2018 EKB Showcase Top Performers

By Brett Wilson   Twitter @brettwilson715

Celebrating over 35 years of service, Ed Butler has been hosting his showcase event for high school players to display their talent for college coaches. Over two hundred kids played this year and eighteen different teams competed. Elizabeth H.S. in New Jersey was the site where almost one hundred coaches gathered to watch. Here are The Recruit The Bronx stand outs

DJ Henderson 2018 5’10 point guard Lincoln HS (NJ) - lefty point guard. Good speed. Knows how to run the team. Very effective with his passes. Works hard on defense. Needs to work on shooting

Tahir McCrea 2018 6’4 forward Lincoln HS (NJ) - can get rebounds. Versatile enough to the break and or initiate the offense with his dribble. Can finish at the basket. Needs to be a better shooter

Keith King 2018 6’7 wing Metro BDA (NY) - long and athletic. Plays above the rim. Can hit the mid range shot and at times the open 3pt shots. Decent enough ball handle when he not being pressured. Needs to play harder defense.

Chris Volo 2018 6’11 center Clark HS (NY) - a work in progress. Plays slow and clunky. Will get some rebounds. Will give a solid effort with his play. Needs to develop his offensive game and his overall skills

Carlos Palacio 2018 6’5 wing Phelps School (PA) - plays within himself. Can explode to the basket at times with his length and reach. Will hit open shots. Average passer but good enough to get the job done with his passes. Needs to defend harder.

Ivan Mosley 2018 6’9 center Winslow Township HS (NJ) - good rebounder. Has a good touch. Steady player on both sides of the ball. Needs to show more post up moves.

Demetre Roberts 2018 5’8 point guard Mt Vernon HS (NY) - fast with the ball. Sees the court. Makes good passes. Can finish at the basket for his size. Good play making ability. Needs to be better at defending the ball with his speed.

Wahaad Johnson 2018 6’0 guard Bedford Academy (NY) - 3pt shooter but a little Streaky at times. Can create his shot off the dribble. Can score. Shows the ability to play the point. Needs to get into better shape in order to guard the ball at the next level.

Muhammadou Diokhane 2018 6’1 Guard Curtis HS (NY) - steady role player. Can hit open 3pt shots. Plays under control. Moves well without the ball. Good effort on defense. Needs to improve his ball handle and his play making abilities.

Devonte Henry 2018 6’4 forward Boys & Girls HS (NY) - strong body. Aggressive and works hard. Knows how to defend on the perimeter and in the paint. Runs the floor end to end. Reliable player. Needs to develop more perimeter abilities on offense.