DTX 17u go 4-0 at ZGXL


DTX Basketball is a Fairfield County, CT based grassroots program that focuses on developing high academic players into college basketball prospects. They are lead coached by Dave Taylor. They started their 2022 campaign by going 4-0 in the HGXL Session 1.

  Here are the profiles on their players:

  Lorenzo Almonte (2022) 6’0 guard, Bethel High School (CT)  3.7 gpa

  Mateo Esmeraldo (2022 Post Grad) 6’0 guard, Bridgton Academy (ME) 3.9 gpa

  Brian Belade (2022 Post Grad) 6’4 guard, Lee Academy (ME) 3.1 gpa

  Matt Amarante (2023) 6’3 guard, Wooster School (CT) 3.6 gpa

  Jack Plesser (2023) 6’3 guard, Fairfield Warde High (CT) 4.4 gpa

  Tommy Scholl (2023) 6’3 small forward, Fairfield Prep (CT) 3.3 gpa

  Colin Vigeant (2023) 6’2 guard, Fairfield Warde High (CT) 4.0 gpa

  Najimi George (2024) 6’3 guard, Kolbe Cathedral High (CT) 3.3 gpa

  David Melson (2024) 6’4 guard, Fairfield Warde High School (CT) 3.8 gpa