandling moves and also plays aggressive defense. He has a good shooting stroke from long range. He finishes strong in the lane and has plenty of athletic abilities on both ends of the court.


Jaqai Murray, 6-5, Swing, Nazareth High School, Class of 2021 - Murray has good offensive moves that can also step inside and play tough on the boards. That is needed on his Nazareth undersized squad. He is a very physical player that can hold his own when going to the basket or when having to grab a rebound.

CJ Riley, 6-0, Point Guard, Wings Academy, Class of 2022 - Riley is excellent at creating for himself and great at running his team in transition. He is also good at controlling the tempo and is someone with a high IQ who. When he sees his teammates moving, he delivers the passes at the right moments. He has a potent outside shot from long range, that will serve him well at the next level.


William Ruiz, 6-4, Small Forward, Wings Academy, Class of 2020 - Ruiz is very physical in the paint and uses his body as a way to intimidate the opposition and position himself to get rebounds and block shots. He has the ability to put the ball on the floor and can draw and ones when in the low post due to his strong build and physicality.


Isaac Gonzalez, 6-1, Point Guard, Iona Preparatory School, Class of 2022 - Gonzalez is flashy and deceptively quick on the fast break. He makes good decisions as far as when to pass the ball to his teammates and also when to take a shot. Hee uses his quickness to his advantage at all times.


Vidrew McQueen, 6-0, Point Guard, Iona Preparatory School, Class of 2020 - McQueen is very shifty and can run up and down the court getting to the basket in a hurry. He is able to get steals and stick with his man on the defensive end. McQueen has a great IQ and he is able to communicate with his teammates effectively.


Keeshawn Jones, 6-3, Shooting Guard, Iona Preparatory School, Class of 2020 - Jones is very defensive-minded and looks to steal the ball from the opponent every time. He is able to make strong moves to the basket when not contained. Very fearless when going to the basket and gets to the free-throw line, due to his ability to absorb physical contact and draw a foul.


Malachi Smith, 5-10, Point Guard, St. Raymond High School, Class of 2021 - Smith is good at controlling the game for his team and finds plenty of ways to get to the basket by getting past the defender with his dribble. He is a pass-first guard that likes to get his teammates involved at all times. He will penetrate to the basket and draw fouls.


Gary Grant, 6-6, Swing, St. Raymond High School, Class of 2020 - Grant is able to show off his athletic abilities on both ends of the court when blocking shots on defense or getting to the rim on offense. He has big guard skills such as dribbling up the court and is also good at passing to his teammates. He is also a good shot blocker.


Khalil Brantley, 5-10, Point Guard, Boys & Girls High School, Class of 2021- Brantley is a lethal scorer and loves going to the basket. He is good at penetrating into the lane and finishing in transition. Is good at playing defense and sticking with his man. Showcases his passing ability as he can hit his teammates with passes at the right times when they are moving into the right areas of the court.