2021 Brass City Basketball College Prospects


Brass City Basketball Club was formed in 2019 in Waterbury, CT. The program is run and coached by TJ Faeth, who coaches at Metro Learning Center High School (MLC) in Bloomfield, CT.

In 2020, the plan was to develop more teams and run a full program instead of just one team. However, the pandemic put those plans on hold until recently. BCBC is now running a Spring 2021 season with both a 17u and 16u squad. The goal of the BCBC program is to help develop players and give them the opportunity and resources to compete at the next level. Both teams will be playing in next weekend’s big regional NERR Super 16 tournamnet. The players on the 17u and 16u teams are profiled below

Brass City Basketball 17u Roster

Arya Tehrani (2022) 6’1” guard, Vermont Academy (VT) - Pure point is the ultimate floor general. Sets his teammates up and is shifty with the ball in his hands that goes with a jumper that cannot be ignored. Aggressive defender as well, will lock down and will be the first player on the floor for a loose ball.


Natnael Gebreyes (2022) 6’7” forward, Vermont Academy (VT) - Big man that just sprouted up to his current height and has reshaped his body through conditioning that has increased his athleticism in the past year. Has range out to the three-point line, but is very physical inside the paint and will finish with either hand. A late bloomer that is sure to blow up!


Prince Mensah (2023) 6’5” forward, Democracy Prep Charter High (NY) - Athletic big is still growing. Finishes above the rim with his great length, and will swat away shots down low. Has developed a mid-range game and is an energizer on both sides of the floor. Runs the floor very well and will finish in transition.


Jon Rivera (2022) 6’1” guard, Crosby High (CT) - Lefty is a lights out shooter that can beat his man off the dribble and will finish over or around defenders. Excellent feel for the game and is improving each year. Has had some highlight dunks so far this year.


AJ Gorham (2021) 6’3” forward, East Hartford High (CT) - Lengthy wing is a pesky defender that uses his length for steals and blocks. Has been the top shooter on the team so far and cannot be left open. Late bloomer who is drawing attention for his developing skill set.


Chael Gillespie (2021) 6’1” guard, East Hartford High (CT) - Strong guard who finishes very well through contact. Shifty with the ball and can get his own shot with ease. Able to play on the ball or on the wing. One of the top scorers on the team.


Rob Iweka (2022) 6’3” guard, New York Military Academy (NY) - Lefty who has improved his frame over the past year. Plays above the rim with ease and will finish through contact. Excellent mid-range shooter that will also beat you from the 3-point line, but majority of his buckets will come from attacking the rim.


Elijah Botnick (2021) 5’11” guard, Norwest Catholic High (CT) - One of the hardest working players to come through our program. Relentless defender, the ultimate hustle player and glue guy that is integral to team success. A sniper from deep who can play on or off the ball and is a flashy passer who has shown to be a leader on the floor.


Henry Smith (2022) 6’2” guard, Platt High School (CT) - One of the most improved players in the CIAC this past season. Can put the ball in the basket from all three levels and is an extremely hard-working defender. Rebounds well for his size and can play multiple positions. Not afraid to sacrifice his body for charges and accepts any challenge thrown his way.


Taeshaun Sanchez (2022) 5’7” guard, Derby High (CT) - One of the fastest players you will ever see with the ball in his hands. Impossible to stay in front of, and finishes through contact better than anyone with his size. Able to get his shot off against anyone, and is relentless at attacking defenses. Uses his speed on defense for steals and forcing turnovers.


Travis Daniels (2021) 5’10” forward, MLC (CT) - Plays much bigger than his listed height. Contributes with strong defense and hustle. Has developed a shot out to the three-point line, but will attack off the dribble and try to finish through contact or draw a foul. Tremendous attitude and one of the best teammates.


Alex Grice (2022) 6’2” forward, MLC (CT) - Another player that plays much bigger than his listed height. Very strong and uses is wide-body and strength to bully opponents in the post. Excellent rebounder, and not even just for his height. Very good at finishing against contact.


Raevon Tally (2021) 6’1” guard, Springfield Science Tech (MA) - Jack-of-all-trades guard that will lockdown on defense, hustle all over the court, hit the open shot, and can finish above the rim. One of our newest additions that is starting to come into his own on the court and plays with an attitude that is contagious.


Mekhi Toler (2021) 6’0” guard, Middletown High (CT) - One of the best defenders in the CIAC this year, and that lockdown defense has continued to this AAU season. Can play on or off the ball, and will defend positions 1-5, although his perimeter defense is incredible. Cannot be left open from three, and is a great finisher in traffic. Draws a lot of fouls and frustrates his opponents every time he steps on the court.


Brass City Basketball 16u Roster


Ron Baapogmal (2024) 6’3” forward, MLC (CT) - Wing has a strong frame and finishes inside well. Has potential to be a dominant player once his skill set matches up with the athleticism and strength that he currently has. Can block shots and quick enough to defend guards on the perimeter.


Martvin Luzon (2024) 6’3” forward, MLC (CT) - Great length that he uses for deflections and to protect the rim. Just starting to develop his skill set. Already has a shot out to the three-point line but is most dangerous around the basket which he uses his length to finish over defenders. Athletic and will only continue to get better.


Ricardo Hylton Jr. (2023) 5’9” guard, Sabis International (MA) - Don’t let his height fool you. Pure-point that has a tremendous wing-span at his height. Shifty handle that he uses to get his shot off or set-up teammates. Excellent at advancing the ball and can take over games when needed with his three level scoring, excellent vision, and uses his length for deflections and steals.


Chris Grimaldi (2023) 6’4” forward, Sabis International (MA) - Big man is a rim-runner that has a solid mid-range game to go with his excellent footwork down low. Uses his body well to create space down low, and rebounds well against bigger opponents.


Clayton Curry (2023) 5’9” guard, Manchester High (CT) - Shifty guard is a good shooter from the outside. Finishes well through contact and is a tough defender. Best off the ball but has the quickness to play in the point when needed.


Jaheim Brown (2023) 5’10” guard, East Windsor High (CT) - Energizer that gets after it on both ends of the floor. Can shoot the three but is best in transition attacking the basket.


Jordan Brice (2024) 6’0” guard, Bloomfield High (CT) - Strong guard finishes well with either hand attacking the basket. One of the top defenders on the team. Will be a name to know in the CIAC over the next three years.


Camar Wallace (2024) 5’11” guard, MLC (CT) - Athletic guard that is a spot-up shooter. Developmental player that uses his athleticism well on defense and is a threat spotting up in transition.


Jarell Deer (2023) 6’5” center, MLC (CT) - Big man that is not done growing. Will be 6’7” or taller by next year. Very athletic. Runs the floor well, rebounds, and is developing his low post game. Already possesses a mid-range game and is a diamond in the rough.


Trey Moses (2023) 5’10” guard, Windsor High (CT) - Quick with the ball in his hands, off-ball guard possesses a good shot that he uses in the mid-range and from three. Another player that is willing to sacrifice his body for loose balls and charges.

Amarr Djibo (2024) 6’0” forward, East Hartford High (CT) - Plays bigger than his listed height on both ends of the floor. Finishes down low and is a tough rebounder. Possesses great length for his height.