2018 Battle of the Bronx

By Derrick Irving

On Thanksgiving Friday and Saturday, Recruit the Bronx was on hand to watch the2018-19 season opening Battle of the Bronx at Evander Childs HS in the Bronx, NY. The event is ran by Evander Childs Varsity Head Coach Dave Fonfa. Here are our top prospects from the event:

Kevon Wiggins 2019 6’3 Guard Evander Childs - An aggressive scorer who attacks the gaps in the defense. Crafty finisher on the drive thru traffic, has good body control. Good anticipation playing the defensive passing lanes, quick hands. Needs to look to distribute more.

Asany Small 2019 6’6 Power Forward Evander Childs HS - Soft touch around the basket with decent post moves. Can finish thru contact inside. Good interior defender. Has become more aggressive on the boards. Has increased his vertical which helps him grab more rebounds and finish above the rim more. Solid body with long arms. Needs to improve his stamina.

Jahdal Givens 2020 6’2 Shooting Guard Evander Childs - High energy player, non-stop motor. He’s involved in every play. Good cutter,  sees the soft spots in the defense and makes himself available for a pass. Quick hands on defense, he gives a lot of effort on the defensive end. Needs to throw more accurate passes.

Brian Burke 2021 6’5 Forward WHEELS - Good perimeter handle at his size. Can initiate the break off the defensive and go coast to coast. Quick hands plays the passing lanes well. Runs the floor well. Long and lanky frame. Needs to add muscle will help him finish thru contact better.

Joe Thompson 2019 5’9 Point Guard Longwood Prep - Very poised floor general passes his teammates open. Strong handle. Quick first step, crafty finisher on the drive. Good pullup jumper. Quick feet on defense, pesky perimeter defender.

Mustafa Kedeeh 2020 6’5 Power Forward Longwood Prep - Good rebounder who uses his size and girth to his advantage. Secures the ball strong after the rebound. Big body. Needs to improve his athleticism and agility.

Isaiah Gray 2019 6’3 Wing MLK HS - Explosive leaper attacks the basket very strong. Hard to stop going downhill on the break, can finish thru contact. Disciplined defender with quick hands. Athletic rebounder. High IQ. Strong body.

Raven Merritt 2019 6’4 Wing MLK HS - Good slashing moves to the baaket, quick first step. Crafty finisher on the drive,  good footwork. Decent outside shot. Good leaping ability. Lanky frame. Needs to be stronger with his perimeter handle.

Trayvon Mack 2020 5’8 Point Guard Seward Park - High energy PG can control pace and tempo on offense. Quick and shifty handle with good court vision, throws strong accurate passes. Acrobatic finisher on the drive. Pesky perimeter defender. Sneaky athleticism. Adept at drawing contact but needs to keep under control to convert.

Julian Camacho 2019 5’9 Point Guard Seward Park - Hard nosed, tough guard. Runs the floor well and gets to the open space in the defense. Good midrange pull up. Can finish thru contact on drive. Strong handle.

Shakiem Reid 2019 6’3 Wing Seward Park - Explosive leaper attacks the basket strong. Can finish thru contact on the drive. Contests shots well, 6’9 wingspan. Athletic build. Needs to make better decision with the ball on the perimeter.

Bryce Arroyo 2019 6’1 Guard Samuel Gompers - Crafty finisher on the drive. Hard to stop going downhill on the break. Good pullup jumper. Can score on all three levels. Quick hands on defense. Strong athletic body. Needs to improve his playmaking skills.

Denzel Arnold 2019 5’10 Guard Prospect Heights - Quick first step, gets good separation on the blow by. Consistently finishes on the break. Runs the floor well and finds the open lanes.  Pesky perimeter defender. Needs to be a more consistent outside shooter.

Leo Rodriguez 2019 6’4 Power Forward 50th Street Campus - Battles for rebounds hard, gives good effort. Active on the defensive end, moves his feet well. Solid body with long arms. Needs to be more consistent finishing thru contact.

Vlad Svidruk 2019 6’0 Guard Midwood - Good handle, runs the offense well. Good pullup jumper, good 3pt shooter. Crafty finisher on the drive. Pesky perimeter defender. Needs to improve his overall athleticism.