2022 NYC Academic Elite Showcase Top 25


Getting good grades is a pretty well recognized as a path to creating good opportunities for oneself. On September 5, the 2022 NYC Academic Elite Showcase showed that it is also a pretty good path for increasing one’s chance at playing college basketball. Event organizers Zach Kuba and Anthony Hargraves were able to get 80 college coaches to show up to scout 95 prospects who all had 3.2 or higher gpas.


Below are scouting notes on 25 participants who put in strong showings:


Benjamin Lyttle - Dives on floor without hesitation. Players bounce off him when he drives or goes up for a rebound. Body of a college junior already. Embraces contact on the finish. Doesn’t miss layups.


Brandon Kelly - Rebounds and leads the break well. Elevates and knocks down 3s. Quick to every loose ball. Difficult to stay in front of. Very shifty. Able to rebound and finish inside over players much bigger than him.


Jaiden Williams - Pace off Pick&Roll is excellent. Feels the right decision. Controls pace of game. Gets where he wants to on the floor. Sees plays before they happen. Hits his Bigs on the roll. Great feel.


Wyatt Triestman - Tear drop pass to in transition. Body control on push pull-up. Handles and passes the ball well enough to play the point. Scores at all 3 levels.


Mohammad Sylla - Took the winsealing charge in final game. Exploits mismatches (can body u a smaller player inside and go around mostly anyone). Does what is necessary to win. Unphased by pressure. Embraces it. Shoots it out to 30 feet.  Deceptive quick first step blows by people.


AJ Rodriguez - Highly skilled as a passer. Aggressive on the rebounds. Capable to create a shot for himself or others. Has RANGE.


Christian Jeffers  - Has a down hill move to a strong jump stop. Gets UP to rebound. Shoots it OK. Gets down floor in 3 dribbles for layup after steal. Understands angles on defense and where to send the ball.  Needs more skill (something he can develop but not the most skilled guy out there.


Luke Michalski (2023) 6’7 small forward - Length to block shots at the top. Handles well for 6’7. Shoots it. Willing to post a smaller player. lays with good balance.


Sebastian Medina - College size and skill.  Solid catch and shoot. Can get to spots on floor for pull-up. Size and strength allow him to get it off. Long strides scoops a loose ball at gets ¾ court to front of rim in 2 dribbles.  Can create at all 3 levels; Perimeter, mid post, low post- based on who is guarding him.


Taylor Perlmutter - Crafty. Strong. Deceptive. - Doesn’t force plays will make the obvious pass too.  Change of speed+ and ability to finish with either hand at rim is TOUGH.


Harrison Neil - Deep range. Hits contested tough shots. Rebounds. Can use shot fake to get advantage towards the rim.


Kuba Cwalina - Pure Shooter. Size to get it off. Great length. Runs floor catches and finished. Highly skilled. Could improve his ability to handle the ball, but has all the tools to be a high level player in college.


Caleb Aurelin - He arrived as under the radar at event, but really shined.  Athlete. Looks capable to guard 1-5. Strength and body to succeed at the college
level. Plays defense in a STANCE. Showed a bit of everything. Attacks the glass. Great teammate lots of high fives.


Ahmir Moore - Jamel Artis type player. Strong kid gets to spots. Capable to keep most players contained. defensively with speed and strength.


Chris Torres - Consistent. Smart. Finishes around the basket.


Marco Evans - Big strong kid who gets where he wants. Bully. One of the best bodies in the showcase. - Explosive on the bounce too elevates effortlessly. Can guard every position.


Sloan Ireland - Effects plays with his hustle and attitude. Runs the floor hard EVERY TIME. Capable to shoot it out to 3. Post game needs to develop. In the right system he can be a force.


Justin Potack - Shoots it effortlessly from a long way out. Very deceptive into his shot. Quick trigger. Most impressive with his precision passing. He threaded some very tight needles to a basket runner that allowed for easy layups.


Alex Grant - Drive right baseline dunk showed athleticism. Read some plays really well for steals then led the break. Defensive STANCE. Showed a bit of everything. Rebounds and can lead the break and pass. Feel for the game needs to improve.


Isaiah Ndzibah - Understands how to cut and find open spaces off penetration. Finishes. Hustles back makes steal fills lane gets contested layup. Unselfish almost to a fault. Looking to get teammates a bucket. Sneaky athletic transition dunk was impressive.


Ethan Senkyrie - Gangly athleticism attacks the basket hard. Effects a lot of plays with his activity.


Kyon Lord - Only played one game, BUT his ability to score the ball was obvious. Shoots it effortlessly out to 25, quick burst to go by primary defender, length to finish at rim.  Defensive instincts. Attacks the ball.


Emil Hernandez - Length. Runs floor hard.


Azikwe Scott - Plays a smart game. Handles is well at 6’3 but his length and athleticism allows him to mix it up with players that are much bigger.


Will Gregory - Only a Junior, showed a ton of upside. His ability to extend the floor shooting the ball is incredible. Double digits in every game. Also high IQ.