2018 The Collision

By Dave Cordova

RecruitTheBronx was at Long Island Lutheran Middle and High School in the Brookville section of Long Island on Saturday for the first annual, “The Collision” tournament, which was put together by Jay David, the director/coach of the New York Jayhawks. Several AAU programs from the tri-state area came out to do battle. Here are the notable players who stood out this weekend:

Isaiah Brock (2020) 6-0 High School: Uniondale AAU Team: Rough Ryders - Very good at facilitating for teammates. Very adept on defense. Has to get stronger physically. Great shot selection.

Volkan Levant (2020) 5-11 High School: Port Washington AAU Team: Rough Ryders - Lightning-fast guard that has a lot of energy. Can score when left open.

Jose Cuello (2020) 6-0 High School:Wings Academy AAU Team​:  NY Jayhawks Silver - Knows how to hustle for loose balls. Looks to pass teammates the ball. Great facilitator. Always quick and adept when playing defense.

Rami Gaines-Holmes (2019) 5-11 High School: North Babylon High School AAU Team​: Boys 2 Men - Tenacious defender. High-energy player. Very fast on both ends of the court. Good at finding teammates for passes. Needs to be able to finish at the basket.

Tyler St. Furcy (2019) 6-4 High School: Lawrence Woodmere Academy AAU Team​: Rising Stars- Very aggressive on defense. Great at going to the hole. Great at pressuring the ball and creating turnovers.  Has good size. Has a nice jumpshot.

Pierce Perry (2018) 6-6 High School: St. Mary’s High School AAU Team​: Rising Stars - An athletic forward with good post moves. Skilled when going to the basket. Needs to develop jumper.

Lawrence Forman (2019)  6-9 High School: St. Thomas More School (CT) AAU Team​: Rising Stars - A tall player that has potential. Blocks shots. Intimidates opposing players with size. Needs more of a post game on offense. Good rebounder.

Christopher Arcidiacono (2018) 6-4 High School: Neshaminy High School AAU Team​: Philly Pride -Knows how to facilitate the ball to teammates. Runs the floor well. Needs to cut down on turnovers. Has a nice shooting touch.

Tyree Corbett (2018) 6-6 High School: Lincoln High School AAU Team​: Philly Pride - Attacks the basket efficiently. Needs to add a lot of muscle to frame. Has a lot of toughness.

Justin Evans (2018)  6-7 High School: Cheshire Academy (CT) AAU Team​: NY Jayhawks Silver 17u - Runs the floor well on both ends of the court. Isn’t afraid of contact and is able to draw fouls. Needs to improve on defense.

Terry Roberts (2018)  6-2 High School: Lincoln High School AAU Team​: NY Jayhawks Silver 17u - Although he has a small frame, he plays bigger than that. Plays above the rim. Very fast.

Zion Styles (2019)  6-3 High School: Uniondale High School AAU Team​: NY Jayhawks Gold 17u - A guard that is a ferocious defender. Has some explosion in his game.

Chris Ledlum (2019) 6-7 High School: St. Peter’s High School AAU Team​: NY Jayhawks Gold 17u - An explosive forward who attacks the rim. A potent scoring threat. A very physical player. Can play all three forward positions. Known for being a shot-blocker.

Quintin Williams (2019) 6-2 High School: Knox School AAU Team​: Boys 2 Men - Knows how attack the basket. Dangerous three-point shooter. Needs to develop a pull-up jumper. Fearless when going to the hole.

Michael O’Connell (2020) 6-2 High School: Chaminade High School AAU Team​: Rising Stars - Hustles for any loose ball. Capable of shooting from long range. Has to be able to absorb contact better when going to the basket.

JaQuan Carlos (2021) 5-10 High School: Thomas Jefferson Campus AAU Team​: New Heights - Speedy guard that can control team. Has a scorer’s mentality. Has to have a better outside shot.

Tyson Walker (2019) 5-10 High School: New Hampton School (MA) AAU Team​: New Heights - A facilitator that sets his teammates up for baskets. Smart at reading defenses. Knows how to control tempo of game.

Idan Tretout (2019) 6-4 High School: Wilbraham & Monson Academy (MA)  AAU Team​: New Heights - A player that does everything on the court. A fierce rebounder. Boxes out against taller players for rebounds. Defensive stopper.

Josh Pierre-Louis (2019) 6-3 High School:Roselle Catholic High School (NJ)  AAU Team​: SportsU - A skilled player that has a good jumpshot. Has great athleticism. Dangerous from three-point range. Very quick on defense.

Payton Hudson (2018) 6-0 High School:  Our Saviour Lutheran School AAU Team​: NY Dragons - Diminutive guard that can hold his own on the court. Pass-first point guard that sets teammates up for baskets. Needs to develop a jumpshot from long-range.