2023 Team Mega Wildcats Roster


Coach Arnell “Mega” Milton is the creator, sports conditioning trainer, skill developer and head coach for Team Mega Wildcats youth basketball program based out of Downtown Manhattan. The program is centered around the philosophy of using basketball as a tool. A tool that young men can use to open up the opportunity to better enrich their lives, academically, socially and eventually economically as they transition from boys to young men to young professionals.

Below is the roster for the program’s current grass roots team:

Andrea Bowles (2023) 6’4 guard, Murry Bergtraum High

Michael Bruno III (2024) 6’4 guard, Brooklyn Collegiate School

Kalifa Outtara (2024) 6’7 wing, Murry Bergtraum High

Papa Ba 6’5 (2022) wing, Corning Community College

Kasai Fontanez (2022) 6’4 point guard Central Georgia Tech CC

Kristan Lewis (2023) 6’2 guard, New York Military Academy

Donnell Campbell Jr (2022) 6’4 guard, Murry Bergtraum High


Mason Jarvis (2025) 6’4 guard, Church Farm School (PA)


Basti Williams (2024) 6’4 guard, Wilbraham & Monson School (MA)