2017 Queens Jam Christmas Classic

By Brett Wilson @brettwilson715

RecruitTheBronx was center court at The 13th Annual Queens Jam Christmas Classic: ten teams,  one court and good action. Here are our top performers:

Keysean Faulkner 2018 6’8 center Mckee Tech HS - long with good wingspan. Can block shots and deter other shots with his length. Average post moves. Average rebounder. Needs to get stronger.

Richard Selembo 2018 6’3 guard John Bowne HS - will drive the ball. Average ball handle but it will get the job done. Decent athleticism around the basket. Needs to be a better shooter.

Brandon Hendricks Ellison (2020) 5’7 point guard James Monroe HS - young point guard with good energy. Still learning the position. Makes good use of his dribble. Decent at running his team. Can be a good defender. Needs to add outside shooting to his game

Marcus Hammond 2018 6’1 point guard Benjamin Cardozo HS - left hand point guard. Good 3pt shooter. Effective with his dribble and pass. Needs to be stronger at the rim and on defense.

Bryce Arroyo (2019) 5’11 guard Samuel Gompers HS - plays at a good pace. Makes good reads. Has the ability to be a good passer. Needs to get tougher on defense and show more use of his left hand.

Matt Edwards 2018 6’6 forward /center Springfield Gardens HS - can rebound. Light on his feet. Basic skills but will give honest effort. Average footwork. Needs to sharpen up his offensive game

Adisa Isaac 2019 6’5 forward Canarsie HS - two sport athlete. Runs hard and rebounds the ball. Strong body. Decent in the paint. Can play above the rim. Needs to work on his outside moves

Marquis Hibbert 2018 6’6 forward /center Canarsie HS - can rebound. Shows decent activity in the post when he’s engaged. Will attempt to block a shot. Can run the floor but average speed. Needs to demand the ball in the post and show more offensive moves.

Carlos Vargas 2018 5’10 guard Roosevelt HS - decent 3pt shooter. Ability to be a shooting threat when left open. Average with his ball handle and passing. Needs to work on being a better defender.