2022 CSA Elite Showcase Top Performers


On August 6, Coach Chris Figueroa of Community Sports Academy in Yonkers, held a showcase for aspiring college prospects in their region, in front of scouts/coaches from D2, D3 and Prep schools. Below are the players who stood out


# 105 Quentin Richardson (2024) 5’9 point guard, John F Kennedy Campus - Richardson is a very crafty point guard that can create shots for himself and his teammates. Great facilitator and great leader. Coachable player with high basketball IQ.

# 101 Chris Diaz (2024) 6-0 shooting guard, Monsignor Scanlan High - Diaz is a guard that is able to take over a game when he has the ball in his hands. He is a guard that likes to drive to the basket and is a solid finisher when going to the hole. Has a nice jumper, which he hits when on the perimeter.

# 115 Miguel Garcia (2022) 6’2 swing, Walton Campus High - Garcia is a crafty guard who finishes through contact. He has a strong mid-range shot. He has great vision and is vocal on defense. 3.2 gpa.

# 135 Danny Cruz (2023) 6’1 swing, Cardinal Spellman High - Cruz has a solid all-around game. He can attack the basket by driving strongly to the rim. He is an all-around good shooter from all areas on the court. He is able to make the right plays - from kicking the ball out to an open man or creating a shot for himself. He is a good defender and not afraid to guard anyone on the court. He is determined, mentally tough and capable of making his teammates better.


# 102 Alex Sanchez (2024) 5’10 shooting guard, Cardinal Spellman High - Sanchez is just scratching the surface of his potential. Combo guard with terrific 3-point shooting ability. Excellent team defender.


# 103 Amere Morris (2022) 5’11 shooting guard, Morris Educational Campus - Morris is an aggressive guard who looks for a pass then a cut to the basket. He can finish very well at the rim on all defenders. He will play defense and push up on the ball for a steal and a fast-break bucket. He creates space for his teammates or for a mid-range pull up.

# 117 Jayden Fair (2023) 5’7 point guard, New Visions Charter High - Fair is an excellent IQ point guard that can create space with his dribble. Great change of pace playmaker. Can knock down the shot off the dribble or on the catch.

# 133 Jamien Todd II (2022) 6’1 point guard, Academy For Scholarship & Entrepreneurship - Todd is an aggressive guard who can handle the ball and finishes well around the rim. He has good court vision and can find the open man. He plays good defense either forcing the turnover or getting a steal for a fast-break basket. Gpa 3.0

# 106 Gavin Benjamin (2024) 5’9 shooting guard, Monsignor Scanlan High - Benjamin is a high energy player. Great at scoring to the basket. Passion for defense and can effect the game with or without the ball in hand.

# 108 Andrew Mabry (2024) 6’1 wing, Science and Technology High - Mabry can play multiple positions from point guard to small forward. Scores at all levels and passes very well. Can play on the ball and off. Physical player that rebounds great at his position. Gpa 3.0


# 132 Taishaun Ferrell (2023) 6’0 swing, Graphics Business of Sports HS - Ferrell is a dynamic lefty with a unique skill set. High-energy player, great at finishing at the basket and can knock down the 3 ball. Lockdown defender on ball and off the ball.  Phenomenal athlete with a lot of speed.


# 130 Edmond Boakye (2024) 6’0 swing, Monsignor Scanlan High - Boakye is a strong wing player who can score at all 3 levels. Explosive playmaker who is dynamic in transition.  He consistently finishes through contact and at tough angles. Great defender.


# 125 Aiden Lugo (2024) 6’0 swing, John F Kennedy Campus - Lugo is a great defender on and off the ball. He is the first to the floor for the loose ball. Athletic wing great at finishing at the rim.


# 107 Eli Torres (2024) 6’0 swing, Proctor Academy (NH) - High IQ player, like a coach on the floor. Great shooter at the mid range level and 3pt line. He will also box out, take charges, and make winning play.

# 113 Cheikh Tall (2023) 6’2 guard, Murry Bergtraum High - Great defensive player. Knows how to anticipate where the ball is going to be and make sure he gets there. He’s an aggressive offensive player and uses his court sense to get to the basket.

# 111 Mourtalla Mbaye (2023) 6’3 shooting guard - Mbaye is a strong offensive player. He has the ability to read the floor for and anticipate assists for easy baskets. On the line, Mourtalla ensures to get the rebound with effective box-out skills. Gpa 3.0

# 104 Jaiden Ortiz (2023) 5’9 point guard, Frank Sinatra School of The Arts High -  Ortiz works best under pressure. His focus and capability to anticipate the opponents next moves, allows for turnovers and steals. He is a true navigator for his team through strong communication. 3.7 gpa

# 123 Zaire Dean (2025) 5’9 point guard Ocean Township High (NJ) - Dean possess extreme confidence and displays quick decision- making. His speed allows him to get up and down the court with ease. Dean has great dribbling skills, ball control, and accurateness in passing. Good shooter and great at attacking the basket.

# 122 Ronald Richardson (2025) 6’4 small forward, Ocean Township High (NJ) - Richardson is very decisive in all actions made on the court. His ability and focus allows him to move through his defender comfortably.

# 155 Jose Beras (2022) 6’6 small forward, Canarise High - Beras has a good jump shot, he’s definitely coachable and knows how to use his height to his advantage.