2023 NorthStar Naturals 17u Player Profiles


NorthStar Naturals is a highly regarded and successful AAU program based out of Poughkeepsie, NY that draws top players from Dutchess County, Westchester County, Putnam County and the Bronx. NorthStar Naturals mission is to give an athlete a “Full Circle” experience. From skills development, performance training, exposure and recruitment. Their goal is to provide the athlete with all the tools that he needs to take his game to the next level.


2023 NorthStar Naturals 17u roster:

Matt Apenteng (2024) 6’2 shooting guard/wing, Our Lady Of Lourdes High - Apenteng has the ability to put the ball in the basket, and plays both ends of the floor well. Great IQ on defense. Able to read and react well. He will pick any offense apart. Able to use his long frame to his advantage. Whether it’s knocking down the midrange or hitting the step back jumper. With only 3 weeks into the season I have already seen his game change tremendously. 4.0 gpa

Gavyn Pacheo (2024) 6’1 guard, John Jay High East - Pacheo is a scrapy and tough guard, will force the turnover on defense and finish the ball in transition. He is a true competition, and doesn’t back down from pressure. He can finish through contact. Brings a spark of energy whenever he enters the game on either side of the floor. Can shoot the 3 as well. 3.3 gpa

Vincent Angioletti (2025) 5’9 guard, John Jay HS East Fishkill (NY) - Angioletti is a player that will give 110% each time he plays. Plays both ends of the floor .
Unselfish player who will find the open man and will do anything for his teammates but he isn’t afraid to score the ball as well. Has a great pull up jump shot and can get to the hoop well threw contact. 3.3 gpa

Romell Spaulding Jr (2024) 6’4 small forward, Arlington High - Spaulding is a monster on the boards and his presence is heavily felt by anyone attempting to drive in the lane. Developing his game daily. Has the ability to play above the rim. One of the most athletic kids on the court. Great court vision, able to find any guy for the open three. 3.2 gpa

Cayden Dones (2026) 5’9 guard, New Paltz High - Dones is a true shooting guard. Scores the ball at high level. 2026 playing at 2024 level and is making a huge impact already. Whether it’s knocking down the 3 or attacking the basket. It’s simple, this kid can play. 3.2 gpa

Chy’keem Spady (2025) 5’9 shooting guard, Ketcham High - Spady showed early on that he can shoot the ball from three. Has the ability to make plays and will always find the open man. Great off ball defender. Has a great ability of anticipating the next pass. 3.3 gpa

Jaice Martabano (2024) 6’2 guard, John Jay High East- Martabano is a playmaker, has the ability to score the ball from anywhere on the floor. He is a leader on the court and is able to control the tempo of the game. Will do whatever is needed for the team to win. 3.7 gpa

Jacob Jerome (2025) 6’1 guard, Arlington High - Jerome has a dangerous midrange game. He is a crafty guard with an explosive first step, and has the ability to finish at the basket no matter who is underneath the rim . A true scoring guard. Who is one of the most coachable kids out there. He will always go the extra mile for any coach. 4.0 gpa

Miguel Martinez (2024) 6’1 guard, Arlington High - Martinez has great court vision, a pass first guard who can always get a bucket when needed. One of the best on ball defenders. Can play defense full 91 feet of the floor. Will make the offense flow. He will make the off ball screens, backdoor cuts. He simply does the details well. 3.5 gpa

Joseph Battle (2023) 6’5 small forward, Beacon High - Battle is a workhorse underneath the basket. Sets the tone for the rest of the team. Can finish through contact well. Isn’t afraid to get physical on either end of the floor. Can knock the 3 point as well 3.3 gpa

Mallik Smith (2023) 5’8 guard, Arlington High - Smith is a nightmare for any team to guard. He uses his speed and athleticism well! He can handle the ball under pressure. Knows how to get to the basketball and draw contact. Great leader on and off the court. Helps set the culture for any program. 3.3 gpa