2017 Beacon Back2School Tournament

By Brett Wilson, Derrick Irving  and Gabe McFarland

Every year 20 teams participate in the Beacon 158 pre season basketball tournament.

The tournament director is Tony Jones who is a middle school coach at Beacon 158 Middle School. Coach Jones has been hosting this pre season tournament for 15yrs and if it’s left up to him, he will be around for another 15 years. What makes this tournament different from the other tournaments? There is no sponsorship. Yes, no sponsors. Coach Jones says that he has been doing these without any help from Nike, Under Armour and or Adidas. He said relies on local donations.

The Beacon Tournament is held at Marie Currie JHS in Bayside, NY. Recruit The Bronx has the coverage and this are the players that got our attention:

Larry Moreno 2018 5’11 point guard Brooklyn Law & Tech - lefty who can shoot the 3pt shot. Plays aggressive off his dribble. Knows how to get into the lane. Can pass the ball. Needs to get better with his weak hand.

Victor Ogbo 2018 6’5 center Brooklyn Law & Tech - active rebounder. Can power the ball up to the rim. Has good presence in the post. Uses his body well to carve out space for himself. Needs to increase his vertical

David Grady 2018 6’5 wing Brooklyn Law & Tech - good mechanics with his perimeter moves. Shows good offensive habits. Can be a explosive leaper. Long wingspan makes him effective on the boards. Needs to be a better shooter

Brandon Tatis 2018 6’3 wing St Francis Prep - good release on his shot. Always looking for his offense. Not afraid to drive the ball to the rim. Needs to work on his defense.

AJ Lopez 2020 6’1 guard St Francis Prep - good mobility for a young player. Good athletism to finish above the rim on the fast break. Has the ability to knock down the 3pt shot. The the skill set to be able to make his teammates better. Needs to increase his size and strength as he gets older.

Michael Sixsmith 2020 5’11 guard Holy Trinity HS - can handle and shot the ball. Good passing instincts. Shows good versatility in his game as two guard with some point guard abilities. Knows how to think his game through. Needs to be more intense on defense.

Tashon Taylor 2018 6’4 forward Edison HS - raw skill and ability. Still learning how to play at a high level. Shows to be athletic and has average strength. Needs to develop more of his offensive game.

Jamir Appleton 2018 6’6 center Eagle Academy - gets good post position. Nice turn and face moves with a jump hook. Will mix it up and fight in the paint for rebounds. Needs to play consistently at the rim.

Legacy Wallace - 2018 5’9 point guard Construction HS - attacks the basket strong crafty finisher, can control the offense, good shooting form, quick handle, keeps his head up on the break. Needs to be a more consistent shooter, distribute more, and tighten his handle.

AJ Dench 2018 6’4 small forward Deer Park HS - lockdown defender quick hands on defense, good mid-range shot, good finisher on the drive, explosive leaper, positive attitude on the court. Needs to look for his shot more and increase his range.

Malik Edmead 2020 5’7 point guard Deer Park HS - good 3pt shooter, shifty guard with good speed, throws strong passes, good shot off dribble creates good separation, strong driver not afraid of contact. Needs to put on more muscle and distribute more.

Jared Harrison-Hunte 2019 6’7 power forward Christ the King HS -can bully his way to rim at will, consistent finisher near the basket finishes thru contact, strong body, good handle, good post moves and footwork. Needs to work on his jumpshot and get more trim. Low D1-D2 Prospect

Adam El Gammal 2019 6’7 power forward Christ the King HS - strong body, can finish thru contact, runs the floor well, consistent inside finisher, power dunker. Needs to secure the ball more down low and get after more on the boards.

Panayiotis Pavlidis 2018 6’8 power forward Cardozo HS - good interior defender bothers alot of shots with his very long arms, runs the break well, consistent inside finisher, moves feet well on D shows potential to guard the perimeter, athletic dunker. Needs to gain weight to be effective at the next level.

Javen Soto 2018 6’4 small forward Cardozo HS - attacks the basket strong, strong body, good slashing moves, finishes thru contact, decent rebounder. Needs to work on his 3pt shot and be more consistent overall from outside.

Xavier Micheal Clerjeau - 2019 6’7 power forward Cardozo HS - decent inside finisher, lanky frame, flashes of a mid-range shot, decent rebounder. Needs to put on more weight and be more aggressive on both ends.

Collins Onyeike 2018 6’3 small forward Cardozo HS - can go coast to coast, jump out the gym athleticism, constant alley oop option, can finish with either hand. Needs to tighten his handle and be more consistent from outside.

Nasim Cylin 2018 6’1 shooting guard Baldwin HS - good triple threat moves, aggressive on offense, can get hot from 3, long arms. Need to gain muscle and tighten his handle.

Ryjon Blackwell 2019 5’910 point guard Baldwin HS - lightning speed with the ball, good finisher on the drive. Needs to work on his outside shot, get strong, and secure the ball better.

Luis Pacheco - 2018 6’8 power forward Springfield Gardens HS - intimidating shot blocker makes the offense think twice, good form on his jumper, good rebounder. Needs to work on his handle and his mid-range shot.

Carl Damour 2019 5’8 point guard Springfield Gardens HS - speedy guard with a super quick handle, good finsher on the drive for his size, pesky defender. Streaky shooter at times.

Justin Forest 2018 6’2 guard Campus Magnet HS - aggressive on offense, can get hot in a second, good finisher on the drive. Needs to distribute more, add muscle, show more effort on D.

Randy Thompson 2018 6’5 forward Campus Magnet HS - long arms, active defender, can shoot the open three, decent handle. Needs to add muscle and tighten handle.

Elijah Perry – 2019 SG, 6’2 Holy Cross HS- Great Shooter from all ends of the court. If left open he will knock down the open 3 and will step in to take the mid-range shot as well. Can pump fake and step in for his jumpshot as well. Needs to work on his handle and be able to create off the dribble.


Zayquan Warren - 2019 Forward,6’3, Holy Cross HS - Very physical and strong forward who can finish around the basket with both hands. His athleticism is very sneaky and can play above the rim. Strong presence in the paint. Needs to work on his outside game and handle.

Tyler Chapman - 2020 PG/SG, 5’11, Holy Cross HS -  Very quick guard who can handle the basketball with both hands. Can finish around the rim with both hands. Drive first guard who looks to score but can also get others involved with his court vision. Decent shooter. Needs to get much stronger and talk more if he will play PG at the next level.

Sahdique Watkins-2018 Guard, 6’0, Holy Cross HS - very crafty guard with great technique with his handle, can score and has great court vision. Looks to get his teammates involved first before he gets himself going. Can finish around the rim with both hands. Needs to work on becoming a consistent shooter and develop his body.

Femi Odukale - 2019 Swing, 6’5, South Shore HS - Very talented player, very long and athletic, Strong upper body for his size. He is able to put the ball on the floor and get others involved as well as finish around the rim. Can also play above the rim and he is a good mid-range shooter. Needs to become a better defender and become a better 3pt shooter.

Jason Plamer - 2020 Swing, 6’2, South Shore HS - Can attack the basket from all areas of the court and can finish around the rim. Another player who is plays above the rim. Great defender and can guard any position on the floor. Strong upper body strength and has a great vision.  Needs to work on better shooter.

Sekou Sylla- 2018 Forward, 6’4, South Shore HS - Plays above the rim on every possession. Long arms/lanky forward with great strength. Great versality and can finish around the basket with both hands. Needs to work on becoming a better shooter and improve his strength. D2/Juco

Savion Lewis- 2018 PG, 6’0, Hills East HS – Can really drive the basketball with both hands. Loves to draw contact with defenders and shows his strength by finishing around the rim. Very quick and crafty with the basketball. Very poised when he plays. Needs to work on becoming a better shooter and must improve his strength.

Shane Dean - 2019 Guard, 6’1, Hills East HS - Great court vision and get his team involved. Pass first guard who loves to drive to the basket. Can finish around the rim Great jump shooter from mid-range and 3 point. Handles the basketball very well. Needs to become a better defender and scorer.


Tyrone Lyons- 2018 G/F, 6’6, St. Anthony’s HS - Very athletic and lanky with long arms. Amazing wing span. Great playmaker for his size and ability. Plays above the rim when driving to the basket. Able to take contact despite his slim build. Solid mid-ranger shooter. Needs to become a better rebounder and 3pt shooter.

Jon Harewood- 2018 Guard, 6’0, St. Anthony’s HS - Pass first guard who can also score the basketball. Gets his team involved first before anything. Loves to drive to the basket using either hand. Great defender and can shoot the ball very well from 3. Must improve defense and upper body strength.