Team New England (CT) 15u go 4-0 at ZGXL

The Team New England (CT) 15u is a collaborative effort between two grassroots programs Hoopwave Basketball and Team New England. To say they started off on the right foot would be an understatement. They opened their 2022 campaign by going 4-0 in the HGXL Session 1.

The team is coached by a current Division III player Dean Jones III, and his roster is comprised of the following players:


Gyan Davis (2025) 6’5 Windsor High (CT)

Sean Evans (2025) 5’8 Windsor High (CT)

Da’Shaun Phillips ( 2025) 6’2 New London High (CT)

Savahn Warren (2025) 6’3 New London High (CT)

Atarian Salmon (2024) 6’2 Prince Tech (CT)

Aavonnye Womack (2025) 5’8 Weaver High (CT)

Richard Williams (2025) 5’8 Weaver High (CT)

Calsius Hales (2025) 5’8 Achievement First (CT)

Ricardo Oquendo (2025) 6’3 Holyoke High (MA)