2022-23 All Hallows High Player Profiles


All Hallows High School is a Catholic boys’ high school in the South Bronx, New York, United States. Located near Yankee Stadium.  The school has an enrollment of less than 600 boys, 99% of whom are persons of color. Their boys varsity basketball team competes in the A Division of the Catholic High School Athletic Association and is coached by Sam Alston. The players for his 2022-23 team are profiled below.

Lamec Guerrero (2023) 5’7 combo guard Guerrero can shoot the 3. He is a natural-born scorer, who averaged 13.5ppg off the bench last year in the sixth man role. He won last year’s Most Improved player award for All Hallows.

Thisara Hewavitharana (2023) 5’8 combo guard.  Hewavitharana can shoot the 3 at a high level and is a feisty competitor on the defensive end. A vocal leader who plays with a lot of grit and tenacity. One of the Captains on this year’s team.

Matthew Quinones (2023) 5’11 point guard - Quinones is a controlled and organized point guard. He plays at a pace where he can control the game, set himself up and others and avoid turnovers. Quinones plays great on ball defense and rebounds at a high level. He is a stat stuffer for All Hallows and he does a little bit of everything.

Jason Hicks (2024) 6’2 guard/forward - Hicks can guard all positions 1-5, and he can also play offense in all positions 1-5. Known for his crafty slashing to get to the basket and his midrange jump-shot. Streaky 3 point shooter. Plays defense takes charges and is very vocal. Hicks is the team’s vocal leader and the other Captain of the team. Won last years JV MVP award.

Ahmed Cisse (2024) 6’4 guard/forward - Cisse is a transfer student athlete from Kipp NYC . He’s a lefty guard that can shoot the midrange and 3 point shot. He plays above the rim and is dangerous in the open floor. Cisse has a great wingspan on defense to create those passing lane fast breaks. He can also play all 5 positions on the court.

Jeremy Bowers (2024) 5’10 point guard - Bowers is the floor general; he can handle the ball under pressure. He gets to the rim on downhill possessions and in pick and roll action. Bowers controls the game and can create for himself and others. Tenacious defender and more than willing to take charges when needed. Handles the ball efficiently with either hand and can finish with either as well.

Dimiere Brunson (2025) 6’7 center - Brunson is a transfer student athlete who has a soft touch around the rim. Can finish with either hand. Great free throw shooter, and has a good mid range shoot.

Christoper David (2024) 6’3 forward - David is a great offensive rebounder. He is AHHS’ best defensive big, who allows them to press and play at a faster pace. He can draw contact and finish around the rim and is a willing passer around the elbow and from a post entry set up.

Rouger Pichardo (2024) - 5’9 combo guard. Despite being 5’9, Pichardo is the team’s best rebounder. He has a great knack for the ball and really gets the concept of boxing out. He plays great on-ball defense. Pichardo can finish layups with contact and hit the open corner 3. He is an excellent passer and brings a toughness that every team needs. Won Last years JV Most Improved Player award.

Anuoluwapo Agosa (2023) 5’6” guard - Agosa is AHHS’s defensive specialist. He is a physical defender with a high motor.

Andi Sadikaj (2023) 6’2” guard -Sadikaj can shoot the open 3 and finish in the open floor. He is a great team player and motivator.

Richard Suriel (2024) 6’0 guard - Suriel has a great mid range jump-shot; he can also rebound and defend. A hard worker on both ends of the floor and excellent team player.

Souleyman Traore (2023) 6’6 center - Traore is active around the rim, can rebound and finish. Blocks shots and protects the rim. Great student athlete, hard worker, and excellent team player.