2021-22 Martin Luther King Jr High Key Players


Martin Luther King Jr High Knights are ready and excited for the PSAL 2021-2022 season. The team is coached by Ms. Delfina Leston, MLK’s first female boys varsity team coach. The team competes in the PSAL Manhattan A Division. MLK is looking forward to the challenge as this is the majority of the team’s last season playing high school basketball with eight graduating seniors. Per Coach Leston, “They want to go all the way, leaving it all on the court. This is a special group of boys who play with hustle, heart and dedication and want to win. MLK’s style of play is…one win at a time!”

The key players for MLK this season are:

Julius Hillary (2022) 5’11, is a three year starter, guard. Julius is a leader on and off the court with excellent communication skills. He is a quick athletic two way guard who can play on both sides of the court at a high level of intensity, 32 mins straight. He is also a go-to player since he can score in multiple ways, including being able to knock down the 3 ball. 3.2 gpa

Wilmer Beard (2022) 6’4, is a three year starter, shooting guard. Wilmer is long, athletic, savvy and can score with ease, knocking down 3 pt shots and has the ability to finish in the paint. 3.6 gpa

Ruben Uribe (2022) 6’3, is a three year starter, small forward. Ruben is an energetic, quick, athletic player who is an excellent defender and passer as well. He is a rebounding machine and will finish in the paint averaging double-double’s every game.

Luigi Avenia (2022) 5’11, is a four year starter, shooting guard who can knock down shots effortlessly. Luigi is a true leader on the off the court and will play hard all 32 minutes. He is a quick, energetic, athletic scorer and defender. Luigi can score multiple ways, knocking down the 3pt shot, attacking the basket and in the paint. 4.0 gpa

Ousmane Fofana (2022) 6’2, is a starting, first year forward. He is a great addition to the team providing that spark grabbing rebounds on both ends of the court and being an excellent role player who hustles and plays every possession like it’s his last.

Atcha Yaya (2022) 6’4, is a first year center, who is a true athlete. Atcha is an athletic and strong center who dominates in the paint rebounding and blocking shots. His ensures his presence is felt.

Marquies Ross (2024) 6’1, forward and Clayborne Heartly (2022) 6’2 senior forward both provide valuable minutes off the bench. Both have the ability to knock down 3pt shots, finish in the paint and rebound.

Abou Fofana (2022) 5’7, guard who is a first year player providing that energetic defense hustle every possession. Abou is a quick relentless guard who can attack and finish at the basket, while giving it his all on the defense end. He is willing to guard the opponents best player.

David Schagun (2023) 5’6, guard who is a quick defender off the bench, who can stay with the opponent’s quickest player providing team defense stops.