2022 Jaguars Academy Elite College Prospects


Founded in 2012 by Coach Stephen Mason, the Jaguars Academy Elite Inc. is an organization geared toward providing low to mid income families with a place for their children to learn and develop social, economic skills as well as provide guidance to young teenagers by helping them to be successful in high school and college. By providing an athletic program, they offer teenagers the ability to travel and compete nationally against other organizations while learning respect, discipline, leadership, and brotherhood with their fellow teammates. It is a Bronx-based program, but serves all five boroughs of New York City.


Currently Coach Mason believes he has the following potential college prospects in the program:


Kenneth Reyes (2026) 5’8 guard York Prep - Reyes is a long-range wing shooter who can shoot from anywhere on the floor and isn’t afraid to let it fly even with a defender in his face. He is also a decent ballhandler who attacks the basketball whenever the opportunity arises. He has a great upside and is improving as he continues to play and develop 3.5 gpa Video highlights



Tyler Purrier (2025) 6’1 small forward Winchendon School (MA)  - Purrier is a lengthy for this height. He has a variety of ways to score. He can shoot the corner threes, attack the basket and finish. He can also rebound and do putbacks for his team. He can also defend on the block or the perimeter, making him a versatile defender. 3.7 gpa Video highlights



Michael Ihedioha (2024) 6’0 point guard, Harry S Truman High - Ihedioha is a point guard who create shots for others and can create his own shots. He can score in a variety of ways including shooting from midrange and the three while also being able to drive to the basket and finish around the rim. 3.7 gpa Video highlights