Empire Youth Athletics 16u-Becker Player Profiles


Empire Youth Athletics is based out of Long Island, NY. Their goal is to mold their players into hard-working, coachable individuals by providing a high quality coaching and training experience for them.

This 16u team, coached by Valley Stream North High JV Coach Brandon Becker, participates in Zero Gravity and Premier1 tournaments. Despite having a younger team with half of the players being 15u, this team competes at the 16u level and has impressively advanced to at least the championship game in all four tournaments they have participated in this spring.

The following are player profiles for Empire Youth Athletics 16u-Becker:

Zeke Morris (2025) 6’3 swing, Valley Stream North High - Morris possesses the skills of a versatile player like Draymond Green. Morris leads the team in blocks, rebounds, and steals and ranks second in scoring. He is known for his ability to defend players across all positions and brings consistent energy to the game. Morris is highly regarded by both players and coaches alike.

Sammy Etra (2026) 6’1 guard, Syosset High - Etta is an outstanding three-point shooter, one of the top on Long Island. He is the top scorer for the team and can score from all three levels of the court. In addition, he ranks second in assists, rebounds, and blocks, proving his well-rounded abilities. Despite being a year younger, Etra is playing up a year in 16u. Etra will be a household name on Long Island very soon.

Stirling Sloman (2026) 6’1 guard, Plainview JFK High - Sloman averages double figures in scoring. He is a skilled defender, capable of guarding players across all positions, and performs well in transition. In the half-court, Sloman is a significant threat to opposing defenses as he excels at getting to the rim and has a nearly 50% shooting percentage from beyond the arc. Despite also being a year younger, Sloman is playing up a year in 16u.

Jordan Thorbourne (2025) 6’1 swing, Huntington High - Thorbourne possesses similar traits to Dennis Rodman. Thorbourne is a dominant rebounder, often diving on the floor and going after 50/50 balls. He is currently shooting over 50% from the field in 16 AAU games and has a particular aptitude for finishing at the rim.

Brendan Schoenberg (2026) 5’10 point guard, Syosset High - Schoenberg specializes in being a pass-first point guard and controlling the pace of every game. Schoenberg leads the team in assists and is a one-man press-breaker who rarely turns the ball over. With a high basketball IQ and a thorough understanding of the game, Schoenberg rarely comes off the court as he is the type of point guard teammates love to play with. Despite being a year younger, Schoenberg is playing up a year in 16u.

Landon Lippman (2026) 6’3 swing, Plainview JFK High -  A freshman with tremendous potential for making a name for himself on Long Island. Lippman is an all-around player who can score at all three levels, has the potential to be a significant defensive threat for rebounds and steals, and possesses exceptional length and athleticism. Despite being a year younger, Lippman is playing up a year in 16u.

Noah Obulukelu (2026) 6’2 swing, Valley Stream North High. Onulukelu comes from a basketball family with his father having played professional basketball overseas and his older brother currently being one of the top players on Long Island. Obulukelu is up next, he has a high basketball IQ and is a proficient playmaker who always makes the right decisions. He is an unselfish player who excels at getting to the rim and is an excellent rebounder. Despite being a year younger, Obulukelu is playing up a year in 16u.

Jack Bunt (2025) 5’10 guard, Harborfields High - Bunt is known for his toughness in defending guards full-court. Bunt is also a skilled penetrator to the rim and has a reliable jump shot. Additionally, he handles pressure well and is capable of handling the ball.