Westchester Swarm Fall 2022 College Prospects



The Westchester Swarm, based out of Westchester County, NY is a swiftly ascending program, and largest coed option in its area, hosting an average of 15 teams per season. Led by longtime NYC Metro Area AAU and scholastic stalwart coach, trainer and director, Hassan Bilal, who took over the reins of the program in 2020. The Swarm is an area leader in providing quality instruction, camps, clinics, competitive leagues and teams for all levels of development. They recently delved into the realm of elite club basketball, and now feature several “Select” teams that will play on the National level during Fall and Spring/Summer seasons.

For this Fall, the program’s top prospects are:

Tyleek Fields (2023) 6’4 guard, Cardinal Hayes High - Silky smooth, multifaceted guard, who has extended range on his jump shot. Good length and has ability to be a strong defender at his position. With increased athleticism over last year or so, is a threat to also finish strong at the rim, with versatile layup package or rising above defenders to throw it down. Has multiple D2 offers currently.


Xavier Merrill (2023) 6’3 small forward, Barack Obama School for Social Justice (Yonkers, NY) An elite competitor, with high monitor, who plays with great intensity. Gifted as a midrange scorer, and displays nice footwork and post moves, which he has worked on. Can play either forward position and is an intriguing prospect for area colleges looking for a blue collar “do it all” post player.


Jalen Brown (2023) 6’5 forward, Barack Obama School for Social Justice (Yonkers, NY) - An elite athlete, with nice potential. Has ability to be a strong presence defensively as a shot blocker and rim protector. Can throw it down with authority, runs the floor and is working on developing as an all around offensive threat.


Deneli McIntosh (2023) 5’11 guard, Home schooler from Yonkers - An explosive scorer, who impacts game in many ways. Is an aggressive defender, adept playmaker, capable three point shooter and strong/creative finisher at the rim. Very good local area Juco prospect.


Josh Aguirre (2023) 6’1 guard, Lincoln High - A gifted athlete, and elite defender. Has developed a nice mid-range game and has ability to hit the three from different spots on the court when he’s rolling. Solid student, with great attitude, coaches dream to work with.


Marcel Henry (2024) 6’7 forward, Iona Prep - Strong and able bodied Forward, who had a very strong spring and summer. He has become a supremely reliable presence on the boards, both offensive and defensive. Is a versatile scorer for his position, skilled as a midrange shooter, finisher at the rim and does have some touch when shooting behind the arc. With high ceiling and room for growth, he is definitely a strong prospect to play at the scholarship levels.


Makai Coleman (2024) 6’1 combo guard, Newtown High (CT) - A Yonkers native, who recently moved to CT, is making his presence felt in Southern New England. A gifted shooter and scorer, he has continued to grow into a dynamic playmaker as well, and is learning how to use his size, strength and athletic ability to be a presence on the defensive end. Had a breakout year for Newtown last year, and excelled this past summer, playing in top tier showcase leagues in Westchester and NYC. Elite Student, possessing an A average in classroom, high academic scholarship level prospect.


Miguel Gonzalez (2024) 5’8 point guard - Barack Obama School for Social Justice (Yonkers, NY) - Speedy, feisty and energetic. An all around talent at the guard position. Has developed over last couple of years into a lead guard that can defend at a high level, shoot from range, and blow by defenders to make plays for himself and his teammates. Possesses high motor and never stops attacking his opponents.


Jair Oliva Jr. (2024) 5’11 wing, Alexander Hamilton High Hard worker, with great attitude. Can play four different positions on court if asked to. With improvements that he’s made as far as ball handling, shooting and play making he has developed into a valuable piece for any team. He also is a strong team defender and possesses a winning attitude. Pleasure to coach.


Peter Choundas (2024) 6’4 small forward, Pleasantville High - A rugged, sturdy forward with ability to score in many different ways. Has nice post moves,  good ball handling ability for his size and can shoot it from three. When on, is difficult for defenders of similar size to matchup with. Strong student, who is a great prospect for high academic area schools.


Jordan Williams (2024) 6’1 guard, Home schooler from Bronx, NY) - Supremely talented and tenacious competitor. An elite scorer, who has the ability to make all around him better. Has added a deadly midrange package to his game to go along with great shiftiness and ability to defeat most defensive schemes thrown at him. Is also growing as a threat from deep.


Raheem Azeez (2025) 6’2 small forward, Barack Obama School for Social Justice (Yonkers, NY) - Has grown over last year, both physically and as far as his skill level. A capable rebounder and defender, who is learning how to best be effective as an offensive threat. Plays hard and has good upside/potential.


Khalil Frazier (2025) 5’10 guard, Bronx School of Sciences - Fast and aggressive. Is learning how to best utilize his physical gifts to make consistent positive impacts on games. Ability to be strong defender and is a versatile scorer.


Naji Mosley (2025) 6’0 small forward, North Rockland High - Gifted athlete, with strong build. New to the game but picks things up very quickly. Runs the floor, rebounds at a high level and is a strong presence defensively. Huge upside, looking forward to his continued growth with the program.


Elden Agee (2026) 5’9 guard, Archbishop Stepinac High - Electric guard, with great quickness and scoring ability. Strong athlete, who is willing to work and learn. Has grit and toughness that can’t be taught. Huge upside.


Tristan Uzzle (2027) 6’1 guard (Mt. Vernon, NY) - Gifted scorer, smooth ball handler and able shooter. Good size, strongly built, and is consistently working on his game. Definitely one of top talents in area for his class. Is playing up on 15u level this fall.


Nasir Bilal (2029) swing (Elmsford, NY) - Big, strong and athletic. Can play all five positions on court at this point in time. A natural wing player, with post player abilities. Is a strong rebounder, with solid body control for his age. Is developing into a threat from deep and is pretty good with foul shooting. High ceiling and room for growth.


Chris Lake (2030) point guard (NYC) - Silky smooth lefty, who has the total package. Elite scorer on his level and when playing up against older talent as well. Consistent when shooting from midrange and distance, and has a deadly pull-up jumper. Great ball control when dribbling and gets after it on the defensive end. Playing up on 6th grade team this fall.


Ethan Bent (2030) guard (Bronx, NY) - Ultimate competitor. Never stops fighting and refuses to be outworked, whether playing his own age or up a division. Good ball handling ability, attacks paint with aggression and can hit from deep. Also, is a disrupter on the defensive end, always coming at his opponents. Playing up on 6th grade team this fall.