2018 Steve Simms Classic

By Brett Wilson @brettwilson715

January 6. It may have been cold outside but it was definitely hot inside Cardozo HS gym for the 2018 Steve Simms Classic. Eight teams were fired up, and they didn’t disappoint. Here are the players we noticed:

George Varmah 2019 6’5 forward Thurgood Marshall HS - good player. Has decent athletic ability. Can rebound the ball. Nice moves and abilities to finish in the post. Needs to start utilizing more outside skills.

Matthew Edwards 2018 6’6 center Springfield Gardens HS - can rebound. Quick off his feet. Average skill set. Average post defender. Needs to develop more on the offensive end.

Aquarn Butler 2018 5’9 point guard Robeson HS - good with his dribble and passes. Runs his team well. Makes good decisions. Will hit his fair share of open shots. Needs to work harder at being a better one on one defender and getter stronger to absorb contact at the basket.

Abou Ousmane 2019 6’9 center Robeson HS - good inside player. Good footwork. Can finish at the basket. Good rebounder. Has a average mid range shot. Needs to get better at defending in the post.

Taiquan Benjamin 2018 6’3 wing Robeson HS - good length. Has long arm. Decent at defending because of his length. Athletic ability is better than average. Can get above the rim. Needs to be a better shooter.

Surakata Jawara 2018 6’4 wing James Monroe HS - lefty shooter. Can get get up and down in transition. Average defender but can cover space with his wingspan. Need to work on his ball handle

Stephen Takyi 2018 6’5 forward James Monroe HS - shows some versatility to his game. Good strength to complete the play at the basket. Average shooter. Can grab rebounds. Needs to be a better overall defender.

Malik Martin 2018 6’4 guard Curtis HS - very good player. He has the goods. Good size for a guard. Can grad rebounds. Good with his dribble, passes and shooting. Both mid range and 3pt shots. Good IQ and feel for the game. Can very easily be a point guard and run the point and the team. Needs to be a better defender in the open court

Collins Onyeike 2018 6’4 forward Cardozo HS - good on the boards. Better than average vertical abilities. Can get up to block shots. Runs hard and good speed. Needs to develop more offensive skills off his dribble

Marcus Hammond 2018 6’1 point guard Cardozo HS - lefty shooter that can nail the 3pt shot. Good with his play making ability with his dribble and pass. Needs to get physically stronger

Amadou Traore 2018 6’7 center Brooklyn Collegiate HS - strong body. Can bully his way inside at times. Good rebounder. Runs hard. Decent moves. Needs to be more scoring threat for his size and strength.

Ezra Burnett 2019 6’2 guard HS for Construction - can hit mid range shots. Average with his handle. Can be effective enough at rebounding for his height and when having to play inside. Needs to work on his 3pt shooting.