2021 Hoop Group Exposure Tour NYC Standouts


On October 1, Hoop Group brought their Exposure Tour to Harlem at the three court complex at Riverbank State Park. Over 130 prospects were put through the paces for about five and half hours. RecruitTheBronx.com stopped in and caught a look at the following high potential players:


Mohamed Soumahoro (2022) 6’6 forward, KIPP NYC College Prep – Soumahoro has been blessed with a D1 basketball body: tall, log arms and trampoline legs. He was the dominant performer of the night. Rarely do we see a player score 30 points in a game… and shoot >90% in doing so. Those stats were helped by 11 dunks. Dunks in transition, dunks off of wing drives, dunks off of post moves, and dunks off of offensive rebounds. On the rare times he couldn’t get over the rim, his long arms and vertical lift also allowed him to be a very high percentage finisher off of the backboard. When the opponents’ tried to back up to slow his drives, Soumahoro showed that he can also hit the under-contested three. His physical advantages were also making him a strong paint enforcer and rebounder.


Isaiah Alexander (2022) 6’7 wing, Archbishop Stepinac – Alexander is a D1 wing….loading. “Smooth” is the defining label on Alexander’s offensive game. He glides to get open, he glides through the defense, and he has an effortless, high release outside shot.  His defensive intensity will determine how high he lands in D1. A solid 2021-22 season in Stepinac’s CHSAA title campaign, should put him in the habit of competing at the highest level on that end of the floor.


Jordan Randolph (2025) 6’2 point guard, Success Academy – We had to keep double-checking Randolph’s listed grad year. His point guard play far exceeded the expected level of a high school freshman. He was a complete master of the basketball universe, when running the show.  He sees it, reads it, and then gets the ball where it should be ASAP. That includes the ability to call his own number, and opportunistically slice through a team defense. His has quick hands on defense and will embarrass ball handlers with a picked pocket, both as a primary defender and in a help-defense rotation. If he can put together a >40% three point shot over the next three years, he will go to college for free.


Damon Friery (2025) 6’7 small forward, St Ignatius (OH) – An old scout’s showcase hack: whenever a player travels from a long way to participate in a Houp Group Exposure Event, they’re gonna be really, really good. Friery did not play like a freshman, he played MVP ball in all aspects of the game. The national prospects ranking agencies need to be put on notice in their Class of 2025 Top Players work.


Desmond Ulokameje (2023) 6’2 guard, McNair High (NJ) – Ulokameje is an agile, strong and long armed prospect. He was tough inside the arc. He used his long step and long arms advantages well with a variety of slice through, jump stop, pump, pivot and step through play making tools. We saw him hit nice midrange pull-ups. Future college scouts will be looking to see if he has also built himself a college level three point shot.


Diego Martella (2023) 6’0 guard, Eleanor Roosevelt High – Martella is a lot of meals and weight lifting sessions away from looking like a college prospects, but he showed a lot on the court. He was crafty and surprising in all elements of his game, including sneaky defensive instincts. He was one of the best shot makers in the building and sees the game on both ends very well.


Jon Reiner (2022) 6’0 gurad, Beacon High – Reiner played the game like he really wants to win. Intense and athletic in his ability to impact the game. He was also money from beyond the arc. Excellent spirit that will elevate a team’s ability to compete.


Eddy Hart 6’2 guard, St Raymonds High – Hart has a great nose for the basket.  He is a lefty with a great first step and long armed ability to finish past rim protectors. He complemented his ability to beat the defender off of the dribble with an unguardable step-back jumper.


Victor Cruz (2022) 5’9 guard, Christ the King – We probably aren’t the only “Coach Carter” movie fans who connect to that movie’s key character, Timo Cruz when watching Victor Cruz. He is that prototypical NYC point guard: gritty, serious, hard-playing and shifty as hell. Very difficult to stay in front of, a package of stop-n-gos, left-then-rights, rights-then-lefts. That package is complimented in a key way with a solid midrange jumper.


Kristan Lewis (2022) 6’2 guard, Vision Academy - Lewis played like he is ready to make some noise in his upcoming season. He is a strongly built player, and uses that to his full advantage on the basketball court. He is alert, active and physical, on both ends of the court. He sees the floor well, and has a quick-off-the-floor, high release jump shot.


Ben Lyttle (2023) 6’5 wing, Archbishop Stepinac – Lyttle is the guy that “position-less” scheme coaches are looking for. Built like a high major tight end prospect, he combines those physical blessings with a great energy and effort level on the court. He is a nasty thief in the passing lanes, reading the situation better than the opponent’s passers. He is very effective as a screen setter, and very savvy as a screen-slipping scoring threat. And like all great energy and athletic players, he is an impactful rebounder.


Necho Estiler (2023) 6’1 guard, McNair High (NJ) – Estiler is strongly built, athletic and active. He leaves his opponents with multiple bruise souvenirs. He has a great first step, and is hard to contest at the rim due to either hand being available to put the ball past wherever the rim protectors’ hands leave a gap. If he is guarding you, you’re gonna have a long night.


Hassan Koureissi (2026) 6’1 guard Mott Hall Charter Middle School – It’s generally really, really hard to predict which eight graders will have the work ethic to build themselves into a college prospect, but Koureissi shows eye-catching potential. He has a long limbed body that looks like its’ got a whole lot of growing and maturing left to do. He already has the long ball accuracy, and belief in his ability to hit that shot that will open a lot of doors…and defenses… for him going forward. Those long arms get a lot use in the poke steal game and finishing well at the basket.


Sebastian Roda (2022) 6’4 guard, New York Military Academy – Cadet Roda made his trip down the Hudson pay off. He showed a lot, a natural for the positionless game in that he is a Swiss Army knife on the court. He is active and in charge of the game. Sees the game very well. A crafty shot maker who finds a way to get the ball in the bucket when it’s the right decision.


Brandon Nathan (2024) 5’8 Medgar Evers College Prep – Nathan is that guy that NYC ball produces like no other. Tough, relentless, low-to-the ground elusive. His change-of-direction ball handling in a migraine for the opponent. He also showed a three point shot that will help him grab a college scout’s attention.