2018 Lincoln Park Summer League Championship

By David Cordova

August 29 Recruit The Bronx paid one final visit for the summer to the Lincoln Park in South Ozone Park, Queens, for their semifinal and championship games. Here are the list of standouts around the tri-state area who stood out during the playoffs:

Joe Toussaint, 5-11, Point Guard, Cardinal Hayes High School (NY), Team Vsonary, Class of 2019 - Toussaint is a point guard who has good court vision & can see plays before they happen. Makes plenty of heady plays & has great awareness when playing defense.

Bernard Kouma, 6-10, Power Forward, Our Saviour Lutheran School (NY), PD Nation, Class of 2019 - Kouma has long arms and great physical ability. Known for corralling long rebounds. Is a good inside presence in the paint. Intimidates offense with his size and also attacks the paint.

Julian Champagnie, 6-6, Forward, Bishop Loughlin High School (NY), PD Nation, Class of 2019 - Champagnie is a forward that has a long wingspan and great length. Great at passing and bringing the ball up the court. Struggles with shooting. Has good hands on defense & is able to block shots.

Scottie Lewis, 6-5, Forward, Ranney School (NJ), Team Vsonary, Class of 2019 - Lewis is a swingman that shows a lot of athleticism. Is prone to turnovers. Has great length and uses it to grab rebounds. Has ability to absorb contact when going to the basket on offense and is able to block shots on defense.


Jaquan Carlos, 5-10, Point Guard, Thomas Jefferson High School (NY), Team Visonary, Class of 2021 - Lewis has a lethal jumpshot from long range. Makes plenty of razzle-dazzle moves with the ball at his disposal. Has struggles on defense, but makes up for it with drives to the basket.

Kayvontay Williams, 5-8, Point Guard, Lincoln Academy (GA), PD Nation, Class of 2021 - Williams makes strong moves to the basket & draws fouls. Is a slick ballhandler. Has struggles finishing at the basket. Is able to create for himself & also good at penetrating.

Ryan Myers, 6-2, Point Guard, Christ the King High School (NY), Team Vsonary, Class of 2020 - Myers makes strong moves and attacks the basket. Struggles with jumpshot, but has good defensive tendencies. Is able to handle the ball & run a team efficiently.

Dashawn Davis, 6-3, Shooting Guard, Our Saviour Lutheran School (NY), Team Vsonary, Class of 2019 - Davis slices & dices his way through defenses for baskets. Shows a lot of strength and quickness. Uses his strength to get to the hole & draws fouls in order to get to the free-throw line.

Tayjon Lynch, 5-9, Point Guard, Our Saviour Lutheran High School (NY), PD Nation, Class of 2019 - Lynch is a guard that has terrific movement on defense. Is very quick and deceptive and has ability to attack the basket. Has affinity for getting steals & passing the ball to teammates.

Trey Clarke, 6-5, Thelma Hamilton/Metro BDA High School (NY), Brooklyn Stompers, Class of 2020 - Clarke is a swingman that possesses a lot of toughness. Has a lot of physical tools. Efficient and bringing the ball up the court with his size. Uses wingspan to either alter or block shots.

Hassan Diarra, 6-2, Shooting Guard, Putnam Science Academy (CT), NYCity Finest, Class of 2020 - Diarra attacks the basket efficiently, but struggles to finish consistently. Is able to play strong defense & has good hands & lateral movement. Has a good shooter’s touch from the outside.

Jordan Gallimore, 6-5, Forward, Believe Prep Academy (SC), Brooklyn Stompers, Class of 2019 - Has a solid build and is able to get to basket easily. Shows a lot of athleticism. Great at taking contact when going up for a layup. Displays plenty of hustle for loose balls.

Kevon Leary, 6-5, Forward, Thelma Hamilton/Metro BDA High School (NY), Brooklyn Stompers, Class of 2018 - Leary is good at penetrating to the basket.  He also shoots a lot of off-balance jumpshots, but can also drain the three. Good at getting to the rim and showcasing his athletic prowess.

Kareem Reid, 6-8, Forward, Putnam Science Academy (CT), NYC Finest, Class of 2020 - Reid is a big that has some great size & a long wingspan. Has plenty of athleticism around the paint. Showcases plenty of versatility, as he can bring the ball up the court. Has the ability to block shots & intimidate the offense with his wingspan.

Femi Odukale, 6-5, Point Guard, South Shore High School (NY), Brooklyn Stompers - Odukale is a big guard that has good court vision & has ability to make good passes to teammates. Possesses toughness & has great hands on defense. Also shows some athletic gifts.

Tyson Walker, 5-10, Point Guard, New Hampton School (MA), Team Vsonary, Class of 2019 - Walker is a guard that is armed with a lethal jumper. Picks his spots wisely when it comes to getting his shot off. Is a point guard that makes good moves to the basket & makes good moves.