2023 New York Select Academy Varsity Roster


New York Select Academy was established in 2020 to provide positive change in the community and prepare, guide and assist young men in the process of attending college. Their mission is to provide young men an opportunity to attend college utilizing the sport of basketball as a vehicle to obtain their degree. New York Select focuses on hard working, dedicated, high character student athletes from lower income families who need assistance to get recruited. New York Select Academy is run by their Executive Program Director, David Moses and their Assistant Director, Luis Nieves.

Their 2023 Varsity team is coached by William Samuels, and his roster is as follows:

#0 Chad Wesley Jr. (2024) 5’10 point guard, Malverne High

#1 Isaiah Chance (2023) 6’1 point guard, Abraham Lincoln High

#3 Ziyair Jones (2024) 6’2 guard, Hempstead High

#5 Satvinder “Sunny” Singh (2024) 6’2 guard, Long Island Lutheran

#11 Jackson Bartley (2023) 6’0 guard, Bedford Academy

#13 Sherriff Akerele (2025) 6’5 small forward, Brooklyn Collegiate

#15 Frank Sweeney Jr. (2024) 6’3 guard, Southside High

#21 Jakkai Stith (2023) 6’2 guard, Hempstead High