2018 Rumble in the Bronx Top Performers - 16u

By Mack Muller, Doug Scott and Emma Yavel

At both the House of Sports and Basketball City locations, Rumble had the 16u games running side by side with the 17u games, giving everyone an easy visual comparison in what a difference a year makes…or doesn’t in some cases.  Here’s some of the guys who would have been good on any court.


John Orogun (2020) 6’10 forward High School: Park Road (NY) AAU Team: City Rocks Albany - NBA body, will go to college for free. Strong, mobile and active. Runs the floor. Wins the position battle. Sweet, high-release accuracy from mid range. Eats opponents’ rim attacks for breakfast.


Declan Porter (2019) 6’6 wing High School: Carton High (NY) AAU Team: City Rocks Albany - D1 size and scoring ability. A top bucket getter from all three levels on a stacked CRA team. Active and competes to win.

John Garcia (2020) 6’3 swing High School: Mott Haven (NY) AAU Team: Blue Wave - Finds ways to make the ball go in the hoop. His jumpstop-pump and pivot game would make Villanova’s Jay Wright smile. Born to rebound. His excellent defensive stances and focus enabled him to guard multiple positions. A ball screen stuffer.


John Malinda (2020) 6’8 forward High School: Lynbrook HS (NY) AAU Team: Long Island Lightning-Wagner - “ Can’t coach wingspan” , ie he has the physical gifts to play this game. His next level coaches will be anxious to get him in the weight room ASAP in order to fully max out his potential. In the meantime, he is a long and active force on the court.


Quincy Ballard (2020) 6’8 forward High School: Henninger HS (NY) AAU Team: City Rocks Orange - Basketball gene pool lottery winner. D1 wing span to match D1 height. Athletic and intimidating. Owns the boards and protects the paint.


Brian Tejada (2020) 6’0 guard High School: Wings Academy (NY) AAU Team: King Hoops - Tejada did not show us a jump shot or any three point shooting. At his height and position, having or not having those skills will be the key to his attractiveness at the next level. What he did show was the classic New York City guard’s attack the rim with aggression and agility package. Get this kid in a practice gym, have him put up about a half million jump shot reps, and then we are gonna want to talk to him about his next level opportunities.


Peter Haas (2020) 6’5 swing High School: Dalton School (NY) AAU Team: The City - Attention Ivy League coaches, we have a winner for you! D1 big guard size, skills and IQ. Strong body, mid range stop n pop, three point range, low post game. He is a mismatch nightmare, will stretch the opponents’ bigs out away from their basket protecting comfort zone, and will over power their guards. Fun to watch.


Mark Engle (2020) 6’1 guard High School: Dalton School (NY) AAU Team: The City - Another fun to watch talent. Active, yet smooth. Sweet looking 3 point shot, jump stop elusiveness, floater game elusiveness, absorb contact and ambidextrous finish elusiveness. Active and instinctive ball defender. Makes the smart kid plays.


Sean Ryan (2020) 6’0 guard High School: Dalton School (NY) AAU Team: The City - We have a pretty good idea that the Patriot League and NESCAC type coaches are going to be spending some time at the Dalton School in the months ahead. That high academic school resume and high IQ play from Ryan and his two teammates above, will be irresistible to their needs. Ryan is Mr. Fundamental 2.0, a well-coached and mistake free “glue guy”.


Kasani Hamilton (2020) 6’1 guard High School: Gompers HS (Bronx) AAU Team: The City -  It’s all about those unusually long arms. A massive advantage in basketball, they get to places both offensively and defensively that normal body types can’t compete with. Hamilton uses his to full advantage, combining them with an excellent motor and agility.


Kerwin Prince (2019) 6’6 swing High School: Crosby HS (CT) AAU Team: CT Select - The visual of Prince’s physique alone will earn him a dozen or so Connecticut All State votes. He is blessed with the basketball body, big, strong, athletic and quick off of the floor. He combines that with a high release mid-range jumper, an explosive spin move game and a dominant ability to absorb contact. Major prospect.


Jack Greene (2019) 6’4 forward High School: Holy Cross HS (CT) AAU Team: CT Select - Greene is a thick banger who will muscle the ball past you and into the hoop. He wins the battles for post position, as a scorer, a defender and a rebounder.


Malik Proctor (2020) 5’10 guard High School: New Milford HS (CT) AAU Team: CT Select - Proctor plays with comfort and poise, often with a sly smile on his face. He compensates for a lack of height with big time quicks, deep shooting range and a low to the ground change of direction agility. The handles the ball like he has mastered the yo-yo.

Khari Wilson-West (2020) 6’4 guard High School: Brunswick School (CT) AAU Team: Riverside Hawks - Tall, athletic guard with the ability to finish at the rim. Is very vocal on D and has quick hands. Needs to develop shot and bulk up in order to be successful in the college prospect-heavy Fairchester Athletic Association and at the next level.

Jayvon Flowers (2020) 5’10 guard High School: St. Raymonds (Bronx) AAU Team: Riverside Hawks - Flat out hustler who can finish at the rim. Has a solid handle and jump-shot.

Xavier Wilson (2018) - 6’7 forward High School: Archbishop Stepinac HS (NY) AAU Team: Riverside Hawks - Not afraid to draw the foul and compliments that by being an accurate free throw shooter. Aggressive down low in the paint. Above average defender. Ivy leagues showing interest in him already. Uses height to his advantage.

Elijahuon Wilson (2020) 6’0 point guard High School: Unity Prep (Brooklyn) AAU Team: Brooklyn Ballers -  One of the best players on the court, Wilson plays with tremendous heart and is a floor general. Has a good handle and can get to the rim to draw contact.

Aidan Hilderbrand (2020) 6’2 guard High School: John Jay High (East Fishkill, NY) AAU Team: Lightning -  An athletic guard with a solid jump-shot. Is very active and effective on defense. Needs to develop a better handle.

Kobi Agard (2020) 5’9 guard High School: Greens Farms Academy (CT)  AAU Team: Peace - Very crafty PG with a great handle. Has a high basketball IQ and winning attitude. Fantastic court-vision and finds the open man. Should be an impact player at Greens Farms Academy as an upperclassman.

Jake Thaw (2020) 5’10 guard High School: Staples HS (CT) AAU Team: Peace - An active, defensive player who always has his hands up. Can finish at the rim. Improving on jump-shot will make him valuable for Staples in 2019.

Akim Joseph (2021) 6’2 swing High School Trinity Catholic (CT) AAU Team: Peace – a young player, playing up, but has a strong body and is not afraid of contact. Improving on conditioning would help him.

Quinn Kelly (2020) 6’0 guard High School: Rye HS (NY) AAU Team: Peace - Scorer with a great shot. Dives on loose balls and is vocal on the court. Needs to get stronger for the next level.

Adam Cisse (2019) 6’7 forward High School: Cardinal Hayes HS (NY) AAU Team: NY Gauchos - Cisse is a shot blocking machine! It seems like every shot the opposing team puts up, Cisse was right there as the pesky defender. Besides being an avid defender, Cisse does a fair share of work on offense in the paint. Lean build, good athleticism for a big guy.

Joel Simpson (2019) 5’9 guard High School: Iona Prep (NY) AAU Team: NY Gauchos - a strong point guard who is really developing as a ball player. Cashing in important minutes while hitting shots from all over the court. Plays an above average defensive game as well.

Jonah Bevacqua (2019) 6’8 center High School: Warwick Valley (NY) AAU Team: O.C. Kings - One of the more craftier bigs in the tournament, lacks physical build, but makes up for it with length and understanding of how to properly get vertical while protecting rim. Adding to his great footwork and ability to finish around the rim, can also step out to short corner and consistently knock ‘em down.

Kevin Stein (2020) 6’3 swing High School: Chester Academy (NY) AAU Team: O.C. Kings - The most versatile player on his team - can get his by being isolated on the block, hitting open jumpers, or rebounding the ball himself and getting out in transition to lead the break. Clearly the best facilitator on his team, as well as seemingly having all the tools to lead his team by example, and vocally.

Elijah Rosenthal (2020) 6’0 guard High School: Wallenpaupack Area AAU Team: O.C. Kings One of the more active defenders from the day. Great knack for being in the right place at the right time. Confident ball handler, with under rated athleticism - as we saw him finish among the trees several times. Caught fire and showed off his superior shooting stroke on several occasions this weekend.

Max Edwards (2020) 6’4 guard High School: Bunnel HS (CT) AAU Team: CT Premier - This kid is special, great athlete, played above the rim all tournament long. Was able to get by any defender put in front of him and showed the ability to knock down the 3 point shot. Has an offer from Hostra already, more expected to come.

Max Mitchell (2020) 6’4 wing High School: Greens Farms Academy (CT) AAU Team: CT Premier - A catch n shoot, knock down 3 point shooter. When overplayed by the defense, showed an ability to get past his defender…and create shots for others. Should be an impact player as an upper classman.

Brendan McMahon (2020) 5’8 guard High School: Fairfield Warde (CT) AAU Team: CT Premier - A crafty point guard with unlimited range. Once he develops the ability to create shots for others, he will be very valuable.

Romello Wright (2020) 5’10 guard High School: Brentwood High (NY) AAU Team: Titans - Crafty combo guard with 3 point shooting range and an excellent mid-range pull up. Outstanding position defender. Improved ball handling, especially with his left hand, would elevate his game.

Darnell Evans (2020) 5’10 guard High School: Wyandanch HS (CT) AAU Team: Titans - A lightning quick guard with 3 point range and blow-by capability. Improved strength and the development of a midrange game will up his value.

Jake Daly (2020) 6’3 point guard High School: Millbrook HS (NY) AAU Team: Reign LMC Athletics - Has the complete game: a good handle, finishes at rim, mid-range jumper over smaller guards and is a three point shooter with a high basketball IQ.

Dylan Craft (2020) 6’7 forward High School: FDR HS (Hyde Park, NY) AAU Team: Reign LMC Athletics -  A defensive stopper who tracks rebounds well. Still growing into his great height, plays with a no-stop attitude.

Jordaine Dawkinson (2021) guard High School: Saint Mary’s HS (NY) AAU Team: Team NYC - Excellent court vision. Causes tons of steals with his quick hands.

Romello Faison (2021) 5’11 guard High School: Martin Luther King HS (NY) AAU Team: Team NYC - a straight up sharpshooter. Do not leave him open! Needs to put more effort in on the defensive end, such as not being too early on his leak outs.

Tariq Robinson (2021) 5’11 guard High School: Martin Luther King HS (NY) AAU Team: Team NYC - a strong finisher with a good, physical body.

Julian Soumaoro (2020) 5’10 guard High School: Cardinal Hayes HS (NY) AAU Team: Castle Athletics – Small,  crafty guard who can shoot the lights out. Had a signature moment in the Semis over City Rocks EYBL 16U team in which he hit five threes in the second half to help Castle win 63-46.

Truth Harris (2020) 6’0 guard High School: Trinity Pawling AAU Team: Castle Athletics - Dynamic and explosive combo guard. Able to play on or off the ball, has a strong mid-range game but also has the ability to play way above the rim.

Joe Munden (2020) 6’3 guard High School: Monsignor Scanlan (NY) AAU Team: Castle Athletics - Underrated high flying guard, probably one of the best two ways players in the class. Versatile guard both on offense and defense as in he is able to handle the point, make plays for others and for himself while also being able to defend multiple positions on the floor.

Shemani Fuller (2020) 6’7 forward High School: Cardinal Hayes (NY) AAU Team: Castle Athletics - A long and athletic wing with tons of upside. Just starting to scratch the surface of his potential. Has the ability to play inside or out as well as guarding on the perimeter or in the paint. Still needs to continue to develop offensively but shows flashes of how good he can be.

Jack Fricka (2020) 6’3 swing High School:  West Potomac HS (VA)  AAU Team:  NOVA Cavaliers - Lin.  The versatile wing player from Alexandria, VA had a great weekend for the Cavaliers.  Fricka averaged a team-high 12.5ppg for the tournament and led NOVA to 3-1 record at the Rumble.  Tough-nosed player with ability to drive and hit perimeter shots from the outside.  Definitely a player to watch in the Class of 2020 in the Northern VA.

Simon Weeren (2020) 6’1 point guard High School:  Riverside HS (VA)  AAU Team:  NOVA Cavaliers - Lin.  The floor general for the Cavs had a terrific tournament at the Rumble.  Athletic, strong, and ability to defend 4 different positions.  His play-making skill creates easy shots for his teammates and he was a menace on the defensive end all weekend long.  Showed poise on the floor and led the team to multiple victories for the 16u Cavs team.

Mo Radcliffe (2020) 5’9 guard High School: Ithaca High (NY) AAU Team: Ithaca Elite - A solid shooter, poised and competitive ball handler who rarely gets flustered. A tenacious defender, which led to a point win over the LI Lightning.

Ja’lyn Griffin (2020) 6’0 guard High School: Ithaca High (NY) AAU Team: Ithaca Elite - A physical guard with shifty moves, a knack for scoring, solid court vision. Scores from all three levels on the floor. He was highly productive in a tough game vs a strong City Rocks EYBL team.

Simon Barley (2020) 6’2 guard High School: Ithaca High (NY) AAU Team: Ithaca Elite - A wiry athlete who plays with a relentless motor. Scores around the rim with ease and has a solid mid-range jumper. Long arms helps make him a solid defender.

Kidtrell Blocker (2020) 6’4 wing High School: Aquinas Institute (NY) AAU Team: Roc City Rocks - Explosive wing player that can finish with ease above the rim, great finisher in transition. Best in transition style offense, but capable of filling it up in the half court as well, range out to 23 feetCapable defender and rebounder.

Steven Mahar Jr (2020) 6’6 forward High School: Aquinas Institute (NY)  AAU Team: Roc City Rocks - – Blossoming big man. Showed the ability to dominate the defensive glass and was a tough rebounder and rim protector.  Still has limited offensive game, but a decent FT shooter. Has the ability to dunk with authority in limited space.

Kobe Long (2020) 6’1 guard High School: McQuaid Jesuit (NY)  AAU Team: Roc City Rocks - Dynamic combo guard, a playmaking scorer with ability to produce points in a multitude of ways.  Great shooter who spreads floor to 26ft. Excellent lead guard in transition, outstanding ability to advance the basketball, and make the extra pass. A style of play makes those around him better. Excellent on-ball defender. Per his coach, he is known for making big shots in big moments; won 2018 Section V AA Championship, won 2018 District Regional Championship, advanced to AA State Final Four. Avg 15 ppg as Sophomore, on pace to reach 1,000 points as a junior. 2nd Team All-City; 3-Time All-Gym Rat tourney selection.

Melvin Council Jr (2020) 6’2 point guard High School: Greece Athena (NY) AAU Team: Roc City Rocks - Dynamic PG twho can dominate a game on both ends of the floor. Relentless motor with outstanding hand action on the defensive end, a willing, aggressive defender, outstanding off the ball.  Great ball handler that has an ability to finish with both hands, excellent in transition, capable 3 point shooter with the ability to get to the basket at will.  Plays with great passion.  Per his coach, he was the MVP of the 2018 Gym Rat tournament and a 3-Time All-Gym Rat Selection.

Abdias “Speedy” Carcamo (2020) 5’9 guard High School: Archbishop Malloy HS (NY) AAU Team: PSA Cardinals. - “Speedy” is a suitable nickname for Carcamo. He zips down the court and zigzags through defenders to receive passes and generate points for the men on the floor. Speedy puts up some big scoring numbers but his specialty is in his assists.

Joe Toussaint (2019) 5’9 guard High School: Cardinal Hayes HS (NY) AAU Team: PSA Cardinals - Seen at a couple of our RTB-covered events, Toussaint is now getting closer and closer to recruitment. His top interests are from Fordham, Iona Prep, Drexel, Dayton, and UMass Amherst for now. Excellent speed and decent shot range.

Collins Onyeike (2019) 6’4 swing – High School: Valley Stream North HS AAU Team: NY Gauchos - Onyeike is a very versatile player on the floor. He can cash in some minutes as a guard or as a big guy down low. Valuable tool for his HS squad as well as the Gauchos. With a lean build, Onyeike is able to accomplish so much in terms of athleticism and endurance.