2018 Hype City Top Players

By Derrick Irving

On October 8, Recruit the Bronx was on hand to watch Hype City AA High School Pre-Season Tournament at George Westinghouse HS in Brooklyn, NY. The one day tournament included 8 AA Boys Basketball Programs, 4 Catholic and 4 Public. The event was ran by Shabar Ewing. Here are our top prospects:

Mervin Hope 2020 6’4 Wing George Westinghouse - Crafty finisher on drive, uses his length to finish around the defense. Decent perimeter handle. Can block shots with his long arms. Needs to add muscle, it will help him finish thru contact more. Needs to be a more consistent outside shooter, streaky. Long and lanky frame.


Elijah Nedd 2021 5’7 Point Guard George Westinghouse - Quick handle, good change of pace. Keeps his head up and sees the floor well. Throws good passes with both hands. Knows how to control the tempo and pace of the offense. Can finish thru traffic on drive, his quick first step helps him get to basket and finish over taller defenders. Tough perimeter defender, has quick hands. Needs to be a more consistent outside shooter. Strong body.

Michael Graham 2019 6’7 Power Forward Xavierian - Soft touch around the rim. Good rebounder on both ends of court. Good shotblocker with his long arms. Good awareness on the court and vocal on defense. Not a physical player but plays hard. Needs to get stronger.

Billy Reyes 2020 6’1 Shooting Guard Xavierian - Good outside shooter, can get hot from deep. Good catch and shoot 3pt shooter. Moves well without the ball, good footwork to get open for 3pt opportunities. Attacks the basket strong. Needs to get stronger, will help him finish thru contact more consistently.

Elijah Hardeson 2020 6’6 Power Forward Xavierian - Athletic shot blocker, gets off the floor in a hurry to swat shots. Runs the floor hard, has his hands all over the court. Good athleticism. Needs to stay disciplined on defense and not pick up so many reaching fouls, but is very active on that side of the floor.

Louis Kortright 2020 6’3 Shooting Guard St. Raymonds - Acrobatic finisher on the drive, has good body control in the air. Explosive leaper. Good footwork with the ball. Plays the passing lanes well, has good hands. Needs to be a more consistent outside shooter, is streaky, but has a good stroke. Strong body.


Jalen Reneau 2019 5’9 Point Guard St. Raymonds - Shifty handle, uses foot misdirection to create good separation and driving lanes. Crafty finisher on the drive, adept at drawing contact. Good midrange pull up. Good playmaker sets up his teammates well. Pesky perimeter defender. Needs to be a consistent 3pt shooter.

Tahron Allen 2021 6’2 Shooting Guard St. Raymonds - Attacks the basket strong and can finish thru contact. Good slashing moves. Good handle, nothing flashy but protects the rock. Plays quality perimter defense, has active hands. Needs to improve his outside shooting.

Da’Marco Watson 2020 6’2 Point Guard Eagle Academy (BX) - Consistent finisher on the drive, finishes well thru traffic. Very good playmaker, sees the whole floor. Throws strong passes. Good patience with the ball he doesn’t rush the offense. Controls tempo and speed.

Vernon Simmons 2020 6’3 Wing Eagle Academy (BX) - High flyer, attacks the basket strong. Consistent finisher inside. Explosive leaper and has long arms. Athletic rebounder. High energy player. Contests drives well with his athleticism. Decent perimeter, can be better. Needs to be a consistent outside shooter.

JaQuan Carlos 2021 5’11 Point Guard Thomas Jefferson HS - Crafty finisher with both hands on the drive, has an array of finishing moves. Good outside shooter, can get really hot from deep. Very strong handle, has the ball on a string. Good footwork with the ball, keeps defenders off balance. Good court vision distributes the ball well. Quality perimeter defender. Floor general.

Kareem Welch 2019 6’1 Shooting Guard Thomas Jefferson HS - Good outside shooter, has a sweet stroke with a good arc. Can score on all 3 levels and draw contact. Moves well without the ball, creates good separation to get his shot off. Pesky perimeter defender, and contests shots well.

Marcus Burnett 2020 6’5 Wing Thomas Jefferson HS - Athletic finisher on the drive, finishes around the defense well. Good perimeter handle. Can play defense inside and out with his long arms. Athletic rebounder. Streaky shooter, needs to be more consistent. Needs to get stronger, will be more effective thru contact.

Matt Mayers 2019 6’9 Power Forward Monsignor Scanlan - Soft touch around the rim with both hands. Decent post moves, has improved his footwork. Can put the ball on the floor and intiate the break off the defensive rebound. Decent interior defender, has long arms. Needs to get stronger so he can power thru contact down low and on the drive. Needs to improve his vertical.

Koby Brea 2020 6’4 Combo Guard Monsignor Scanlan - Good court vision and shifty handle, wide crossover creates good separation. Can score on all 3 levels. Attacks hard on drive but is under control. Quality outside shooter, good arc on his shot. Needs to secure the ball better under pressure. Needs to add muscle.

Joe Munden 2020 6’4 Wing Monsignor Scanlan - Athletic finisher on the drive. Good perimeter handle. Has improved his outside shooting, is now a threat from deep. Plays the passing lanes well, uses his long arms to his advantage. Needs to get stronger to finish thru contact more consistently.

DJ Bailey 2020 5’9 Point Guard Monsignor Scanlan - Tough nosed guard with a strong body. Crafty finisher thru traffic. Good speed with the ball. Is a good playmaker, assists the ball well. Good pullup off the dribble. Needs to take care of the ball better.

Zed Key 2020 6’9 Center Long Island Lutheran - Great post moves and is a consistent finisher inside. Has the strength and poise to finish thru traffic. Can finish over both shoulders. Strong rebounder. Good shot blocker. Controls the paint on both ends. Runs the floor well. Has a good hands. High IQ. High potential. Solid body.

Jalen Celestine 2020 6’6 Wing Long Island Lutheran - Can score on all 3 levels. Has good footwork with the ball and creates good separation on the stepback. Quality outside shooter, good elevation. Athletic finisher on the drive. Good passer. Moves feet quickly on defense. Athletic build, long arms.

Jose Cuello 2019 5’11 Point Guard Wings Academy - Crafty finisher on drive. Shifty handle with good court vision, throws strong accurate passes. Good footwork with the ball, creates driving lanes off the dribble. Pesky perimeter defender. Doesn’t get rattled emotionally. Streaky outside shooter.