2022-23 Norman Thomas Campus Players Profiles


The Norman Thomas High School for Business and Commercial Education is a co-ed public campus located on 33rd street and Park avenue in New York City. The campus is comprised of four schools: Unity Center for Urban Technology High School, Murray Hill Academy, Manhattan Academy for Arts and Language, and Success Academy Charter High School. The Norman Thomas varsity boys basketball team is led by Cecilio Gomez, now entering his 6th season with the team. His 2022-23 team has a young nucleus with a very high upside. The Tigers will be an interesting team to watch this season and track on Twitter as they compete in the Manhattan A1 conference. Below are the players’ profiles for the 2022-23 season.


Micha Smith (2023) 6’2 guard - Smith is a senior who has an unbelievable motor and fits Coach Gomez’s defensive first identity. He gets after it on both ends of the floor, is willing to defend every team’s top player, and continues to improve his IQ on the offensive end. His shot is improving and has the athleticism and ball handle to get to the rim with ease.

Malachi Smith (2023) 6’1 guard. Like his brother, Malachi has an unbelievable motor and plays hard each and every possession. Is an excellent rebounder and tough defender. Like his brother, is learning and improving his IQ on the offensive end and understanding how to space the floor as well as move without the ball. Is a strong undersized that can do a lot of damage from the high post area.

Jaden Chazulle (2024) 6’4 small forward - Chazulle is a willing defender and good rebounder. Needs to improve his offensive game and presence when on the floor. He shows a lot of upside and continues to improve every day. Highly coachable and very high IQ.

Jason Guzman (2024) 5’10 guard - Guzman has a very high upside. Great IQ and knows where to be on the floor. Good handle, good shot, willing defender. Capable of being a leader that can help the young Tigers greatly in 2023.

Xavier Joaquin (2026) 5’9 guard - A freshman with a tremendous feel for the game and gets after it on defense. Still learning both the high school game and the varsity level, but has shown the ability to knock down shots and be in the right place at the right team on defense. Always cutting and moving on the offensive end.

Jariel Rodriguez (2025) 5’9 guard- Rodriguez who can get to the rim with relative ease. Still looking to develop his overall game and motor on both ends of the floor.

Chris Taylor 6’2 guard (2025) - A sophomore with a very high ceiling. Has demonstrated a shot, handle, and a willingness to defend.

Jalen Mayfield (2024) 6’2 guard - Mayfield has a lot of potential. Has demonstrated the ability to make shots, has a solid IQ and feel for the game, and should be a key player sparking the Tigers off of the bench this season.

Jalen Hernandez 6’0 (2024) Hernandez has a very high ceiling. He has the ability to be a knockdown shooter and willing to defend and get stops. Also has the capability to be a spark plug for the Tigers this season off their bench.

Davell Walton (2025) 5’9 guard - Walton is a sophomore transfer with a terrific handle, nice shot, and brings poise and leadership for the Tigers on offense. Really tough player not afraid to run inside and grab rebounds.

Carlos Gonzalez (2024) 5’10 guard - Gonzalez has the ability to emerge as a shooting threat for the Tigers coming off their bench.

Zyquille Bush (2023) 5’11 guard - Bush is willing to defend and committed to stopping his match-up every possession.

Their 2022-23 Schedule can be found here