2022-23 Kingswood Oxford School Season Preview


Located in West Hartford, CT, Kingswood Oxford is a private, co-ed, college preparatory day school for grades 6-12.


Their varsity basketball team is coached by Brad Seaman. They compete in the NEPSAC Class B (mid-sized schools) and the Founders League conference.

Below are the Kingswood Oxford players will be running in this fall’s Open Gyms:


Gavin Griffiths (2023) 6’7’ small forward - (Rutgers Commit) - A 3 level scorer that has added even more muscle and athleticism this off season. He is taking ownership of being a complete floor general in his meticulous work ethic and work outs with his teammates. He has NBA Range and consistency. Last high school season he became a tremendous rebounder and looks to show off a variety of added skill this winter.


Chuck Hare (2024) 6’10 forward - A recent transfer, Hare has tremendous touch around the basket. He passes out of the post very well, and has a variety of ways to score in the low post . Chuck uses his size well with meeting opponents at the rim and attacks the glass on both sides of the floor. Chuck will also step out and shoot threes when left open, he has a a great touch. A Division 1 prospect

Odin Malz (2024) 6’8 forward - Also a recent transfer, Malz is as aggressive as it comes when playing around the basket. He loves to run the floor and get dunks in transition. Odin is a tenacious rebounder , and willingly does many things that help a team win that don’t show up in the stat sheet. A division one prospect


Esco Greene (2023) 6’0 guard - A 5th year combo guard that flourishes in transition. His variety of acrobatic finishes around the rim make him an asset for any team. Greene has put on muscle this season that allows him to lock up guards and wings. He’s a streaky shooter, but he can score in bunches. Should be recruited at all three levels


Dj Biggins (2026) 6’1 guard. Looking to make a huge impact this winter. Biggins is a heady guard,that makes everyone around him better. He demonstrates flashes of athleticism above his age. He will look to pin shots of the backboard and dunk in transition. He can score in multiple ways, and his change of pace when attacking the rim makes him very hard to guard, and keeps the defense on their toes.


Ethan Genetti (2026) 6’6 forward/center - Genetti is an aggressive rebounder who is continuing to extend his range. He is a good catch and shoot big, who will also run the floor and look to post up. He is a player to keep an eye on as he continues to improve and get older.

Travis Parsons (2025) 6’5 forward - Parsons is a strong athletic presence around the basket. He has a very strong frame and enormous hands. His leaping ability give him a strong advantage when rebounding and finishing around the rim. An unselfish player who includes his teammates , make him an asset for most teams.


Nate Rapp (2023) 6’5 small forward - Rapp is a knock down shooter with a quick trigger and uses his deep range to get those shots up fast and often. He uses his length will in closing out opponents on the defensive end , making passes lanes difficult.

Rhandyn Parker-Bair (2024) 5’10 point guard . An explosive point guard is relentless at attacking the other teams defense. He is shifty and crafty when attacking the rim, and his IQ allows him to find his teammates in stride. Rhandyn is also a nightmare on defense . Creating turnovers in the back court and often making the other team use a secondary ball handler. Rhandyn will be in high demand for teams looking on all three levels.


Chase Fountain (2023) 5’10 guard - An incredibly strong and sturdy guard. He lead a 15-6 Kingswood team in ast/to ratio last year. Only turning the ball over 18 times the entire season as a starter. Chase uses his strength to put his shoulder into players as he attacks the rim.  He rebounds much bigger then is , can guard players much taller then him, and is a consummate locker room leader. A coach in the market for an all around leader should consider Chase.

Declan Griffiths (2026) 6’1 shooting guard. Declan has tremendous upside . His ability to create for others, and shoot from deep will have coaches waiting in line to recruit him. His work ethic is very strong and as surely contiues to grow (brothers 6’9 and 6’7) he will without a doubt be recruited at all levels. Declans attention to detail on his offensive arsenal and being a strong team/ on ball defender makes him very valuable.


Dalton Grant (2023) 6’3 wing - An aggressive wing that score in transition and can apply immense pressure on the ball. Will help rebound , but is exceptional in bring strong energy to team that likes to get out and run


Scotty Cloud (2024) 5’9 guard - Cloud is a strong on ball defender who use his athletic attributes to make plays in transition. His range and ball handling are improving by the minute.


Tyler Brown (2026) 6’1 guard - Finished in the top 5 in some track and field events in the NEPSAC New Englands for High School last year. He is incredibly fast and uses that to his advantage on both sides of the floor. Tyler works tirelessly on his already solid shooting form. He will be a huge asset as he progresses.

Strykland Ligon (2025) 6’1 guard - A strong guard who fills the lanes very well. A very powerful slasher who will be able to utilize his “ bully ball “ game as he continues to get stronger and older.