2022 Riverside Select 17u Team


Founded by the Riverside Church in 1961, the Riverside Hawks are a historic and venerable grassroots basketball program based in the Harlem. They provide an opportunity for youth to use basketball as a vehicle to improve academic outcomes and in turn, improve career prospects. Through some transitions, the program has now expanded its programming to support not only its basketball players but any young person in our local community.


Former Riverside Hawks coach Zach Kuba returned to the Church to lead the Riverside Select leg of Riverside’s high school basketball program. Riverside Select provides support and helps place high performing student athletes who aspire to play at the next level at some of the top academic institutions (NESCAC, UAA, etc.) in the country. Kuba’s Select Team is a great blend of high academic prospects.  The Team’s cumulative GPA is above a 3.7 with a Median SAT score above 1400 (multiple guys at 1500 or above). The team plays a smart, team-oriented brand of basketball and pressures the ball full court all game defensively.  This group consistently scores in the 70s and 80s, and has eclipsed 90 points on four different occasions this spring and summer including a 99 point performance most recently in a second round game at Hoop Group AC Jam Fest.  This team is fun to watch!  College Coaches should also take note that the average age on the roster as of mid July is 16.9 years old, which is very unique for a 17U group on the stages of competition they play.  This group will be back in action July 22-24 at Hoop Group Mohegan Sun.


#22 Brandon Kelly (2023) 6’2 guard, Trevor Day School - Kelly is a shifty, explosive playmaker who is dynamic in transition.  He consistently finishes through contact and at tough angles off one foot or two.  He gets to spots and elevates high on his jump shot.  Defensively he is more than quick enough to stay in front of 1 or 2 guards and he is physical enough to guard a 3.  If needed he will guard a 4.  Kelly is getting a lot of High Academic D3 interest from schools like Swarthmore, Catholic, Macalester, Clark University and others.  After several coaches saw the team playe during the opening July Live period, we expect this list to grow.


#31 Dima Galanin (2023) 6’2 guard, Trinity School - Galanin is a strong, patient, guard who is an excellent decision maker.  He keeps the ball high and strong attacking the basket and can finish above the rim and through contact.  When given a clean look, he consistently knocks it down with range out to 23 feet.  Galanin uses his brain on the defensive end and plays angles very well, allowing him to stay in front of mostly any guard. Galanin has an appetite for a high academic challenge.  With a 1500 SAT and close to a 4.0 at one of the top high schools in the country, he expects to attend an university to meet his academic standard.  Williams, Amherst, and Colby are among some of the schools showing interest.  More to come!

#3 Sebastian Medina (2023) 6’5 wing, Rye High School - Medina is a big, strong wing who scores well at all 3 levels.  His catch and shoot from 3 continues to improve.  He is extremely effective getting to 15 feet on 1 or 2 dribbles into a mid-range pullup.  He is also very crafty getting to the basket and is a matchup problem for other teams.  With a smaller player on him he can turn a drive into a post-up, Marc Jackson like, and finish over the top.  When a bigger slower forward is matched with him, he can use 1 or 2 dribbles to scoot past all the way to the basket.  Medina competes for every rebound and is physical when battling.  He never gives up on a loose ball or rebound.  He is attracting a ton of interest at the NESCAC level and is continuing to garner more interest as the summer progresses.


#2 Devon Morgan (2023) 5’9 point guard, Frederick Gunn School - Morgan is shifty and has fantastic vision of the floor.  He is deceptive with his eyes and hits guys in scoring areas when no one else excepted the pass to come.  He is excellent at throwing guys open, often seeing the play for his teammates before they do, leading them to a basket with his pass.  He is high IQ on both ends of the floor and handles the ball on a string.  Defensively he is a pest on the ball, making life difficult on opposing PGs.  He is very smart playing help angles and will fit in any Team defensive scheme.  Babson is on the top of Morgan’s list although we continue to hear from several other high academics on this energetic point guard.  Excited to see where he lands!


#35 Mohammad Sylla (2023) 6’3 guard, Institute of Collaborative Education - Sylla is the guy the team looks to for big plays in big games. He is a shot maker with range out to 28 feet.  Mo plays his best when the stakes are highest and embraces the challenges of guarding players who are bigger than him. He is sneaky quick and finds a way to get to the basket no matter who is guarding him.  He can play the 1, 2 or 3 at the college level with an ability to guard 1 through 4 if needed.  Playing against four D1 recruits at Hoop Group Summer Jam Fest, Sylla put on a show leading the team to an impressive 61-60 victory.  Several D1s and D2s in attendance took note. Looking forward to see where Sylla ends up as they hear from schools after the first Live Period. He is under the radar and will be a steal for whoever is fortunate enough to land him.


#24 Sir William Morman (2023) 6’3 guard, Middletown HS - Morman is a dynamic lefty with a unique skill-set.  With size and length he handles the ball and sees the floor extremely well and shoots it consistently.  He is also able to finish at different angles around the basket. When engaged defensively he leads the team in deflections/ steals. He is a nuisance at the top of pressure D.  At Hoop Group early July live period Morman turned a lot of college coaches heads with ability to create plays for himself and others on both end of the floor.  He was also a standout performer at the AAB Showcase at Babson in late June and will continue to attract high academic interest as a 4.0 student.  Sir is considering a prep year for physical development that will prepare him for the top level collegiately. Expect big things ahead!


#11 Chris Gatty (2023) – 6’3 guard/wing, Masters School - Gatty is the ultimate utility man that any program would benefit from adding to their roster.  He can guard a quick point guard 94 feet and then battle any 5 man for the rebound on the same possession.  He is the first to floor for loose balls.  He is a pest defensively and offensively he is probably too unselfish in his look to make the right play.  He is one of the best athletes on the roster and dunks the ball with ease.  He also is constantly blocking shots and getting deflections, then leading transition with a sharp pass ahead.  As his offensive game continues to improve we are excited to see what he can bring to the next level. 


#5 Chase Garcia (2024) 6’1 guard Tuckahoe High - The sky is the limit for this young player. Garcia has been one of the most consistent players on the roster.  He nearly always makes the right decision with the basketball and is never bothered by the physicality of players who are sometimes 3 years older than him.  His mental and emotionally maturity is far beyond his age.  Coach Kuba loves to have Chase in the game at pivotal moments because he trusts his ability to be a playmaker and sound decision maker.  Defensively, Garcia is so smart and understands so well where to be in help while also being able to close out to his man on the catch.  His foot speed is superb and although younger than most players, more than holds his own with his upper body strength.  There is still so much potential here.  While Coach Kuba is getting some calls from colleges on Garcia, he thinks there is still so much improvement to be made.  It would not surprise him to see Garcia at the highest level when all is said and done.


#33 Ryan Hale (2023) 6’4 wing – Dalton School -A phenomenal athlete with a lot of speed. He is able to stay in front of smaller quicker players and physical enough to bang with the forwards. He had a breakout game in the Elite 8 of Atlantic City notching a huge double-double and really finding a great mix of drives to the basket, mid range pull-ups and notched a couple 3 balls.  As he continues to build his offensive game he is quite the interesting prospect.  He was one of our 1500+ SAT guys so he has options!


#0 Alex Grant (2023) 6’4 swing, Hackley School - Grant as continued to improve throughout the spring, leading the team in rebounds and blocks.  He has the skill-set to play the 2 at the college level, but his length and athleticism might make him more appealing at the 3.  He is more than capable to shoot the ball out to 22 feet but is most effective attacking the basket off the bounce.  Defensively he can guard 1 through 5, which makes him a huge asset at the next level.  He is laterally and vertically explosive and can fit into any lineup with his unique blend of talent.  Still only 16 years old himself we can’t wait to see him continue to development.  Connecticut College, Alfred University and several other schools are in contact.  Prep school is also a consideration.


#23 Rowhan Daly (2023) 6’0 point guard, Fieldston School -Daly is the orchestrator when he is on the floor.  If you run the floor, he will find you. If you cut hard, he will find a way to thread a pass.  If there is nothing going on a possession, he will find a way to get himself into the paint and draw defenders.  He is one of the most coachable players Kuba has seen and teammates respond to his positive energy. He is probably the best player on the team at guarding full court.  He is lighting fast and very physical.  Daly is young and has a 1590 SAT.  There is a lot going for this young man and the hope is he finds the right academic fit where he can also add to the basketball program.


#34 Sloan Ireland (2023) 6’10 forward, Stuyvesant High School - No one showed more improvement over the course of the spring season than the big fella.  He plays so hard and sprints baseline to baseline every possession he is out there. He is a game changer on the defensive end and allowed his team to stay in games when they were otherwise outsized. He is a great screener with strong hands to catch.  Ireland became better as a finisher as the season progressed and added some post moves.  Another 16 year old who is just coming into his own, he is a 4.0 gpa, 1500 SAT kid who has aspirations to play at MIT, Cal Tech, Carnegie Mellon, or somewhere comparable.


#4 Mason Moses (2023) 6’5 wing, Fieldston School - Probably the highest rated prospect on this team because of his ability to shoot the Basketball at such a high clip.  Moses has gone on his own 12-15 point runs multiple times over the spring and kept this team in games against the highest level competition (including leading the group to a 15-2 start over Team Rio UAA). He has also demonstrated his passion to guard the ball full court and can guard 1 through 3 at the next level.  Physically he is still not near his full development. Another player who is 16 until the beginning of next school year, it is possible he looks to prep and explore D1 options for 2024. As of now he is being closely recruited by several NESCACs and Centennial schools. He is a high character, high academic, and highly coachable player who will make any program better.