No Days Off Training Player Profiles


Steven Johnston is an independent player development coach and founder of No Days Off Training LLC (aka NODAT Training). Purpose of NODAT is to provide comprehensive, high-quality basketball training that merges physical skill enhancement with holistic practices that nurture mindfulness, resilience, and a balanced lifestyle. They seek to cultivate an environment that inspires their athletes to unlock their full potential, fostering leadership, teamwork, and discipline, which they can carry with them on the court, at home, in school, and into their future careers. For more information on their services, visit The athletes that are profiled below are ones that Coach Steve has been able to help their development on their own individual journeys. What NODAT is most proud of is how these athletes play the game and the high quality young men that they are. Without being high character people, NODAT wouldn’t want to train them.

DJ Biggins (2026) 6’1 Point Guard, Kingswood Oxford (CT) – DJ is a great lead guard, not only you can trust him with the ball but off the ball as well. Has the build of what you need as a leader for your team. Has great vision, and understands how to play the right way. Has a great shot and handle along with being a very solid on ball defender. As he continues to get stronger and more athletic, NODAT can see his game go to another level. He also can finish with either hand very well around the rim (he’s a lefty). He picked up his first offer from Holy Cross. NODAT sees him as MM/HM guard.

Elijah Avery Turner (2026) 6’4 Combo Guard, MacDuffie School (MA) – Turner has been a very under the radar athlete. Due to taking the back seat last winter to an older athlete for the betterment of the team, he hasn’t able to show his full potential. With going to MacDuffie School, NODAT believes he can whole heartily show he’s a scholarship combo guard. He’s got great pace with the ball and being 6’4 and about 200lbs he can’t be moved easily. His biggest stride has been his shot, he needs to continue to make it a strength. Once he shows his game at a higher level in the NEPSAC, really believe scholarship schools will come. NODAT can see him as a LM/MM combo.

Preston Fowler (2025) 6’8 Forward, Brewster Academy (NH) – Preston blew up on the scene, and NODAT knew it was only a matter of time. He’s a gym rat, working out and hungry to compete. That’s his biggest super power. He also is arguably one of the best/most efficient shooters in the New England region if not the country. He wants to guard the best players on the court, rebounds well. A very good prospect for any school looking to add a forward who can stretch the floor. Once he takes his body and ball handling to another level, sky is the limit for Preston. NODAT sees him at HM/MM and becoming a Pro down the road.

Badara Diakite (2025) 6’10 Forward, South Kent School (CT) – We started training Badara, 6 months in from moving to the United States. We’re so high on his abilities on the court but he’s such a great young man off of it. His instincts and mind you can’t teach. He has a solid game overall. He has an improved jumper, an improved handle, showed this year at South Kent being able to guard multiple positions, he can be a very valuable asset for a school. Once he builds his body, makes quicker decisions and sures up his left hand, Badara can be one of the ones that has the potential to be an impact player at the next level. We see him at a HM/MM and becoming a Pro down the road.

David Melson (2025) 6’5 Wing, Cushing Academy (MA) – David Melson is just a work horse. That’s the best way to describe him. He lives in the weight room, changed his body while in the CIAC. When he transferred to Cushing he was ready to compete. With the roster composition this year he should have a bigger role. He’s a known shooter but has worked on his game where he has an improved handle to be able to create his own shot and show he can take contact with the best of them at the rim! His competitive drive will help be something that colleges really like as well! NODAT can see him at D2/LM/Ivy.

Jayden Reid (2025) 6’10 Forward, Westminster (CT) has an incredibly high ceiling ! We just started to be a part of his journey and has the potential to a solid stretch 4. He has a lot to catch up on skill wise if he wants to evolve to outside of that position (mainly his body and ball handling/footwork) but his athletic ability and shot definitely catch your eye. A very smart, well spoken kid who will fit in with any group. When he gets stronger, and develops his ball handling and footwork it can be very scary. We see him currently going to a LM/MM/Ivy.

Brendan Bartley (2025) 6’3 Combo Guard, Greens Farms Academy (CT) – Brendan has had an interesting journey. At his previous schools he never got the opportunity he deserved. We suggested going to the NEPSAC and he started to bloom. He plays with Riverside Select and he’s progressed immensely. He’s showing he can handle it, he’s strong physical guard and can shoot it very well. Once he shows more his senior year, Coach Johnston knows that Bartley’s goal of playing college basketball will happen. We see him at a high academic D3.

Krish Dodani (2028) 5’9 Point Guard, Greens Farms Acadmey (CT) – Krish will be attending GFA this fall and has been working out with the older hoopers and holding his own. Has improved his jumper and great touch around the rim. Very athletic for his height, laterally and vertically. Obviously early in his development but can see him down the road, high academic D3 with potential to be scholarship at a D2, LM/Ivy.

Krystian Gaston (2027) 6’2 Combo Guard, King School (CT) – Krystian has been with NODAT since 2nd grade. Seeing his growth has been an honor. He’s a athletic 6’2 and has a high ceiling. Solid finisher around the rim, great on ball defender and has a great mind for the game. He needs to continue to build his body and get stronger and be more consistent with his 3 point shot and he’s a scholarship level without a doubt. What level is still to be determined. NODAT definitely sees a high academic D3 with potential to a D2/LM/Ivy.

Rashawn Tibby (2025) 6’9 Forward, South Kent School (CT) – Tibby has the makings to be a really good forward/wing at the next level. Uses his length extremely well on the defensive end and has an excellent mid range shot. In his first year at South Kent, he showed flashes of what he can do on both ends, he needs to continue to build on that momentum going into this last live period with BABC and with South Kent this fall. As he continues to work on his body and shot, he can really move up with his recruiting. NODAT sees him at a MM/LM.

Tyler Newsom (2027) 6’4 Combo Guard, St. Lukes School (CT) – Tyler is another CIAC player that was under the radar and hopefully with the move to a NEPSAC school, he’ll get some shine. He is a very good shooter and pretty athletic player. He’s very good on ball and does a solid job rebounding for his position. He continues to get stronger and improve his ball handle ability he definitely has scholarship potential. Again early in his development, not sure what level but can see high academic D3 as a safety but LM/MM/Ivy level.

Jack Stevens (2027) 5’11 Point Guard, Choate, Rosemary Hall (CT) – Jack recently started working with NODAT, but they really like what we see. He has the ability to create his own shot in the mid range and has great vision. Transferring from Brunswick to Choate will be a jump due to the basketball talent at Choate will only benefit and elevate his game. He needs to get stronger and be a better defender (which will come with time) but overall super skilled. Early in his development but can see him at a high academic D3 right now. Potential to get to that scholarship level D2/LM/Ivy.

Seamus Cleary (2026) 6’4 Wing, Suffield Academy (CT) – Seamus is another athlete who just started working out with NODAT. He’s very big and strong for his position. The potential to be a lock down defender is there because of the size and athleticism. He’s a very strong finisher around the rim. He needs to continue to improve his handle (pace with ball), and jumper, he can definitely be in that scholarship talk. Right now a high academic D3 with potential to be a D2/LM.

London Jemison (2025) 6’9 Wing, St. Thomas More (CT) – London has exploded onto the national scene. His combination of being a fluid athlete with a smooth handle and a knock down shot is the definition of what NBA teams look for in a potential pick. He can play off the ball, on the ball and does a good job of both. Once he gets stronger and shows that dog on the defensive end, Coach Johnston wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t in the draft in the next couple of years. He’s a HM with being a pro down the road.