Riverside Hawks 2023's College Prospects


The Riverside Hawks, one of NYC’s most storied programs, was founded by the historic Riverside Church in the early 1960’s. The program’s mission is still to help students and families use basketball to pursue academic opportunities and to promote their character development.


Their Class of 2023 team is coached by a highly regarded skills trainer, Kyle Fargardo. Fargardo is currently the J.V basketball coach for Cristo Rey in Brooklyn. He also coaches the 5th grade team for Riverside.. He is only 25 years old and has 3 years of coaching experience. 


The high-potential Riverside Hawks 2023 players are profiled below:


Jack Guevara (2023) point guard, 5’11 160 lbs, ArchBishop Molloy High - A facilitator on offense that finds his teammates while creating new ways to score often. He can put the ball in the basket at any moment and never fails to give his all on both ends of the floor. Any system can work with him because he is a quick learner, great team leader and super dependable.


Devon Morgan (2023) 5’8 145 lbs, point guard, Hun School Of Princeton (NJ) - A gritty player on defense that applies good ball pressure. He can knock down a high altitude of 3s off the dribble or as a spot up shooter. He is constantly finding ways to get his teammates involved.

Jaylin Lewis (2023) 6’4, 167 lbs, shooting guard, Christ The King High - Lewis is easily the most athletic kid in any gym he steps in. He is developing new ways to score day by day. He enjoys defending the other team’s best player while trying to outscore them as well. He is a natural born leader on the court. A walking And-1 that can dunk on your big man.


Jayden James (2023) 6’4, 160 lbs shooting guard, Archbishop Molloy High - James is a quiet but super competitive person. He locks down on defense while being a sharp shooting slasher that can use many moves to get around his defender. He shows a bright upside if he keeps up with his work ethic.


Austin Luzzi (2023) 6’2, 175 lbs, shooting guard, New Rochelle High -Luzzi is a sharpshooter that can pull up from anywhere. He shows great vision and enjoys using a floater often. He plays both sides of the floor and shows he will not back down from anyone.


Benjamin Lyttle-Murrian (2023) 6’5, 196 lbs, small forward, Archbishop Stepinac High - Lyttle-Murrian is easily the strongest player on any court he steps on. He will dive on a loose ball or take a charge when needed. He has developed a nice jumpshot and shows new ways of attacking the basket off the dribble. A very good finisher.


Emmanuel Obiora (2022) 6’7, 185 lbs, power forward, Archbishop Molloy High - Obiora guarantees his team’s ability to get rebounds and deflections every time he plays. He communicates on screen and rolls well. He can fit a system and give you a dunk off of screen and rolls every game. He is a great anchor to a defense.

Emile Johnson (2023) 6’9, 205 lbs forward, Springfield Commonwealth Academy (MA) - Johnson is an intimidator on defense that will block a shot to the stands. He is still learning new moves and has unlimited potential. He is truly a raw talent.