2023 Chris Ward Basketball 15u Roster


Chris Ward Basketball is a Westchester County based grass roots program.  It’s mission is to deliver player development and opportunity for young, dedicated athletes, to learn to play the game of basketball at a highly competitive level. They are committed to each athlete, no matter what their experience; assisting in the growth and development of athletic, educational, and social skills.

The program was founded by Chris Ward, and he coaches the 15u team as shown below:

Maxwell Ho (2026) 5’9 guard, Edgemont High

Jason Lawler (2026) 5’6 guard, Briarcliff High

Theo Hochberg (2027) 6’2 forward, Scarsdale High

Nicholas Leiwn (2026) 5’10 guard Tenafly High (NJ)

Ryan Sussberg (2027) 5’9 guard, Scarsdale High

Yuval Bar Yosef (2026) 6’3 forward, Tenafly High (NJ)

Brayden McGinty (2026) 5’9 guard, Valhalla High

Jaxson Thomas (2026) 6’0 guard Horace Greeley High

Sebastian Lim (2026) 5’10 guard, Blindbrook High

Sebastian Getz (2026) 6’0 guard, Fox Lane High

Quinn Hershberg (2026) 5’9 point guard, Bronxville High