2022-23 Bridgeport Prep Season Preview


Bridgeport Prep is located in Connecticut’s largest city and it’s mission is to enhance their students-athletes academically, mentally, physically as well as skill development. They play against the country’s best prep programs, including their participation in the Power 5 AAA conference.


Greg Thomas is the head coach and he is assisted by Ponce James, Sr. This fall, college colleges can catch the following prospects in their Open Gyms.

PJ James (2024) 5-11, 160 lbs point guard (Stratford, CT) - PJ is a two way dog who is fun to watch.  PJ is a lockdown defender, floor general, shooter and maestro in transition. PJ’s float game is art and his screen situation decision making is masterful. Receiving interest from Albany, University of San Diego, Quinnipiac, Columbia, Yale, Stonehill and SUNY Binghamton.

Isaac Nyongoni Munkadi (2023) 6-10, 220 lbs, forward/center (Kinshaga, Congo) - BP Coaches say that Munkadi is a High Major D1 talent that has not yet seen in the US by scouting services. They expect him to buzz by spring. He is a very athletic big who runs the floor, block shots, rebounds and plays with his back to the basket. Local colleges are the first to see Munkadi and catch on. E.g., D1 Sacred Heart has already offered Munkadi .

Josue “Bryant” Kangudi 6-5, 195, Wing 2024 (Kinshaga, Congo). BP Coaches say that Kangudi, like Munkadi, is a High Major D1 talent that is yet to be seen by US scouting. He is freakishly athletic with the explosiveness of Russell Westbrook. This guy plays above the rim with power. His ceiling is unlimited.

Zyir Fowler (2023) 6-4 210, shooting guard (Brooklyn, NY) - Zyir is a shooter and crafty scorer. Zyir is a big guard with power and speed.

Jzhaun Davis (2023) 6-1, 165 lbs, guard (New York City) - Jzhaun Davis is a silky-smooth assassin! He is a lethal shooter with breakdown ability to get to his shot. Jzhaun can also finish with power and finesse at the rim.

Frank Piscitelli (2023) 6-4, 180 lbs, guard (Monroe, CT) - Piscitelli is a long guard that has exciting ball handling ability. Frankie plays hard and can make plays for himself and others.

Stewart Matafu (2024) 6-3, 185 lbs guard (Arusha, Tanzania) - Matafu is a strong combo guard who can knock down open shots, score over defenders and separate from defenders to create shots. Stewart is also a playmaker.

Vaughn Shannonhouse (2023) 5-10, 160 lbs guard (Stamford, CT) - Vaughn is a very strong and tough defensive guard and on ball defender.  Vaughn shoots the ball well and can finish at the rim with power.

Alijah Lovelace (2023) 5-10, 165 lbs, guard (New York City)- Lovelace is a quick and crafty NYC point guard who can score, assist and defend. This dynamic guard can play on and off the ball and makes the proper reads in screen action.

Wesley Rosa (2024) 7’2 center - Rosa is an agile, developing big with soft hands.  Rosa has only been playing basketball for one year, but is already showing Division 1 talent and unlimited potential.

Drew Heinrichs (2023) 6’3 guard - Heinrichs is a smooth lefty combo guard. He both anticipates well on defense and can score in bunches.

Demian Vial (2023) 6’0 guard - Vial is a two way speedster who can run offense and score when needed. A fearless competitor.