2017 NYC Castle Challenge

By Brett Wilson @brettwilson715

Now in it’s second year, The NYC Castle Challenge is fast becoming a must see. Eighteen teams participated over the Thanksgiving break and the competition was at a high level, including a international game with a team from Spain. Brian Rosen is the top man at Castle Athletics which was founded in 2008. He and his staff provide a great forum for all teams and players to maximize their exposure to college coaches. Recruit The Bronx was on deck and here are our top performers:

Friday 11/24

Wahaad Johnson 2018 6’0 guard Bedford Academy - can handle the ball with both hands. Good feel for the court. Effective passer. Has 3pt shooting ability and can shoot deep when he gets hot. Can score the ball. Needs to be a committed one on one defender.

Gary Sykes 2018 6’5 center Bedford Academy - decent size. Can rebound and block shots at times. Runs the floor. Back to the basket player. Still improving on his offensive skills. Needs to work on his vertical and being confident on offense.

Nazeem Spencer 2018 6’4 wing KIPP - lefty player. Good length. Average ball handle. Shows decent athletic potential at the basket. Needs to work more on shooting and shots off his dribble.

Rodney Summers 2019 5’9 guard KIPP - strong body. Uses his body well to protect and shield his dribble. Strong enough to take the bump when he makes his moves. Average passer. Willing to work on Defense. Needs to work on shooting.

Jameek Daley 2019 6’5 forward Murray Bergtraum HS - active on both sides of the ball. Runs hard. Can be effective as a rebounder. Shows good ability to put the ball on the floor and finish in transition. Needs to work more on his perimeter skill set.

Aaron Walton 2018 6’3 forward Port Richmond HS - undersized to be a post player but he knows his way in the paint. Can rebound for his size and defends. Runs good. Very alert at the rim. Needs to work on his shot.

Ali Sumareh 2018 6’4 forward South Bronx Prep - good energy. Has potential to be a combo player because of his ability to dribble when starting the fast break and his passing when he driving the ball down hill. At times he can power the ball to the rim. Needs to become that guy with his play making abilities

John Egbuta 2019 6’6 wing Wadleigh HS - shows good versatility and athletic ability. Can get above the rim. Fills the lane and runs the floor. Average with his dribble but he stays active around the basket. Needs to work on shooting

Elijah Wynn”>Elijah Wynn 2019 5’11 point guard Wadleigh HS - tough point guard. Can dribble with speed and control. Can get into the lanes. Good with his assist to turnover ratio. Needs to be a better shooter.

Keyshawn Faulkner 2018 6’9 center Ralph Mckee HS - has some spring in his legs. Will block some shot in the paint. Can rebound. Decent in transition and his athleticism. Needs to show more ability to play away from the basket and get stronger.

Damien Chung Qui 2018 Post Grad 5’8 point guard Our Savior Lutheran Post Grad - makes good decisions. Knows how to run his team. Good passer. Good court awareness. Capable of making 3pt shots. Needs to stay consistent with his defensive capabilities.

Oumar Ballo 2020 6’11 center Spain/Academy Las Palmas - strong down low. Can finish at the basket. Plays hard. Can rebound on both ends. Good footwork and moves in the paint. Needs to develop a better turn and face game.

Diego Willis 2018 6’3 point guard Spain /Academy Las Palmas - good handles. More than able to his dribble under control when his is pressured. Good eye for finding his teammates. Good passer. Can shoot the ball. Stays alert on Defense. Needs to be more aggressive with his shooting.

Saturday 11/25

Adisa Isaac 2019 6’5 forward Canarsie HS - two sport athlete. Football and basketball. Athletic up and down the court. Good around the basket. Good footwork. Not afraid to bang and defend in the post. Needs to develop more perimeter offensive skills

Marques Hibbert 2018 6’6 center Canarsie HS - big body. Average ability. Moves well around the court. Has good energy. Will give a solid effort rebounding the ball. Needs to work on being more of a offensive player.

Sayeed Osario 2018 5’7 guard Rucker HS - good instincts to play. Streaky shooter. Average with his dribble and playing making. Willing passer. Needs to work on Defense.

Joseph Thompson 2019 5’11 guard Rucker HS - aggressive shooter. Has good range. Willing to fire away. Knows how to create for his teammates with his passing. Needs to play harder defense on the ball.

Gavion Singleton 2019 6’3 guard Our Savior Lutheran Regional - can play above the rim. Good in transition. Runs the floor and fills the lane. Good with the ball going down hill. Needs to work more on creating for his teammates.

Charles Noonan 2019 6’7 forward Our Savior Lutheran Regional - can make plays. Good with his passes off the dribble. Good weak side defender. Good height to shoot over the defender. Needs to shoot more off screening action

Anthony Marshall 2020 5’9 point guard BDA Metro HS - good with his dribble. Can make things happen for himself and others. Plays fast and under control. Good court awareness. Good athleticism for his height. Need to be a better shooter when contested.

Trey Clarke 2018 6’4 forward BDA Metro HS - good athlete. Can play in the half court setting and in transition. Can hit open 3pt shots. Decent off the dribble. Not afraid to attack. On defense he can fill gaps with his length. Needs to rebound more.

Kenneth Hines 2018 6’5 center BDA Metro HS - strong in the paint. Can rebound. Plays hard. Can be effective very effective when he gets touches in the paint. Needs to be more demanding on offense.

Teequan Holley 2019 6’7 forward John Bowne HS - hustles up the court. Can block some shots. Good extension when he’s aggressive to the rebounds. Can handle the ball in the open court. Decent with his mid range pull up. Needs to get stronger.

Jahmir Appleton 2018 6’5 center Eagle Academy - can get some rebounds. Capable of hitting the soft mid range shot. Good feel for making the skip pass out of the post. Runs well enough end to end. Needs to get more athletic at the basket and to the rebound.

David Grady 2018 6’6 wing Brooklyn Law and Tech HS - athletic player. Can hit his fair share of mid range and 3pt shots. Average handle but will make a play. Good wingspan makes him effective rebounder. Needs to be a better than fair shooter.

Kevin Greene 2018 5’11 guard WHEELS HS - plays with good intensity. Aggressive player. Good athletic ability. Decent skill set to play the point. Can be a creator when he is under control. Needs to become a consistent shooter.