2022-23 Dr. Susan S. McKinney High Player Profiles


Dr. Susan S. McKinney High School is located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY. The boys varsity basketball team competes in the Brooklyn A II Conference. McKinney is the home for less than 200 high school students, making it 75% - 95% smaller than some its divisional opponents. Don’t let that fool you. The hard work and dedication of Athletic Director Clifford Smith and Head Coach Fady Musa has put McKinney in position to do special things. Developing and mentoring several student athletes to play college basketball, 7 of which received scholarships, one receiving a Division 1 athletic scholarship and for two years in a row, two student athletes have received Division 2 scholarships. Below are the profiles of the 2022-23 team.


Josiah Murphy (2023) - Last Season’s PSAL A Leader in Total Points and Per Game Average Returns for his senior season. Very strong perimeter player that gets to the rim and has excellent range. Don’t let all the scoring fool you; he gets over 2 blocks per game and 4 steals.


Jamir Johnson (2023)- Johnson scores on all 3 levels. He shoots a high percentage and at times can be too unselfish with the ball. Last season he was one of PSAL’s Top Rebounders. He is very strong and has a high motor. 89 gpa


Kirk McFarlane (2025) - This 6’4” sophomore returns with an added dedication for rebounding and shot blocking. Kirk has a great release and arch on his jump shot. As he gains experience, he will become one of the more difficult people to defend.

Javoie Daley (2024) - Daley is a Floor General that keeps the offense under control and does a great job directing traffic. Pound for pound one of the strongest guards in the league.

Jason Robinson (2024) - At 6’2,  Robinson scores on all 3 levels. Has great touch on his shot. He can create for himself and others. He has huge upside.

Saevon Peterson (2024) - Peterson has a lot of range on his 3pt shot. Very savvy, and quick on the defensive end.

Lawrence Austin (2024) - At 6’4, Austin is as dynamic on defensive as offense. His athleticism and aggression makes him very dangerous on the open floor and as a rim protector.

Jeyden Mervalous (2024) - High energy and a fearless defender. He makes the make the right decisions and is a natural leader.

Chris Wellington (2024) - At 6’3, Wellington has all the physical tools to be an excellent 2-Way Guard. Plays under control and has a smooth release in his shot.

Romeo Riley (2025) - Riley is a solid spot up shooter, defender and rebounder. It will be interesting to see his growth.

Natequan “Chewky” Bryant (2024) - Bryant is an excellent ball handler and passer. A pass first point guard who takes car of the ball, finds the open guy. Picks the right time to be aggressive. He also uses his speed and lean goth to give small guards fits on the defensive end.

Rawle Payne (2025) - Payne has solid guard skills and a can get streaky with his shooting. He’s fast and hustles on every play. His development will be something to watch out for. 91 gpa

Nahjir Hill (2023) - Hill is a hard working forward that will always box out, set screens and be at the right place.

Heefzyriah Levi (2024) - Levi is a cerebral player that is a pest on the defensive end.