2023 Academic Basketball Club 17u-Rubin College Prospects


The Academic Basketball Club is a Fairfield (CT) and Westchester (NY) County grassroots program focused on working with student athletes with a minimum gpa of 3.0. The program has earned renown for its impressive consistently high level of placement of its layers into top academic universities. ABC plays in tournaments throughout the Northeast, encourages its players to attend selected camps at the top academic universities and then plays as a Team at the Academic Basketball Camps at Babson College (MA) in and Pomona College (CA) in June.

The program was founded by Harvey Rubin. He and his long term coaching partner, Paul Krumins each run a team each spring. Below are the players on the 2023 ABC Rubin team

#2 Garrett Eterno (2023) 5’9 point guard, Smithtown East High - Eterno is an unsigned senior with a 4.2 gpa and a relentless approach to the game as a pure point guard possessing a consistent 3-pt shot from college range.  The team leader by choice of his peers, Eterno brings the fiery attitude needed by every under-sized guard and makes the whole team work on all cylinders. 4.2 gpa

#3 Luke Ravitz (2024) 6’1 shooting guard, Perkiomen School (PA) - Ravitz has chosen Perkiomen School for a post grad year while still staying in the focus of the dozen+ D3 schools recruiting him to play at SG.  A very consistent 3-pt shooter from both corners with a fast catch and release, it is his defensive improvement he will bring to Perkiomen to continue proving he is ready to play immediately when he gets to a high academic college. 3.7 gpa

#4 Zachary Zazula (2024) 6’6 wing, Greenwich High (CT) - Zazula was positioned at the post for his basketball career until joining the ABC program. Now he is demonstrating his consistency from behind the arc and crashing the boards at both ends.  A high academic student heading to an ROTC program or one of the two D3 Academy programs. He possesses a well developed motor and the drive to preparing himself for a military career. 3.6 gpa

#5 Zach Benmorits (2024) 6’2 shooting guard, Millburn High (NJ) - Benmorits is the typical 6’2 ABC player who shoots with authority and 60+% consistency from all spots on the floor using the college line as merely a suggestion. Cool under pressure on the ball and while being closed-out, Benmorits can make an immediate impact for an academic D3 program in the Liberty or Centennial Conference as many ABC players have done for years. 3.2 gpa

#10 Will Dignan (2025) 5’10 point guard, Brewster High - Dignan combines the best of his heralded older brothers, a pure shooting, highly skilled point guard who played almost every minute at Brewster High as a sophomore.  Shooting better than Jack (Oneonta) and every much as skilled a floor general as Harrison (Geneseo), Will brings his A-game on every play and keeps getting better playing against the older players. 3.8 gpa

#12 Preston Neuenhaus (2025) 6’7 point guard, Saddle River Day School (NJ) - Neuenhaus is another 2025 demonstrating more skills at all five positions than his older brother Parker (6’9 dominant post player with a consistent 3-pt shot on his way to W&L) while still growing at 6’7 and playing the point guard position, primarily.  Already noticed by several NESCAC schools, the ubiquitous comparison to both Peter Hoffman and Will Hanley has Neuenhaus the heir to ABC’s lineage of tall, long top academic shooters headed to the NESCAC and beyond. 4.0 gpa

#13 Myles “Scooby” Feldman (2024) 6’3 wing, Perkiomen School (PA) - Feldman is headed to Perkiomen where he will continue to make 3’s from beyond the college line and better prepare himself for the college game. His ability to spread the floor with his range and quick trigger makes the “team of shooting point guards” run more efficiently and rewards the “one-more” pass. 3.0 gpa

#14 Walker Moore (2026) 6’4 wing, Bronxville High - Moore is a freshman transitioning from the post position he played on the Bronxville (NY) HS team into a typical ABC shooter. Already a very long 6’4 and still growing, Moore is both a high academic student and player with the talent to make it to the highest academic level in D3. 4.0 gpa

#22 Thibaud Rubin (2025) 6’3 shooting guard, Fairfield Prep (CT) - Rubin is almost fully back from last year’s injury, who has still not ever seen a shot he will not take…and often make.  This year’s introduction to the college line has not had any impact on his consistency and playing against the older competition has only improved his defensive ability, lateral quickness and noticeable quick hands on blocks and steals. 3.8 gpa

#23 Billy Donovan (2023) 6’4 wing, Lindenhurst High (University of Hartford commit) - Donovan is the 6’4 high academic shooter everyone wants and is on his way to the University of Hartford to play and achieve in their DPT program.  His time at Holderness School this past season helped him get stronger and play with the urgency necessary at the next level. 3.8 gpa

#44 Marcus Murphy (2024) 6’6 forward, Cheshire Academy (CT) - Murphy is a 6’6 All-Conference soccer goalie on his way to Cheshire Academy for a post grad year.  He has quickly become a highly sought after D3 post player who will help CA next year. He is targeting a Skyline or MAC school for the following four years while staying close to home.  Murphy is the most consistent 3-pt shooter in the ABC drills at every practice and earned his position both on the block AND in the 5-out offense. 3.0 gpa