2017 Brooklyn Bridge Holiday

by Brett Wilson @brettwilson715

In it’s fourth year, The Brooklyn Bridge Holiday Classic showcases high school games. Sponsored by The Brooklyn Youth Sports Club, these games have attracted New York City’s top high school teams. Sixteen teams compete over two days. Anton Marchand, one of the organizers, says “Wait until next year….” Next year there are plans to add the top girls teams. RecruitTheBronx was front and center for all the action. These are our top performers:

Christopher Goodwin 2018 6’1 guard Brooklyn Collegiate - combo guard. Can be a scorer when he’s hot. Will surprised you with his athleticism at the rim. Decent defender. Needs to become a 3pt shooting threat.

Erlyn Ramirez Prospects
Erlyn 6’4 forward Brooklyn Collegiate - double double kind of a player. Wide body. Strong base. Goes after rebounds. Needs to get athletic.

http://recruitthebronx.com/index.php/prospects/get_prospects_details/771 2019 6’6 forward /center Fredrick Douglas Academy - has decent hands to catch the ball. Plays hard. Runs well. Can rebound. Solid inside and plays a decent mid range game. Needs more perimeter skills.

Wahaad Johnson 2018 5’11 guard Bedford Academy - 3pt shooter. Streaky at times with his shooting but he is not afraid to keep shooting. Decent with his ball handle. Needs to work on his one on one defense

Gary Sykes 2018 6’6 center Bedford Academy - can rebound. Fills the lane in the paint. Plays with his back to the basket. Capable of hitting the 10ft shot. Needs to get into better conditioning

Yarayah Evans 2018 6’5 wing Westinghouse HS - average skill set. Shows some versatility with his game. Average shooter. Needs to get more physical in the post and stronger.

http://recruitthebronx.com/index.php/prospects/get_prospects_details/1170 2019 5’7 guard WHEELS HS - can handle the rock. Nice jook moves with the ball. Decent passer. Can shoot the open shot. Needs to work on shooting over the defender.

Mohammed Fofana 2018 6’6 forward Wings Academy - very capable of hitting 3pt shots. Runs the floor and will hustle for rebounds. Average ball handling skills. Needs to increase his intensity level when playing

Malik Martin 2018 6’4 combo guard Curtis HS - solid player. Has the goods. Can handle, pass and shoot the ball. Can play the point. Steady with his dribble drive. Makes good decisions and plays. Needs to shoot consistently off the screen

http://recruitthebronx.com/index.php/prospects/get_prospects_details/1490 2019 6’3 guard /wing Curtis HS - tough and tough. Can dribble drive, rebound and defend. Good IQ. Always working to make it happen. Has 3pt shooting ability. Needs to work on shooting off the dribble

Korey Williams 2018 5’8 point guard La Salle Academy - good point guard. Plays fast. Can score and shoot the 3 ball. Good with his passing abilities. Needs to keep working hard on Defense.

Josiah Chandler 2019 6’1 guard La Salle Academy - good at the point. Handles the ball well. Good court vision and passes. Doesn’t get shook under pressure. Needs to score more.

http://recruitthebronx.com/index.php/prospects/get_prospects_details/764 2019 6’4 wing South Shore HS - can hit open 3pt shots. Will take it to the rim and finish. Good off his feet. Can cause havoc on defense and offense with his wingspan. Need to create more off the dribble

Kadary Richmond 2019 6’3 guard /wing South Shore HS - 3pt shooter. Can handle the ball and finesse you at times. Plays a nice combo position. Good length. Can block shots. Nice first step. Needs to defend more and absorb contact at the basket

Sekou Sylla 2018 6’4 wing South Shore HS - will rebound. Good in transition. Can finish. Nice with his ball fakes. Good length. Needs to be a consistent go to player.

Aquarn Butler 2018 5’9 point guard Paul Robeson HS - moves well with and without the ball. Good play making skills. Can pull up and hit the mid range shot. Needs to work on his post entry passes.

2019 6’9 center Paul Robeson HS - good player. Knows his way in the paint. Good footwork. Goes after rebounds. Has a good feel for the game. Needs to block more shots and deter more drives to the basket

http://recruitthebronx.com/index.php/prospects/get_prospects_details/1995 2019 6’7 center Xaverian HS - decent coordination when playing. Long body frame. Average rebounder. Showing decent footwork in the post. Looks to make plays at the rim. Needs to get stronger

http://recruitthebronx.com/index.php/prospects/get_prospects_details/1258 2019 6’0 point guard Leman School - crafty with his ball handle and passes. Sees the floor. Plays under control. Will get his fair share of rebounds. Needs to finish more at the basket and play at a faster speed

http://recruitthebronx.com/index.php/prospects/get_prospects_details/1918 2019 6’3 wing All Hallows HS - good mid range player. Average ball handle but can beat you off the dribble. Works hard to grab rebounds. Needs to be a better 3pt shooter.

http://recruitthebronx.com/index.php/prospects/get_prospects_details/1019 2019 5’9 guard Thomas Jefferson HS - role player but steady. Always doing the things to help you win. Gives good effort on defense. Ready to shoot when open and willing passer. Needs to handle to ball more effectively.

Floyd Samuels 2018 5’9 guard Eagle Academy BX - leading scoring and decent at shooting 3pt shots. Works hard to get open and not afraid to handle the ball. Will work to defend. Needs to be a better passer I traffic

Jahmir Appleton 2018 6’5 forward /center Eagle Academy BX - good rebounder. Can hit 10ft - 15ft shots. Runs end to end. Average defender but will take a charge in the paint. Needs to be more demanding at wanting to score in the post.

Larry Moreno 2018 5’11 point guard Brooklyn Law & Tech - left hand point. 3pt shooter. Can get points quickly. Can get into the lane when driving down hill. Good speed. Needs to get stronger and add size.

Victor Ogbo 2018 6’5 center Brooklyn Law & Tech - can rebound and put the ball back. Can run end to end when he is playing on all cylinders. Decent footwork. Needs to get more elevation in the post.

David Petit Homme 2018 6’5 forward /center Boys & Girls HS - long arms. Has the ability to get rebounds. Lanky type of player. Mid range shooting potential. Needs to get stronger.

Nolan Young 2018 5’9 point guard Poly Prep - although an average shooter he can score for his team. Decent player with upside. Uses both hands well with his dribble. Knows how to facilitate. Needs to get after it on defense

http://recruitthebronx.com/index.php/prospects/get_prospects_details/758 2019 6’7 center Bishop Loughlin - can rebound the ball. Good size. Fills space in the middle. Decent mobility and runs the floor. Needs to increase his vertical and develop a go to post move.

http://recruitthebronx.com/index.php/prospects/get_prospects_details/772 2019 6’5 wing Bishop Loughlin - athletic. Decent shooter. Can put the ball on the floor and drive. Good enough rebounder. Needs to be a lock down defender on the perimeter.