2023 DTX Blue 17u Team College Prospects


DTX Basketball is a Connecticut based grass roots program that has over the years become a deep source of college prospects. The program is run by Dave Taylor, with assistance from college placement guru, Noel Roman. Roman was recently named a College Placement All Star for his work on behalf of getting his players placed onto college teams. The program runs its practices out of the three court, InSports Center facility in Trumbull.


They run multiple high school aged teams, the following players will be on their Blue team that will compete on the Zero Gravity XL circuit this season. The team has already notched a ZGXL Chrome Division title this spring.

Aidan Copeland (2023) 5’11 guard, Trumbull High (CT) (University of Florida commit) - Copeland is a high-academic, high-motor on-ball defender who can wear down opposing guards during a game. He has a high basketball I.Q. and takes multiple charges per game. Offensively, he’s a consistent threat from beyond the arc and gets in the lane to facilitate plays for others. He plays with great pace and always aims to push the ball in transition. Copeland is a high-character guy who pushes himself and others to maximize their potential on and off the court. He has the characteristics ideal for creating a winning culture.

Aston Sylvester (2023) 6’3 wing, Brookfield High (CT) (Rose-Hulman University commit) - Sylvester is high academic.  As a player, prides himself on creating shots for his teammates, whether it is off the dribble assists, a quick swing, or setting a screen. He can create and get my own shot at all three levels. Defensively, he’s constantly talking and is typically the loudest guy in the gym.  He doesn’t back down from guarding the other team’s best player. Above all, Aston possesses an immense work ethic, always hustles, and is a leader on and off the floor.

Yuki Ishibashi (2023) 5’7 guard, Vermont Academy -  Ishibashi is a dynamic point guard with an impressive skillset on the court. He is an excellent shooter, with a three-point shooting percentage of 40%, making him a consistent threat from beyond the arc. His terrific court vision allows him to see the floor well and make smart, accurate passes to his teammates. Floor General! 3.6 gpa

Rollins Youte (2023) 6’2 guard, Bridgeport Central (CT) - Rollins is a dynamic athlete with explosive leaping ability and length, which makes him a versatile player on both ends of the floor. His athleticism makes him an impactful defender, shutting down opponents with his quick hands and footwork. He excels in rebounding and has a knack for getting steals, always looking to create transition opportunities for his team. 3.4 gpa

Conner Parkes (2024) 6’0 guard, Greenwich High (CT) - Parkes has tremendous potential.  Quick guard that can do a little bit of everything.  Uses a long wingspan to rebound and a quick first step to get by a defender.  He’s a knockdown shooter, on and off the dribble.  As a defender does a good job at cutting off the angles. He’s working to be a pure point guard, that will thrive off the pick-and-roll opportunities.

Joey DiMarco (2024) 6’2 shooting guard, Trumbull High (CT) - A hardworking player and a student of the game with a High IQ and disciplined. He’s a team player and puts my teammates before himself.  He’s still developing physically and is doing all the right things to improve his game.  A terrific addition to building a winning culture.

Christopher “CJ” Fay (2024) 6’2 point guard, Notre Dame-Fairfield High (CT) - Fay is a dynamic point guard with exceptional shooting ability from beyond the arc and the mid-range. He possesses a natural scoring ability that allows him to consistently find ways to put points on the board for his team.  Not only is he a scoring threat, but he also has remarkable court vision and an outstanding basketball IQ.

Elijah Lewis (2024) 6’2 guard, Stratford High (CT) - Lewis is a natural-born leader on the court with exceptional shooting and passing skills. His high basketball IQ is evident in his ability to read the defense and make quick decisions that benefit his team. As a reliable shooter, he can knock down shots from anywhere on the court, making him a constant threat to opposing defenses. Lewis’ work ethic and dedication to the game are unmatched, and he’s always looking for ways to improve his skills.

Matt Bosticco (2024) 5’11 point guard, North Haven High (CT) - High basketball IQ and able to handle the ball at a high level. Specializes most in the mid-range game being able to pull up at a high percentage or distribute for teammates. Is able to effectively stay in front of opponents and defend very well. Works hard and is very competitive. 4.3 gpa