2018 Gym Rat Challenge All Tournament Team - 10th Grade Division

SKIDMORE COLLEGE, SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY, excerpted from the 2018 Gym Rat Challenge Report

Xavier Hill (32) 6-5 forward, City Rocks/Johnson City H.S.: One of the most versatile players in the age division. If his team needed a rebound, he crashed the boards. If it needed someone to break pressure, his ball-handling and passing skills were on display. He exhibited an ability to knock down 3-pointers or take the ball to the basket. He averaged 15 points per game throughout the tournament. Also an effective defender, using quickness and length to cover both guards or bigger post players. Tall, wide, strong and goes after rebounds like a young Dennis Rodman. Blocks shots and dives for loose balls. Brown and other Ivy League schools are showing interest.

Owen Mullahy (2) 6-0 guard Mass Premier/Mansfield H.S.: A phenomenal long-range shooter. Showed off an ability to hit the three-pointer even beyond the bonus stripe. Moves extremely well without the ball, looking to move into open space and is adept at being ready to shoot as soon as the ball hits his hands. He knows to space the floor well. Has a great feel for the game with good court vision. He’ll find open teammates with good passes. Aggressive rebounder for his size. Fundamentally sound on the defensive end, and a good communicator whether he is on the floor or on the bench. Type player every coach loves to have on a team.

Melvin Council Jr. (1) 6-1 guard Roc City Rocks 2020/Greece Athena H.S.: A smooth and athletic off guard. He is aggressive on the offensive end and always looking to attack the rim. Excels in the open court. Able to finish over smaller defenders and blow past bigger ones. Quick hands on defense. Looking to push the tempo of the game at all times. He led his team in scoring throughout play here. Has good range on his shot, yet has the quickness, ball-handling skills and aggressive mentality to go past defenders and score at the rim against contact.

Brandon Goldberg (32) 6-6 forward Lightning/Wantagh H.S.: A consistent three-point shooter who also showed the ability to handle the ball and break pressure. Long wingspan and uses it well to alter shots or deny entry passes. Best at small forward, but with improved ball-handling skills will be a tough matchup at the off-guard spot. Rebounds well.

Trey O’Connor (22) 5-11 guard Bay State Jaguars/Marshfield H.S.: Catch-and-shoot skills with excellent range. Consistent three-point shooter from wing or the corner. Creates own shots, yet also creates shots for teammates. Combo guard who can also play the point and run the team well. Quick feet and hands make him an outstanding defender.

Jacari Douglas (1) 5-9 guard CT Premier Hoops (PHD)/Hillhouse H.S.: Outstanding on the defensive end, and uses his quick hands and feet well. Always looking to attack the basket on offense. He can finish as well as draw defenders and kick it out to the wing. Strong enough to finish against contact. Always one of the most athletic players on the court. Good decision-maker.

Keari Cofield (20) 6-4 forward CT Premier Hoops (PHD)/Hamden H.S.: Physically mature for his age. Always the strongest player on the court. Strong rebounder, especially on the offensive end. Can finish through contact. Consistent mid-range jumper and can also knock down three-pointers if left open. Nice court vision and passing skills. Talks on defensive end.

Paul Fabbri (33) 5-11 guard CT Premier Hoops (PHD)/St. Joseph H.S.: A catch-and-shoot knockdown three-point shooter. Outstanding from the foul line. If overplayed on defense, can break down defender and drive to the hoop. Solid ballhandler, but primarily a shooter. Better in defensive zone than in man-to-man. Nice vision, solid passer and can create shots for teammates.

Griffin Rooney (5) 6-0 guard MSU Skyliners Red/Westfield H.S.: Excellent shooter, both from mid-range and 3-point territory. Can create own shot. Best shot is pull-up jumper. Creates shots for teammates, too. Can beat defenders off the dribble. Excellent floor vision and passer. Solid defender with quick hands and feet. Can play either guard position effectively.

Ryan Szzatkowski (24) 6-2 wing MSU Skyliners Red/Manalapan H.S.: An excellent three-point shooter from both the wing and corner spots. Can handle the ball and run the break. Tough defensive matchup because of wingspan and strength. Can breakdown defender and get to the hoop. Strong finisher. Elevates quickly and is a good rebounder. Runs the floor well and is a good passer.

Shymar Robinson (28) 6-0 guard Connecticut Elite Blue JP/Derby H.S.: Plays taller than listed height because of his wing span. Athletic with quick hands and feet. Aggressive on both ends of the court. Looks to attack the basket more than shoot jumpers. Breaks down defenders. Good vision and passer. Fearless going to the hoop. Elevates quickly.

Tyerell Monroe (23) 6-4 forward Ubuntu Albany Legends Lions/Green Tech H.S.: Plays rim to rim and finishes well with great touch. Very active defender that blocks shots and rebounds at a high level on both ends. Relentless motor and shows the ability to step out and shoot from distance. Had a 30-point explosion in a pool-round contest.

Makhi Baskin (23) 6-1 point guard Mass Premier/Mansfield H.S.: Relentless competitor that can score at all three levels. Long and active on defense and rebounds well from the guard position. Has a good handle on the ball. Also has good court vision and effectively delivers good passes. Standout at the point position.

Josiah Chandler (0) 6-2 wing Riverside Hawks B Hargraves/La Salle Academy: A silent leader on the court and a coach’s dream. He does all the little things well, and has the ability to score in a variety of ways. Seems to always get his hands on the ball and secure extra possessions for his team. Extremely versatile player.

Jordy Brito (4) 6-1 guard Riverside Hawks A Barnett/H.S. of Art and Design: Good size and length for his position. Plays with a lot of intensity on both ends. Good rebounder, pushes the ball and looks ahead in transition. Very efficient player who can score with ease but is always willing to pass to an open teammate.

Ryan Johnson (8) 6-4 wing Take Charge-Sullivan/Medway H.S.: A very versatile guard/forward who shows the ability to score in many situations. Can shoot it from the outside, but can also get to the basket. A true throw-back player. He keeps the game simple and knows how to pick his spots and take what the defense gives him. Plays within himself.

Charles Lovett (55) 5-10 guard Riverside Hawks B Hargrves/Mount Vernon H.S.: A lightning-quick guard. Pure scorer who is extremely confident. A big-time ball-handler, gets wherever he wants to go on the court. Shoots from well beyond the arc. Good in transition. Creates havoc defensively, gets into passing lanes and forces turnovers.

Luis Rodriguez (4) 5-8 point guard MABC Bengals/Cristo Rey H.S.: A true floor general. Runs the show and makes his team go. Very aggressive player on both ends of the floor. He has the ability to get to the basket and finish against contact. Also extremely adept at facilitating for his teammates. Outstanding point-guard skills.

Jacob Takacs (5) 5-8 point guard United NJ (Jensen)/Phillipsburg H.S.: A true point guard. He always seems to make the right play on both ends of the floor. An all-around point guard who can also score. He is a knock-down shooter from range and displays good touch around the basket. Able to get there and finish with either hand.

Colin Harrington (32) 6-3 power forward Empire State Storm/Albertus Magnus H.S.: A truly dominant force under the basket. Shows the strength to finish through contact. Gets to the free-throw line and converts there. Also plays at the high post and makes good decisions from that spot. Uses his body well to box out and collect rebounds.

Kerwin Prince (0) 6-6 forward Connecticut Select/Crosby H.S.: A physically and athletically gifted “stretch four.” He plays hard on both ends and shows a high level of basketball sense. Rebounds well and runs the floor in transition. Can get to the rim and finish there against contact. Also showed off a nice mid-range offensive game.

Troy Hupstead (32) 6-5 forward Riverside Hawks B Hargraves/Mount Vernon H.S.: A powerful and fundamentally sound physical big man. Plays the game the right way. Has good hands, catches everything thrown to him in the post. Decisive when making a post move. Goes hard to the hoop. Uses his body well when rebounding. Potential to play at a high level.

Enzie Teacher (11) 6-2 guard Riverside Hawks B Hargraves/Hackley School: Perhaps the most-important player on a deep and talented team. He does all the little things on the court particularly on the defensive end. Plays with a lot of tenacity. Extremely unselfish on the offensive end. Shows both an ability to score and to create for teammates.

Ryan Graham (24) 6-1 guard O.C. Kings/Washingtonville H.S.: Very efficient scorer. He doesn’t waste any dribbles.Can score in many different ways. A streaky 3-point shooter who got hit in pool play and led big scoring runs for his team. Crafty finisher with good body control. Slender frame, but his strength belies his size.

Romel Acquino (10) 6-2 power forward O.C. Kings/Washingtonville H.S.; Brings a lot of energy to the court. A dominant and relentless rebounder. He keeps a lot of plays alive by getting his hands on the ball. Has soft hands, catches and finishes well. Does a nice job defensively, especially in help-side situations by getting in position to take charges.

Jeremy Vargas (10) 6-2 forward Riverside Hawks A Barnett/H.S. for Violin and Dance: A physical and strong forward. Plays with extreme intensity, going hard on both ends of the court. Good off the floor and plays the game above the rim. Lets the game come to him while still being assertive when necessary. Brings a lot of heart and toughness.

Ryan Johnston (8) 6-4 wing Take Charge-Sullivan/Medway H.S.: A big-time shooter from beyond the arc who also has a nice mid-range touch. Can finish at the basket with either hands. Creative player who is crafty with the ball in his hands. Good size and length, and uses it to be an effective rebounder. Showed a proclivity for playing good team defense.

Thomas Porter (3) 6-0 point guard Game 7 Elite/Thomas Jefferson H.S. A point guard who can also score at all three levels. Uses quickness and strength to get to the rim with ease and finishes against contact. Great bounce and can finish above the rim. A playmaker who hits the open gam. Shows ability to score off the bounce.

Nick Chimiente (31) 6-1 combo guard Team PA Supernatural/Central Dauphin H.S.: Capable of playing at either guard position. Really good at draining catch-and-shoot three-pointer. Has ability to break down defenders and score. Good bounce, rebounds above the rim. Has a nice mid-range pull-up jumper. Gets to the rim on offense and can finish with either hand.

Jason Pilsitz (33) 5-9 point guard Team PA Supernatural/Bishop McDevitt H.S.: A true floor general and a real team leader. Just a poised ball handler. Never rattled. Great ability to find open teammates. Goes past defenders and gets to the rim and finishes. Capable enough three-point shooter. Always seems to show up in big moments.

Jake Kelly (5) 6-4 wing Team PA Supernatural/Bishop McDevitt H.S.: Long, lanky wing player who is a real knockdown shooter. Athletic with good size. Has the ability to put the ball on the floor, get past defenders with two or three dribbles and get to the rim and finish. Decent athlete. Will pull up in transition and nail the three-pointer.

Ryan Blondo (1) 5-10 guard Game 7 Elite/Lynbrook H.S.: Point guard with outstanding ball-handling ability. He will break down defenders, go past and git to the rim. Strong enough to finish there with either hand. Capable enough shooter from the perimeter. Just a defensive force, wreaks havoc on opponents with his defensive skills. Shows good athleticism.

Kemore Johnson (35) 6-4 forward CD Premier/Green Tech: Very athletic big man with a soft touch around the rim. Has a great feel for the game. Can score from transition just as well as in half-court sets. Has a very smooth jump shot to match his size and athleticism. Crashes the board with the belief that every rebound belongs to him.

JayQuan Johnson (10) 6-1 guard Electric City All Stars/Schenectady H.S.: An athletic guard with a long wing span. Excels in the open-court game. Always looking for teammates when he is looking to push the pace of the game. Can finish with either hand against contact at the rim. Always playing in attack mode.

Davontrey Thomas (20) 6-4 guard Hudson Valley Panthers Elite/Poughkeepsie H.S.: A very athletic shooting guard that is always looking to attack the defense and get to the rim. Very aggressive on the offensive end, either looking for his shot or creating to pass to a teammate. Finishes strong against contact. Quick and active hands on defense.

Cameron Ness (30) 6-9 center Hudson Valley Panthers Elite Highland H.S.: A strong and composed big man. He dominates the paint when he’s on the court. Very physical post player with a soft touch at the rim. Outworks opponents to get rebounds on offensive and defensive glass. Has deceptively sneaky athleticism for his size.

Kobe Long (30) 5-10 point guard Roc City Rocks 2020/McQuaid Jesuit H.S.: A scoring point guard that is not afraid of the big moment. Recently helped lead his high school to a Section 5 AA-level championship. Very high basketball IQ with a jump shot to match. Talented scorer from all three levels of the game. Very smooth three-point jumper.

Tony Arnold Jr. (0) 6-0 point guard 585 Bobcats/East Ridge H.S.: A quick guard that really gets after it on both ends of the court. Very quick and active hands on defense. Always looking for the steal to start transition play. Excels in transition by getting to the rim in a multitude of ways, or finds teammates. Has the ability to finish through contact at the rim.

Graham Wooden (1) 5-10 point guard Hoosiers/Oneonta H.S.: A complete point guard. He can shoot, drive to score and drive to create. Tight handle, good penetrator. Good feel for when to pass and when to score on drives. Crafty finisher around the rim. Knock-down shooter from three and mid-range. Intelligent off-ball cuts to the rim. Must add size/strength. Uses leaners and fade-aways to get his shot off against larger defenders.

Scott Woodring (25) 6-7 center Hoosiers/Waverly H.S.: Excellent footwork in the post. Stays patient with the ball in the post. Will hit cutters. Strong finisher. Runs well for his size and runs the floor hard. Not yet a strength, but has a developing shoot out to three-point range. Variety of moves from the post. Very good up & under move. Uses shot fakes well.

Jahji Hoops (4) 6-1 point guard L&L Running Rebels-Long/Pope John H.S.: Tremendous penetrator. Good athlete, but excels in using craft to get to the rim. Great finisher around the rim. Prefers to finish, but a capable passer from the lane. Tough defender when engaged, but must be more consistent with defensive effort. Must improve outside shot. Leader on the floor, organizes team on offense.

Zach Umar (21) 6-7 forward L&L Running Rebels-Long/Nazareth H.S.: Very skilled and mobile for his size. Developing guard skills ... reliable 3-point shot, can 2-dribble penetrate from the wing. Long and disruptive in the lane on defense. Can play from the post but prefers the wing. Not an exquisite passer, but does not force bad shots when he gets help. Will be a tremendous prospect as he develops physically and continues to improve his skills.

Romello Faison (1) 5-11 point guard Team NYC Rising Stars/Martin Luther King H.S.: Tight handle, crafty penetrator. Creates for his team. Explosive athlete that can finish above the rim. Good vision, high IQ. Effective distributor. Good stroke from mid-range, but must improve from three territory. Lefty, but strong driver and finisher with either hand. Anticipates well on defense. Talented enough to dominated every play, but purposefully involves teammates.

Amari Mills (2) 5-11 point guard L & L Running Rebels PA Beers/East Stroudsburg North H.S.: Great hand and foot speed, making him a stand out on defense. Has great instincts and is not afraid to mix it up. He scores consistently from the mid-range and is not hesitant to take the ball to the rack. He anticipates well, can leap and is always looking to have the ball in his hands. He is the leader on the floor and carries his team during pressure situations.

Eugene Rentas (4) 5-10 point guard Mass Hoops Jaguars/Granby H.S.: Moves well without the ball, hits clutch free throws and is an all-around solid player. Unselfish and feeds the open man. He is the team’s energizer with hustle from start to finish. A strong defensive player and rebounds like a forward. never stops moving, always waiting for an opportunity to make a play. Spark plug of his team and is a must-have for any coach.

Sean Williams (7) 6-1 point guard Next Level Elite N.J./St. Joseph’s Metachen H.S.: Rebounds like a player a foot taller, can really sky. Quick hands on defense and glides to the hoop with little effort. Strong player and can finish what he starts. Knows how to command his team and is a selfless player. Always remains in control both mentally and physically. Very coachable player who clearly listens well.

Bobby Joy (1) 5-11 point guard CC Bulls-Joy/Nauset Regional H.S.: Should never be underestimated in any situation. “Energy” is his first name, “Smooth” is his middle and “Reliable” is his last! Makes things happen when there appears to be no hope. Hits long-range shots and finds a way to get his own rebound when he misses.Consistent, reliable, under control and solid. Confident on the court and has respect of his teammates. He has the “wow” factor. Very bright future, probably at the D1 level.

Jack Crowley (11) 6-4 wing North Shore Blizzard/Beverly H.S.: Skilled wing/forward who can play off guard or either forward spots. Excellent 3-point shooter with his feet set. Crafty finisher in the lane with either hand. Scored double figures in all three pool games, including 26 points in one. Not a great athlete, but has a great feel for the game. Needs only to add strength.

Chris Cain (33) 6-6 forward Early Risers 16U Leo/Pine Bush H.S.: Lefty forward with great touch around the basket. Very skilled at setting up his left hand and lefty hook. Good face-up shooter to 17 feet. Good passer and passes well out of double team. Hunts middle vs. zone; good hands for a “big.” Needs only to add strength to be successful at the next level.

Dylan Perry (0) 5-10 point guard Early Risers 16U Leo/Kingston H.S.: True point guard who does a good job of running a team. At his best when he looks to distribute first. Good open 3-point shooter, but must improve shot selection. Has triple threat ability ability: distribute, drive & shoot. Not a jet with the ball and defensive pressure can bother him, but decent defender with active hands.

Jack Harmon (17) 6-3 forward ASA Select/Framingham H.S.: Skilled forward who is a crafty finisher. Good shooter out to 3-point range, but better in mid range. Led team in scoring here and is very efficient. Did struggle with quickness and athleticism. Uses rim well in finishing around the basket. Good feel for the game and stays poised.

Adonis Flagler (11) 6-2 guard Hope/North East College Prep: Can score from all three levels. Explosive in transition and off the dribbles ... attacks! Excellent athlete and quick 2nd jumper. Scored in bunches here, averaging 20+ points per game. Lakes shot fake into one-dribble pull-up or floater. Can also play at the point, but best off the ball. Took a hard charge in playoffs. Willing to defend. He really competes.

Adra Rogers (12) 5-10 guard Hope/Eastridge H.S.: Showed an ability to score off dribble and for 3-point range. Strong right driver. 2nd leading scorer for his team here. Hit 3’s in playoff loss. Loves right-to-left crossover dribble move. Shifty offensive player. Can play either guard spot. Quick hands defense.

Brian Moore (22) 6-1 guard Early Risers 16U Smith/Kingston H.S.: Scoring lead guard who can score from all three levels. Excels in transition and is an excellent finisher. Very athletic and possesses a strong handle. Competes hard. Led his team to bracket semifinals. Drives to score and attack the rim. Good in mid-range with pull-ups and floaters. One of leading high school scorers in NY state. Hearing from D-2 schools, but could become a D-1 recruit if he preps a year.

Shyquan Royal (2) 6-1 guard Early Risers 16U Smith/Kingston H.S.: Showed improvement here as the tournament progressed, more aggressive each game. Played on or off the ball. Strong driver, prefers to go right. By playoffs he emerged as one of the better playersin the age division. Must continue to develop outside shot. Excellent on-ball defender with quick hands. Strong finisher in the lane.

Cesar Lianarez (5) 6-0 guard Miami Team Pete 16U/Mater Lakes Academy: Left slasher who does his best work in the paint. Excellent touch with runners and floaters. Capable shooter to three-point line. Plays hard with a lot of energy and has a high motor. Long arms. Looks like he may grow. Uses his length on offense and defense. Outstanding offensive rebounder.