New York Select - College Prospects

New York Select basketball AAU travel program was founded by Executive Director David Moses and Assistant Director, Luis Nieves during the summer of 2020. They are based in New York City and provide opportunities for student-athletes throughout the Tri State.


During the pandemic disrupted 2020, it was a very rough year for NYC high school student-athletes. NYS focused on running outdoor games and showcases in order to help their players attract college recruiting.  It worked, they had several players being recruited by Division 1, Division 2, Division 3 NAIA and D1 JUCO schools. The success was far-reaching, drawing college interest from several states like Kansas, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. The placements from last year include Andrew Molina (Western Oklahoma State), Andreas Von Fricke (Georgian Court College), Uriah Logan (Labette CC), Justin Mason (SUNY Purchase), David Shkolniy (College of Staten Island), Darien Matthew (Carlow University), Eric Londis (SUNY Oswego) and Jeffrey Douby (Monroe College Express).

For the 2021 season, New York Select’s 17u squad, under the coaching of Assistant Director, Head Coach Nieves will particpate in the Recruitlook Hoops circuit. That will have them travel to Minneapolis, MN, Atlanta, GA, Omaha, NE and Kansas City, MI. They will also play in some tournaments in the Tri States. That will draw the attention of several college coaches and their recruiting of the NYS players.


Coaches Carl Wright and David Nisbet join Moses and Nieves in the coaching and college-level development of the Select players. This year’s roster includes players from power-program high schools such as Mount Vernon, Bishop Louglin, Lasalle Academy, New Drop and St Peters:

Johnny Nisbet (2022) 5’10 guard, New Dorp High - Johnny is a very speedy guard who cand score and play tough defense. He is a key cog in both the team’s offensiove and defensive schemes. Johnny is projected to definitely pick up a substantial number of offers and interest from the Division 2, JUCO and NAIA level schools. He currently has a 3.0 gpa.

Jayden Gamory (2022) 5’10 guard,  Bishop Louglin High - Jayden is also a very speedy guard who plays a big role on both the offenseive and defensive ends. Jayden will also pick up a lot of interest from the JUCO, Division 2 and NAIA schools.  He currently has a 3.0 gpa.


Camyrn Reyes (2022) 6’5 guard, Bull City Prep (NC) - Camryn brings long range shooting, athleticism and tough defense. on the court. He was recently ranked #13 in New York by Real Scout.

Branden Pannell (2021) 6’3 shooting guard, Lasalle Academy - Brandon shoots the ball very well and can score from multiple spots on the floor.  He plays tough defense and a variety of roles on the team. He is still a uncommitted senior at this time. 3.0 gpa.


Adrian Kopec (2022) 6’4 guard, Susan E Wagner High - Adrian is one of Select’s 17u sharp shooters. He can hit shots from anywhere on the court.  His nickname on the team is is “Klay Thompson” as he frequently shows that kind of impressive shooting and points production. He, like all the NYS 17u s, plays tough, game-winning defense.  Adrain will definitely pick offers and attention from college recruits. His 4.0 gpa makes him a must-see prospect for the nation’s outstanding academic schools.


Jareem Eason (2022) 6’4 guard, Bishop Louglin High - Jareem is very long, lanky and athletic guard who does a little of every thing. That includes the ability to score 20 points game at the college level and play tough defense in transition. Jareem makes it worth the college scouts’ time to come and check him out. 3.0 gpa.

Aaron Gray (2022) 6’4 guard, Lasalle Academy - Coach Nieves says that Aaron Gray is going to be an upcoming star. He has a strong athletically built body who will contribute in all phases of the game.  He honors the fine history of LaSalle with his hard work and humility in his approach to his improvement as a player.


Steven Mcgriff Jr. (2022) 6’4 wing, Bishop Louglin High - Steven is scoring lefty who is very creative and dynamic in the paint. He can also can also hit shots from any place on the court. He defends and contributes to his team’s success at an attractive college prospect level. 3.0 gpa.

Yussuf Adeyi (2021) 6’4 guard, Mount Vernon High. Yussuf is an uncommitted senior who has the ability to pick up low Division 1 level interest. He is a very athletic player who can jump out of the gym and is dynamite at shooting the ball. He definitely has the look of a 20 point scoring machine at the college level.

Anthony Bannister (2022) 6’6 forward, St Peters High - Anthony appears to have a lot growth remaining in him, Coach Nieves guess that it could be as much as another three inches. Anthony going to be a great post player for NYS this season. He can score in the paint and stick the face-up jumper. He brings a lot of energy, work ethic and a willingness to get better to every practice. His height and energy will bring on signifcant college interest.  Anthony currently holds a 3.0 gpa.


Quame Smith (2021) 6’6 forward Mount Vernon High class 2021. Quame is another in a relentless line of high-impact players from the Westchester hot bed of Mt Vernon. He is a very explosive player that can shoot the ball score from any where on the court. Being 6’6, lefty and very athletic brings a lot to the court. The NYS coaches think he could turn into be 20 ppg scorer for the college who recruits. This disruption in the Class of 2021 recruiting by the NCAA transfer portal and repeat-year rulings, has no doubt delayed Smith’s ability to get properly placed, but he has Mid-major Division 1 abilities. 3.0 gpa.


Emmanuel Barkor (2022) 6’6 forward, Mount Vernon High - Emmanuel brings a bigb frame and a lot of explosive talent to the team. He can shoot and gets a lot of rebounds and creates scoring in the paint. He also leaves the impression that he may have a couple more inches of growth in him. He will be impactful for whatever school that lands him, including at the Division 1 level. 3.0 gpa.


Nikko Trafton (2022) 6’2 guard, Bishop Louglin High - Nikko is very strong defender. He contributes on offense as well, as a good shooter. New York Select will use his assets in a number opf ways.  Nikko has a 3.7 gpaalso buoy the interest in him from multiples levels of colleges. 

Scouts and fans can follow New York Select on Twitter @NYSELECT, all scheduled games and frequent player videos will be posted. Scouts can reach Head Coach, Luis Nieves by email at