2023 Riverside Hawks Impact 17u College Prospects


Riverside Hawks Impact is a highly competitive AAU team that is part of the prestigious Riverside Hawks program. They support student-athletes throughout the recruiting, college application, and financial aid processes, beginning in the spring of their 11th Grade year and continuing through college enrollment in the spring of their Senior Year. “Impact” currently consists of one 17U Boys team and one 17U Girls Team. These teams consist of highly talented college prospects of all levels.  Currently in year 4 of the program, Impact alumni have attended institutions such as: Jefferson University, Bard College, Emory University, Union College, Dominican College, Utica College, SUNY Poly and many more. In their inaugural season, 11 members of their Boys team went on to play college basketball while paying little to no out of pocket expenses. This year’s goal is no different.

The Riverside Impact Boys program is led by newly appointed Program Director, Kofi Edusei Jr., who is a veteran PSAL & Riverside Hawks coach, as well as Founder of Product of The Process Basketball Training. The 2023 Riverside Hawks Impact Team is coached by Randolph High School’s Head Varsity coach, Peter Gonzalez, and their roster is as follows:


Leuri Sosa (2024) 6’2 Wing, Community Health Academy of the Heights High - Sosa is a stretch sniper. During pick and pop and handoff scenarios he will be outstanding for our impact team by keeping the defense honest with his jump shooting abilities. 3.2 gpa

Sirpatrick Livingston (2024) 6’2 Guard, South Bronx Prep High - Livingston’s voice is an echo to the group. He can communicate directions on the floor on both sides of the ball and is VERY athletic on the open floor when he attacks the rim. His ability to attack will allow him to lead our IMPACT team with the most free throw attempts per game.

Xavier Agyemang (2024) 6’6 Wing, South Bronx Prep High - The sky is not the limit for this student-athlete. By far one of the most coachable student-athletes on the planet. Agyemang will be a late bloomer. Xavier rim routes very well and can finish at the rim during secondary break situations.

Javelle Epps (2024) 6’4 Guard, Half Hollow Hills West High - Epps is one of those guards you love to play with. Beautiful “Body Language.” He can make plays with the ball and can catch and shoot during “early up” opportunities on the open floor. Defensively, he competes every possession, always imprinting his “will to WIN” the game.

Cameron Ruiz (2024) 5’11 Guard, Seward Park High - Ruiz is a scrappy NYC point guard that can be very disruptive on the defensive side of the ball. On the open floor he can get to the basket and will draw a lot of fouls. Ruiz is willing to sacrifice his body during loose ball opportunities. A true competitor on both sides of the ball.

Brian Qiu (2024) 5’9 Guard, Sunset Park High - Qiu is a coachable young man that understands the mental aspect of every possession. A very high IQ student-athlete that understands the importance of every position, every possession, and everyone involved in a basketball program. While reading closeout opportunities, Brian loves to take the one dribble mid range to keep the defense honest. 3.4 gpa

Mahamadou Wague (2024) 6’3 Wing, Bronx United High - Wague is a great athlete on the open floor. His unorthodox catch and shoot mechanic works for him. Wague has the athletic abilities to be a lockdown on-ball defender.

Dishon Herrera (2024) 6’4 Wing, Bronx United High - Herrera is a double-double machine. His relentless ability to pursue the offensive glass allows him to finish around the rim during broken plays. During handoffs and pick and pop situations he can shoot it as well. Similar to teammate Xavier Agyemang, Herrera can evolve into a “hooper” as a late bloomer.

Cadell Inniss (2024) 5’9 Guard, South Shore High. Inniss is a high motor point guard that can guard you 94 feet. You hate to play against him, but you love to have him on your team. A pit bull that is ready to disrupt the offense on the defensive side of the ball and get others involved on the open floor.

Mykai Anderson (2024) 6’3 Wing, Brooklyn Collegiate High - Anderson is the Charles Barkley of this team. At the “dunker” spot he finishes very well. The physicality of the game will serve as a strength towards how he will finish. Anderson is one of those athletes that craves contact. On the boards, he is a maniac and will literally win you the game if the opposing team does not box him out. Anderson will average 12-15 rebounds.

Isaiah Rivera (2024) 6’2 Guard/Forward, Fannie Lou High - Rivera has an understanding on how to play basketball. He has a “make a play” mindset which allows him to play multiple positions (2,3,4). He utilizes his athleticism very well by finishing at the rim during transition opportunities with either hand and can knock down the catch and shoot 3 ball. At times during the course of a game, he has the ability to guard 94 feet and guard whoever is in front of him. By far, the group’s best help-side defender. 3.1 gpa



Kofi Edusei’s Contact: riversidehawksimpact@gmail.com 646-342-2329

Peter Gonzalez’s contact: PGonzalez8@schools.nyc.gov 646-479-3891