2018 Rumble in the Bronx Top Performers - 15u

By Emma Yavel, Mack Muller and Doug Scott

Scouting for college prospects at the 15u level, for the most part, is a very imprecise exercise…. For example, keep in mind that Michael Jordan got cut as 16 year old due to his lack of shot making ability and Steph Curry was still starting his jump shot from the waist level as a 15 year old… I.e., It’s impossible to know which gifted young athletes are going to have the work ethic to build skills. Many of them don’t realize the gene pool lottery wins, that made them great at the pre-high school varsityl level, won’t be enough going forward. The size and athleticism of the older defenders that lie ahead in their future will squeeze down the spacing and opportunities for them to dominate on sheer speed, agility and/or size alone.

That being said, we saw things from the following Rumble 15us that made us intrigued.

Cooper Stern (2021) 5’10 guard High School: Fairfield Prep (CT) AAU Team: CT Premier - Deep range, quick release sniper. Zone buster. Reads the game well. Effective in the pick n roll reads. Low center of gravity on his ball handling.

Aren Cummings (2020) 6’4 forward High School: Bassick HS (CT)  AAU Team: CT Premier - Mulifaceted scorer. Can post up with back to basket moves. Has a high release midrange jumper. Ambidextrous driver and finisher. Focused on the defensive end. Has mastered the lost art of the box out.

James Cook (2021) 5’10 guard High School: Kobe Cathedral (CT) AAU Team: CT Premier- Explosive speed bursts in transition and into the defensive gaps. Has a lethal floater to finish his escape moves with. Ball pressure terrorist. Wins the 50-50 scrambles.

Michael Fernandes (2021) 6’2 swing High School: Bridgeport Central HS (CT) AAU Team: CT Premier - Mesmerizing body control that he uses so well in s many ways on the court. Creates space for rebounds. Creates space for shots. Creates space in finishing against contact. Crafty, hard playing and fun to watch.

RJ Greene (2022) 6’4 guard High School: Iona Prep (NY) AAU Team: PSA Cardinals - As only an 8tgh grader, Greene already really looks the part of a high level prospect. 6’4 ball handler with athleticism and body control. Has the basket drive game and the floater. If he puts in the shooting reps to become elite from deep, he will attend college on a scholarship.

Maleek McNeil (2022) 6’5 forward High School: Williston Northampton (MA) (Home Town: Manhattan) AAU Team: PSA Cardinals - The football guys would be trying to sign this guy right nowas a left tackle. I.e., he’s a big,big boy. The basketball guys will push him to lose 20lbs in order to upgrade his mobility and endurance. As it is now, you don’t want to get caught in a blind screen from him, nor are you moving him off the block or out of rebounding position.

Noel Echevarria (2022) 6’2 guard High School: Eagle Academy (NY) AAU Team: PSA Cardinals -  Brings the NYC game, agile, athletic and aggressive to the hoop.  Plays with intensity and great body control. Will he put in the reps to become a perimeter threat at the next level?

Michael Carothers (2021) 5’9 guard High School: LaSalle HS (NY) AAU Team: Riverside Hawks - a far from finished product, but projects confidence and a feel for the game. He needs to mature his jump shot into a higher release point, then put up the requisite 500k practice reps to make it lethal.

Maurice Dobey (2020) 5’7 guard High School: Bishop Loughlin (NY) AAU Team: Riverside Hawks - Compensates for his lack of height on the offensive by bringing a dependable floater and extra-deep range on his 3 ball. Vocal leader. Wins the 50-50 scrambles.

Jesssie Crook (2021) 7’0 center High School: Manhattan AAU Team: Riverside Hawks - Any time a seven foot freshman steps onto a basketball court, scouts will take notice. Crook has the time for his muscles to catch up to his growth spurt. In the meantime, he is playing with energy and decent mobility.

Aazayah Ross (2022) 5’11 guard High School: Portledge School (NY) AAU Team: Seaford Heat -  Last week, we were impressed by this 2022 playing up at the 14u level. Now, he is back showing that he can shine playing up a year as well. Stay tuned, he is a man against boys his own age. If he beefs up his shooting range, he will be hard to guard at the next level too.

Kawar Singh (2021) 6’4 forward High School: St Mary’s (NY) AAU Team: Seaford Heat - A big strong, well-coached back-to-the basket player. If he can add a perimeter face-up game skills package over the next two years, the collegiates will care.

Daniel Lafitte (2021) 6’3 guard High School: Leman Prep (NY) AAU Team: King Hoops NYC - Great athleticism with the ability to finish at the rim. Very impressive offensive prospect. If he can develop the ability to match that on the defensive end, he will draw interest.

Matt Gonzalez (2021) 5’10 guard High School: Xaverian HS (NY) AAU Team: King Hoops NYC - Knockdown shooter. Very good at using screens to get open. Improvement in his handle will up his value and his versatility in scoring.

RJ Davis (2020) 5’7 guard High School: Archbishop Stepinac HS (NY) AAU Team: PSA Cardinals - Gritty starting point guard for PSA. Displays excellent offensive ability all over the floor. Controls tempo well. Quick on his feet and can draw the foul.

Jaylen Murray (2020) 5’11 guard High School: Cardinal Hayes HS (Bronx) AAU Team: PSA Cardinals - Great mid-range shooter who knows how to generate points well. Moves the ball well on the court and can finish.

Caleb “CJ” Wilcher (2020) 6’5 wing High School: The Patrick School (NJ)  AAU Team: PSA Cardinals – Having already received an offer from Fordham has put some confidence up his sleeve - but Wilcher remains modest and poised on the court. High basketball IQ and shows it with his high level passes and shots on the court.

Quaran McPherson (2020)  6’7 forward High School: The Patrick School AAU Team: PSA Cardinals - McPherson is already getting some looks from some big time scouts. This guy has been on our radar since 2016 and he has not stopped impressing us.

Rashawn Grant (2020) 6’0 guard High School: Arlington HS (NY) AAU Team: Coast 2 Coast - A tall guard who can finish at the rim with a variety of moves. Has great court vision and can defend multiple positions. Needs to eventually hit the weight room in order to excel at the next level.

Ali Harrell (2020) 5’8 point guard High School: Poughkeepsie HS (NY) AAU Team: Coast 2 Coast - a floor general with great intensity. Facilitator who makes players around him better.

Adrian Davis (2020) 5’10 guard High School: Beacon HS (NY) AAU Team: Coast 2 Coast – a sharpshooter with unlimited range and deceptive quickness to get to the basket when necessary.

Wisler Sanon 11 (2021) 6’2 swing High School: Paul the VI (NJ) AAU Team: Team Walker - This freshman shows complete aggression to get the job done. Stops opponent’s drives cold. Attacks the basket on offense with great athleticism. Knows where his teammates are on offense and gets them involved. Is an impact rebounder. As his body fills out, he becomes an even bigger factor in this game.

Devin Benson (2021) 5’10 guard High School: St Josephs (NJ) AAU Team: Team Walker - This kid can score, both with the floater and the jump shot. He knows the floor and directs the basketball accordingly. He creates turnovers with his in-your-face ball pressure.

Jalen Boyd-Savage (2021) 6’1 swing High School: Paul the VI (NJ) AAU Team: Team Walker - His athleticism stands out in a fast paced, intense game. He drives to the basket with power and aggression, creates contact and finishes. A team player with a good skill set.  Loves to both body-up and draw charges on defense.

Clevmer Lubin (2021) 6’2 forward High School: St Joseph Regional HS (NJ) AAU Team: Rocktown Monarchs - Impressive for a 14 year old to emerge as “the man amongst boys”. At 210lbs already, he overpowered any defender in front of him. D1 athleticism, rebounding and shot blocking abilities.

Danny Lans (2021) 6’0 point guard High School: St Joseph Regional HS (NJ) AAU Team: Rocktown Monarchs - The 15 year old floor leader who spearheaded his squad to the tourney finals. He showed instinct and vision. A well balanced performer. His coach, J R Inman expects Lans to rise into one of the premier PGs in the country.

Nazir Williams (2021) 6’2 guard High School: St Joseph Regional HS (NJ) AAU Team: Rocktown Monarchs - One of the purest scorers in the Rumble 15u division. Averaged 17 ppg in his six games, including going for 22 in the title bout. Already a varsity scorer as a freshman for the St Joes Green Knights this past winter.

Brian Johannson (2021) 6’3 guard High School: Hunterdon Central (NJ) AAU Team: United NJ - Smooth, two-way guard with ability to score from anywhere on the floor. Uses jumper to space the floor and size to finish through contact at the rim. Will be a highly sought after prospect.

Christopher Rubayo (2021) 6’6 forward High School: Montgomery HS (NJ) AAU Team: United NJ - Athletic big with good rebounding ability with exceptional defensive instincts used to consistently block and change shots.

Darren Tehe (2021) 6’0 swing High School: Bishop Loughlin HS (NY) AAU Team: NYC Chargers - Tehe can play mulitple positions and a good basketball IQ. He was the Chargers’ top scorer over the weekeend. A coach’s favorite.

Johnny Nisbet (2022) 5’5 guard High School: Bishop Loughlin HS (NY) AAU Team: NYC Chargers - A hard worker on defense and hits long three pointers at will. A Staten High Junior High All Star per his coach.

Nikko Trafton (2022) 5’10 guard High School: Bishop Loughlin HS (NY) AAU Team: NYC Chargers - A 13 year old playingh up in 15u and still shining brightly. Great jump shooter and not afraid to go to the rim. Good ball defense and roams the passing lanes like a hawk. A Staten High Junior High All Star per his coach.

Uriah Logan (2021) 5’10 point guard High School: St Peters HS (NY) AAU Team: NYC Chargers - A prolific scorer as a point guard, his squad looks to him to spark the offense. Shows indications to be the best prospect out of St Peters High since Chris Ledum. Averaged over 30 ppg this past winter in freshman ball.