2019 All Gym Rat Challenge Team - 10th Grade Division

Excerpted from Gym Rat Challenge reporting

Zaire Rogers (1) 6-7 forward Playaz Basketball Club/Immaculate Conception School: Not happy with his sophomore campaign coming off the bench for his high school team this past season, he is dedicating his summer to improving. And, the results are more than positive so far. He scored 17 points, blocked three shots and had nine rebounds in the championship game. He is an athlete who plays above the rim and excels at finishing through contact. Crashes the offensive and defensive glass consistently. Very high court IQ and a willing passer. Already has an offer from Saint Peter’s and early interest from Penn State and La Salle.

Brennan Clark Jr. (10) 6-5 forward Niagara District/Wilson Magnet School: Very quick hands on defense, can guard any position. Shot-blocker while guarding straight up. Plays center field on defense and gets his share of steals. A high-flyer with a lot of explosive dunks. A willing passer on drives and kicks. Very mobile as a rim attacker and protector.

Ryan Donohue (5) 6-0 combo guard ASA Select/Boston Latin School: An athletic and versatile guard adept at playing either backcourt spot. Does anything a team needs ...can score, rebound, set teammates up with ready-to-score passes, beat the press with his dribble, and defends. Capable of scoring from anywhere. Makes threes, gets transition baskets, works hard on the boards for his size and gets put-backs. Extremely high motor. Not only led his team in the championship game, but willed his squad to a win in a tight semifinal-round contest.

Max Hall (2) 5-11 guard ASA Select-Smith/Belmont Hill School: A well-coached, solid all-around player. Quick first step to get past and break down defenders. Fearless driving to the basket and knows how to use his body to protect the ball. Consistent jump shooter with 3point range. Can play either guard position. Adept with both hands. Quick feet, solid defender. Motor constantly runs Not afraid to take big shot. Creates own show and creates for teammates, as well. Good at drawing and dishing to open man on perimeter.

Donte White-Barboza (20) 5-10 guard ASA Select-Smith/Boston Green Academy: Muscular physique and above-average strength for age level. Quick feet and hands. Strength makes it tough on opponents he’s defending. At his best in the open court, driving and slashing to the basket, but also knows how to find openings for wide-open 3’s when trailing the break. Competed in Boston City All-Star game.

Brandon Hall (11) 6-3 wing Valley Thunder/Coughlin High School: Highly athletic and quick with obvious major upside. Plays taller than 6-3 because of wing span and jumping ability. Elevates quickly. A tough matchup for defenders because of quickness vs. post players and size vs. opposing guards. Alters and blocks shots. May be used to break pressure and run break. Slasher on offense, always looking to drive. Needs to improve left hand and develop consistent jumper and improve free-throw shooting.

Blake Mackesy (42) 6-5 forward Valley Thunder/Meyers High School: Physically imposing and strong for his age. Thick body. Runs floor well. Can hold block and has nice drop-step move. Quick spin move near the bucket. Strong enough to finish at the basket. Nice hands, catches well in half court and on break. Needs to mature as he tends to take off possessions on the defensive end when things not going his way. Tends to rely on size rather than boxing out for rebounds. Drexel has shown early interest.

Marcus Dior (23) 5-9 guard The Unit Promise-Red/Kenmore East High School: Can play either guard spot. Adept with both hands. A slasher, and wants to always attack the basket. Showed he can be a consistent 3-point shooter when left open. Can create shot for himself and for teammates. A quick pest on defense.

Patrick Healy (50) 6-0 guard Premier NY-Calabria/Northport High School: Ultimate gym rat. Always in the right place. Legs full of floor burns. Constant motor. Well coached and fundamentally sound. Quick first step beats defender. Strong enough to finish. Consistent jump shot and 3-point shot. Not afraid to take on bigs for rebounds. Solid ball-handler. Adept with both hands. Excellent passer in half court and on break. Averaged 21 points per game in pool play here.

Malachi Coleman (10) 6-2 guard Premier NY-Calabria/Bay Shore High School: Quickest player and best defender in his pool here. Lightning for hands and feet. Physically strong for his age and imposes his will on opponents when on defense. Always active, never stands around. Beats opposing guards off first step and strong enough to finish against post players. Consistent shot out to 3-point range. A pest and physically intimidating on defense.

Jimmy Cosgrove (7) 6-6 forward Premier New York-Calabria/H Frank Carey High School: Nice touch with jump shot. Can step out and make the three, but needs consistency. Runs floor well. Catches ball well in post on the break. Doesn’t force things on offense. When double-teamed down low, he finds open man on perimeter or slashing to the hoop. Nice moves around the basket and somewhat nimble. Needs time in the weight room to get stronger, which will allow him to finish more at the basket, hold lower block and rebound even better.

Keith Warren Jr. (1) 6-0 point guard Niagara District/McQuaid Jesuit High School: Can score at all three levels with the dribble. A good passer who tries to get everyone a touch. Loves to attack on defense to force turnovers. Moves his feet at the highest level. Can go either direction to get his favorite shot at the mid-range. Runs the baseline all the time, making him hard to guard. Needs just to make sure his team is where it needs to be on offense.

Justus Ross Simmons (12) 6-1 forward Niagara District/McQuaid Jesuit High School: A spot-up 3-point shooter when open. Strong like an ox in the post, and on defense making him hard to move. Can attack the rim and dunk on defenders. Can run an offense through him at the low post due to his passing ability. Can guard 1-through-4, making it easy to switch defensively. Had a lot of chase down blocks. Needs to improve his left when getting to the hoop.

Andrew Byfield (0) 6-3 forward Take Charge-DeStefano/Franklin High School: A big, strong front court player who loves to crash the glass on both ends. Gets a lot of and-ones on offense. He is always going up with two hands and rebounds outside the paint. Can guard any position on defensive switches. A good rim runner, and all he knows is one speed ... fast. Needs only to add a couple offensive moves to become tougher to guard.

Declan Walmsley (24) 6-3 forward Take Charge-DeStefano/Franklin High School: Always on the move, either to catch and shoot or to spread the floor. Opponents have to guard him at the 3-point stripe. Uses shot fake to get defense to play up on him and, then, drives past to the rim. Crashes offensive boards with two hands to get a lot of put-backers. Really works to play defense, doesn’t give up even if his assignment is bigger. Needs to add a better handle to improve his stock at the next level.

Raimir Rivera (30) 6-1 forward ACC/Danbury High School: Can create own shot when he attacks right. In small ball, he can guard any position. Unselfish, passes the ball to get teammates going. Strong rebounder and will push the ball up court himself. He is a spot-up shooter when left open. Needs only to improve handle in order to go right or left to the hoop.

Cam McDonough (12) 5-10 point guard NE Blizz/Norwood High School: A true on-court leader that always tries to make sure his teammates are in the right spots. Can go left or right and knows how to keep his dribble. High court IQ with creating passing lanes. Moves his feet well on defense to keep opponents in front of him and force turnovers. Could get lower on dribble in order to get past defenders and get to the rim.

Jaylen Bhoorasingh (4) 5-8 point guard Reach One Teach One/Holy Trinity High School: A small guard who has a strong lower base, helping him attack the rim. Outstanding handle which forces team to often double him. He can get in the lane at will, and when stopped he has a go-to mid-range shot. Forces a lot of turnovers just by wanting the ball more than opponents. Tends to relie a little too much on step-back shot.

Jason DiMura (11) 6-0 guard Early Risers 16U/Monroe Woodbury High School: Loves the pick and roll, going right with his head up for a pass. Always boxes out for rebounds to start the offense. Shoots well from 3-point line. Has a good shot fake to get past defenders to the rim. Has an outstanding floater when he goes to his left. Could improve ball-handling quickness.

Tristian Jeffries (0) 6-5 forward Playaz Basketball Club/Gil St. Bernard’s School: An all-around skilled player with a high IQ for the game. Has the ability to finish in a multitude of ways around the rim, both above and below. Very talented shooter and all-around scorer. Needs to pick up defensive intensity, though. Offensive threat from anywhere. Starting to hear from Temple, St. Joe’s and Manhattan.

Evan Williams (25) 6-1 forward HST/Boston College High School: Fearless on-court mentality, and plays stronger than his size would indicate. Very high court IQ. Always seems to be in the right shot at the right time. Nice shooting touch, and showed off that ability both from 3-point territory and mid-range. Needs to work on finishing better at the rim with either hand.

Tashaan Lewis (2) 5-10 guard Next Level NY/Woodlands High School: Excellent in transition game. Explosive guard who looks to run and use his athleticism in the open floor. Very composed and confident with the ball in his hands. Good overall point-guard skills as a ball-handler. Capable shooter if his feet are set. Needs to improve a little as a passer and with help-side defense.

Cooper Limric (33) 6-7 center CT Heat/East Catholic High School: A big-bodied big man with a high court IQ. He recognizes his limitations and excels at his strength and uses them. Good finisher at the rim with his right hand, and big enough to get that shot at any time. Capable mid-range shooter when open. Needs to improve inside work with his off hand.

Cooper Francis (20) 6-0 point guard Long Island Surf/Chaminade High School: A do-it-all point guard who is an outstanding floor general. He is always looking for his teammates in open-floor situations. Just a selfless player with a high basketball IQ. Plays with a motor on both ends of the court, which elevates his effectiveness. Needs only a more-consistent jump shot.

Christian Mangrum (5) 6-1 point guard Team Elevation-Green/South Brunswick High School: A very smooth-scoring point guard. More of a scorer than a distributor. Reads the defense very well and can take advantage of what’s there to score at all levels of the game. Excels at long-range shooting and can also finish at the rim. His game would benefit with the addition of a mid-range game.


Jabri Fitzpatrick (7) 5-10 guard Team Elevation-Green/North Brunswick High School: Solid off guard. Excels at scoring, particularly in the half court. Just a smooth scorer with a ton of upside. Prefers to shoot it from deep, but also has the ability to get past defenders and score at the rim with either hand. Needs to be more aware of finding teammates in transition situations.

Justin Glover (4) 6-2 guard Playaz Basketball Club/Hudson Catholic High School: Just a sniper, a sharpshooter with a very quick release. He is not afraid to let it fly from wherever he is on the court. His points come in bunches. Has the ability to score at the rim, but is more comfortable from deep. Needs to be a little less streaky and try to get to the foul line more. Has high academics and is hearing from Columbia University and Princeton.

Jordan Derkack (4) 6-1 guard MSU Skyliners/Colonial High School: An efficient player and a fundamentally sound run. Good point guard who runs the show. Really sees the court. Capable of hitting the open three-pointer. Nice follow-through o his shots. Showed off a nice hesitation dribble move. Effective use of a shot fake. Has a quick spin move in the lane.

Trevor Beals (30) 6-4 forward, XL Thunder/Messabesic High School: Plays hard, great motor. Fairly strong inside player. Showed a decent touch on his jumper. Mid-range jump shot is effective, and will also hit three pointers with his feet set. Can finish around the hoop in traffic, and finishes with either hand. His team’s go-to player here. Always seems to be part of the action. Strong rebounder. Just produces, whether from the perimeter or in the paint.

Adam Lux (38) 6-3 forward XL Thunder/Kennebunk High School: He can shoot from the perimeter, even out to three-point land, with his feet set. Showed off a nice running floater. Scores inside and outside.Has good, soft hands. Sees the court well and will deliver passes to open teammates. Finishes with strength with either hand.

Kyle Dalhouse (35) 6-5 forward East Coast Elite/Warwick High School: Long and athletic with excellent potential. Comfortable on the perimeter and makes shots from out there. Runs court very well. Showed an ability to hit the floater. Goes to the basket and draws fouls. Uses length to block shots.

Malachi Brown (4) 6-4 post Worcester Team United/Holy Name School: Good size and uses it to score in the paint. A good rebounded and throws decent outlet passes. Fairly strong big man Provides an inside presence with his size, but needs to finish better and will when he adds strength.

Isaiah Baker (24) 5-10 guard Lone Wolf/Hazen Union School: A very smart player with an extremely high motor. He’s not afraid to drive hard to the hoop. Also showed an ability to pull up and make the floater. Has a nice-looking shot and can take and make it all the way out to three-point line. Play here was limited due to an injury.

Adam Rutherford (15) 6-0 guard Worcester Team United/Wachusett High School: An off guard who can go off the dribble and go strong to the hoop to score. Strong finisher with either hand. Finishes nicely in transition. Contributes in a variety of ways. Sees the court well and makes others better. Has a nice shooting touch.


Jake Okon (1) 6-1 guard 6th Boro Hoops/Fordham Preparatory School: A lefty shooter who can stroke it from deep, even beyond the three-point stripe. Very confident in his shot, not afraid to pull the trigger from anywhere. Can also get to the hoop off the dribble. Just a true scorer. Will challenge bigger defenders in the lane. Sees the court well.


Amari Ellis (10) 5-9 point guard East Coast Elite/Goshen High School: A quick and athletic player who really excels as a point guard. He gets into the lane and is creative around the hoop. Has decent spin dribble and cross-over dribble moves. Can drive and dish. Puts defensive pressure on the ball. Made big plays in every game here. Calvin Gayton (10) 5-10 guard East Coast Elite/Middletown High School: Likes to move in transition and really sees the court well when on the move. He goes hard to the hoop. Showed off an ability to shoot off the dribble. Exhibited a nice cross-over dribble more to get into the lane. Can hit the three-pointer. Made big plays at clutch time in games here.

Cayman Warburton (24) 5-10 point guard Worcester Team Elite/Shrewsbury High School: Fearless with the ball in his hands and he gets to the hoop. Gets into the lane and will dish to open teammates. Really sees the court well when on the move. Usually runs the show. Has a very good handle. Can shoot perimeter shot with his feet set.

Jarmarques Lawrence (10) 6-0 point guard MSU Skyliners/Plainfield High School: He is at his best in transition game. Really sees the court when he’s on the move and he makes good, crisp passes. Showed the ability to finish in traffic. Also has a nice mid-range jumper. Can shoot from the perimeter with his feet set. Also makes floaters. Nice left-handed inside/out dribble move.

Colin Schoeon (0) 6-4 forward Worcester Team United/Doherty High School: Nice size and uses it well. Showed potential for improvement. Willingly hits the boards and goes hard after rebounds. Showed the ability to make perimeter jump shots. Has a nice shot fake and drive move. Makes major contributions to a team’s success in a variety of ways.

Kaylon Dickinson (23) 6-5 point guard CD Premier/La Salle Institute: A tall point guard with good passer and vision. Is strong, athletic and has speed. Active hands on the defensive end. Very aggressive, has the skills to be a good defender. Could have better mechanics on shot, use left hand more and finish with contact. He has Division 1 potential.

Darrien Berrios-Rivera (24) 6-4 guard Team Pennsylania/Central Dauphin High School: A big-bodied shooting guard. Very physical player. Showed off a nice shooting touch. Strong driving to the basket and finishes with his left hand in traffic. Good shooter, but streaky. Will be better with improved speed and quickness.


Tyree Morris (5) 6-4 center Team Pennsylvania/Mechanicsburg High School: A true post player. He has a big and physical frame and not afraid to use it. Has long arms. Uses his size and length to be an effective rebounder. Needs to add ball-handling skills if he doesn’t get taller. Could improve post footwork and positioning.

Jerry Batchler (0) 5-10 guard Mid Atlantic Heat/Germantown Academy: An aggressive combo guard who is more of a driver. Tough and competitive nature. A streaking shooter out to 3-point line. Quick burst off the dribble. Undersized for a scoring guard, yet crafty enough to finish in the lanes. Has quick hands on defense. Just needs to be a more-consistent shooter.

Kobey Hart (6) 5-9 point guard East Coast Panthers-Toledano/Brewster High School: A pass-first point guard who looks to create for his teammates. He attacks in transition and looks up the floor. Not a scorer, and he struggles to finish in the lane. Pressures the ball well. Will improve finishing with added size and strength.

Jo Jo Powers (10) 6-1 guard NE Buzz Elite/Dedham High School: A tough guard with good size. He plays hard and is a real leader on the floor. Not a great shooter yet, relies on his driving ability. He just competes until the final buzzer. Good facilitator who gets his teammates involved. Will get better as he becomes more disciplined on defense.

Cameron Shaughnessy (30) 6-5 forward NE Buzz Elite/Plymouth North High School: A wide-bodied lefty post player. Built like an offensive lineman, but extremely skilled. Has a great feel for the game. A crafty, below-the-rim finisher. Showed range to 17 feet. Passes well and willingly out of the post. Good footwork for his size/age. Excellent hands. Must improve conditioning.

Sean Smith (5) 6-1 guard HOPE/Northstar Christian Academy: Great size and frame for a guard at this division. Physical player. Attacks the basket in transition, and is a strong finisher in the lane. Scorer’s mentality. Much more effective as a driver. Good 3-point shooter, especially from the corners, but stronger in mid-range. Very active hands on defense.

Keenan Robertson (33) 6-4 wing HOPE/Irondequit High School: Already good, but has potential to be a D1 mid-major level player. Long and lanky frame, looks like he could grow more. Excellent ball skills for his size. Very good passer, although needs to increase his motor. Capable of finishing at the rim. Not a great shooter, but his technique looks fine. Tremendous upside.

Joel Emmanuel (13) 6-3 wing Palisades Elite/Suffern High School: A driver/slasher who loves to attack the rim. Had a few big-time finishes in transition. Extremely athletic, but could be more consistent with his motor/effort. Good passer. Plays point guard for his team, so he’s obviously comfortable with the ball in his hands. Did not show an ability here to shoot from the perimeter.

Billy Klarmann (30) 5-11 point guard Palisades Elite/Northern Highlands High School: Key player for his team, he makes winning plays. Controls the game and makes the right play. A real floor leader, knows how to run a team. Good vision. Excellent three-point shooter with his feet set. Competitor that plays with swagger. Not the quickest player, but plays angles well.

Dominick Barlow (13) 6-6 center Bulls Basketball Club/Dumont High School: A strong and athletic true center with a high motor. An elite rebounder, will chase down missed shots out of his area. A rim protector, will change and alter shots at the rim. Runs the floor hard, will finish above the rim in transition. Effective up-and-under move. Looks to finish immediately after grabbing offensive rebounds.

Ryan Crockett (33) 6-0 guard Maine Renegades-Rogers/Old Orchard Beach High School: A crafty playmaker who utilizes a variety of fakes to get the defense out of position and create quality looks for himself and his teammates. Highly effective mid-range pull-up jumper. Quick release, doesn’t need much time or space to get his shot off. Efficient from 3-point range in catch-and-shoot situations.

Aaron Cooley (11) 6-6 forward BABC 2021/Beaver Country Day School: A long, athletic forward who uses his length to take away passing lanes and cause deflections. Uses length to grab rebounds at their highest pout. Great footwork, utilizes the jump step to fool defenders and get easy looks at the rim. Triple threat. Jab series often gains a step and keeps defenders on his hip. Very good on ball and help defenders. Can guard multiple positions. Efficient at finishing around the rim through contact.

Justin Demarisa (14) 6-1 guard Newburgh Zion Lions/New Paltz High School: A long, athletic wing with a high and quick release. Makes spot-up three pointers off the catch at a high percentage. Does a nice job relocating around the arc to create shooting opportunities. Throws quick and accurate outlet passes in transition. Runs the lane with a purpose. A threat to hit transition 3’s. Quality rebounder on both ends.

Kunga Tserig (24) 6-6 forward Bulls Basketball Club/Hasbrouck Heights High School: A long, athletic forward who uses his length to alter shots at the rim. Tenacious rebounder on both ends, uses his athleticism more than positioning. Good mid-range shooter, can step out to the 3-point line. Quick reflexes, does a good job of anticipating and getting deflections, steals and blocks. Double-double guy. Good hands.

Diamonte McMillan (0) 6-1 guard Newburgh Zion Lions/Newburgh Free Academy: A tireless scorer, averaging close to 30 points per game in games here. Excels at getting to the rim and finishing over defenders with acrobatic moves. Speed in the open court allows him to beat defenders to the hoop. In quarter court, his quickness leaves defenders on his hip and out of position to challenge his shot. A dominant inside scoring machine. Will finish above the rim when given a path to the hoop.

Darius Boben (2) 6-1 guard Newburgh Zion Lions/James I. O’Neil High School: A strong and powerful guard with outstanding ball control. Changes speed well enough to create driving opportunities off the dribble. His strength allows him to finish plays at the rim through contact. Great on-ball defender with the ability to guard every position. Overall, just a dominant two-way player. E

Van Wiley (21) 6-7 forward Maine Renegades-Simonds/Lake Region High School: Stretch 4 with great range. Showed great hands at both ends of the court. Alters every shot, has an inside presence that makes offensive players think twice about going into the paint. Has a guar-like handle and he runs the floor really well for his size. Needs only to get stronger overall.


Alex Barnhill (23) 6-6 wing Team Swish/Mekeel Christian Academy: Guard-like skills and good size. Has tremendous length and knows how to use it. Impact player defensively because of his length, alters multiple shots. Runs the floor well in transition. Very capable outside shooter. Needs only to add strength.

Tyrell Staples-Santos (3) 6-2 guard PHD Basketball/Kolbe Cathedral High School: Very high offensive IQ, a real floor general. Always seems to make the right decision. Very smooth offensive game with a nice-looking, proper technique jump shot. Handles the ball well, and showed off a left-to-right crossover move. Needs to improve shooting off the dribble.

Eudell Mason (23) 6-1 guard PHD Basketball/Kolbe Cathedral High School: Uses strength to finish well at the rim. Has a smooth overall game, but loves the “bully ball” style of play. Great speed. Built like a football player. Moves to the front court well, despite being undersized there. But gets by with strength and pace. Must improve outside shot and handle.

Hagen Foley (0) 6-2 guard Team Swish/Christian Brothers Academy: High overall court IQ. Knows where to be on the floor. Can play the point or off the ball positions. Finishes well at the basket. Has good length. Relentlessly attacks the basket. Had 24 points in a pool-round game. Needs just to add some strength.

Wyatt Hathaway (5) 5-9 guard Maine Renegades-Simonds/Leavitt Area High School: The ultimate floor general. Just a great passer, and knows how to set up teammates for good looks. Quick hands on the defensive end, just an outstanding defender who gets his share of steals/deflections. Lighting fast on the break, but can play at any pace. Needs to just be more aggressive on offense.

Juan Lansore (11) 6-1 guard Lights Out/Snowden High School: Very high motor, always hustling on every play. Strong finisher, especially off ball screens and in transition. Long arms and active hands on the defensive end. Quick second jump for rebounding. Knows where to be on the floor. Needs just to improve outside jumper.

Clayton Patillo (2) 6-0 guard Early Risers-STOTE/Kingston High School: One of the more-physical guards at this age division, and knows how to use his strength. A real team leader vocally. Great enthusiasm on the defensive end. Pure athlete that knows where to be on the floor. Super aggressive, when he rips down low no one can stay in front of him. Will improve with better outside shot.

Jamir Stewart (21) 5-10 guard LI Rough Ryderz/Baldwin High School: A undersized guard, but overcomes that with his relentless style of play, particularly when attacking the basket. Knows how to control a game’s tempo. He is just everywhere on the floor, a flat-out leader. Tough as nails defender. Needs to improve outside shooting.

Shyquan Royal (2) 6-1 guard Early Risers-STOTE/Kingston High School: Good size for a guard, and is physically more dominant than the majority of backcourt players in his age division. An athlete with a capable outside shot. Most effective going to his right. Can take the ball off the rebound well and take it the length of the floor. Needs to improve overall consistency.


Evan Kiely (4) 5-9 guard Ontario Storm 2021/Henninger High School: A tough, smart guard. Did a great job of leading his team all tournament. Played both at the point and off guard fluidly and effectively. Finished through contact at the rim. Shoots it well from three-point land. Guarded the opposing teams’ best guard with intensity.

Tobe Awaka (30) 6-6 forward Dare 2B Great/Hyde Park High School: Good size, length and an absolute monster in the paint. Great on the glass on both ends. Goes after everything with great effort and results. His rebounding ability changed his team’s games. Showed some potential on offense. Strong defender, really clogs the middle.

Keonjay Carter (33) 6-1 guard The Unit Promise-Black/Park School: A drive-and-kick specialist from the point. Strong body and handles contact with ease. Capable shooter from three-point land, and even better finishing at the rim. Took on the opposing team’s best guard on defense. In one sequence here, pinned a layup off the backboard and then, took a charge to ice a victory in a game.

Joseph Davis (3) 5-11 guard D Squad/Utica Proctor High School: A very quick backcourt performer, who uses his speed well. Played both at the point and at the off-guard spot with ease. Attacks the rim relentlessly. High motor. Uses his feet on defense to keep opposing ball-handlers in front of him. Has outstanding defensive quickness.

Thomas Hall (23) 6-3 guard Empire State Storm/Albertus Magnus High School: A very smooth guard/small forward performer. He is quick enough to beat bigger defenders, and big enough to overwhelm smaller/quicker defenders. Finishes with either hand through contact here. Smooth and easy jumper from all levels.

Izaiah Poole (13) 6-0 guard Triple Threat-NJ/Campus High School: A very strong guard, who knows how to use that strength to his advantage. Overpowers opponents. Plays either backcourt spot effectively. Very comfortable passer. Gives it up to teammates in good positions. Quiet leader on the court. Very steady. Showed a nice touch from long range.

Amiel Collins (2) 6-3 guard The Unit Promise-Black/St. Francis High School: A long, strong and athletic wing and knows how to use those physical traits to his advantage. Uses size well to get into the paint and finish against contact. Great teammate, on-court leader. Capable-enough shooter from the three-point area.

Delano Knox (88) 6-2 guard Dare 2B Great/Arlington High School: A great attack player, relentlessly on the move towards the basket. Seems to find his way to the rim every time, and finishes strongly through contact. Just a great finisher. Strong team-oriented skills. Also showed a nice shooting touch out to three-point territory.

Michel Ndayishimiye (11) 5-9 guard VT Elite 2021/Rice Memorial: Plays at a different, quicker pace than everyone else on the court. Excellent in transition, and when he gets to the rim. Nice mid-range game… both on pull-ups and floaters. Terrific defensive player. Gets his hands on everything and sees help side rotations to take charges.


Jacob Harris (24) 6-2 guard ASA Select-Rudy/Beaver Country Day School: A big, slashing combo guard. More of an off-guard, but did some nice things from the point, too. Very good at putting it on the deck and getting to the rim. Creative finisher with a nice touch. Can make a wide-open three-pointer. Tough to stop in transition.

Jack Spellman (32) 6-6 forward Unity Legends Select/Westfield High School: A long, lanky forward. More of a stretch forward right now but as his frame fills looks to have the skills to play in the post. Can score at all three levels. He makes three pointers. Has a very nice mid-range game. Good finisher at the rim. Defends the rim well with his length. Blocks a lot of shots.

Dylan Griffin (17) 6-5 forward Blue Wave Elite-Pilsbury/Thornton Academy: He can do everything, a real advantage for his height. Really high IQ player. Uses his frame well to dew fouls and carve out space. Gets fouled a lot and is a terrific free-throw shooter. Used as a point forward at times and does a nice job getting his teammates involved. Good 3-point shooter.

Ashon Wright (10) 6-1 guard City Rocks-Tucker/Colonie High School: A smart point guard. He really sets the tone for his team. Great handle and is a good finisher at the rim. Rare ability to pass and finish equally well with either hand. Passing is his best trait and he has strong court vision. A high motor, just a competitor at all times.

Marcus Shelton (23) 6-4 wing City Rocks-Tucker/Colonie High School: A gifted wing scorer. He can score from anywhere on the court. Best attribute is his mid-range game, but also showed the ability to make the open three-pointer. If he hit consistently from long range he’d be nearly impossible to guard. Good hands put to advantage at both ends of the court.

Honorable Mentions:

 Darius Hastings 6-4 forward Back 2 Basics Academy  Hayden Kloop 6-1 guard Valley Thunder  Jack Garside 6-2 guard Premier NY-Calabria  Robby Kennedy 5-10 guard Premier NY-Calabria  Josh Archibald 6-4 forward Premier NY-Calabria  Anthony Locasio 5-7 guard Golden Eagles B-Guest  Dennis Hayes 6-0 guard Golden Eagles B-Guest  Malik Jemison 6-0 guard The Unit Promise-Red  Zac Kelly 5-9 guard The Unit Promise Red  Jacob Shadders 6-1 guard Niagara District  Collins Imade 6-0 guard NE Blizz  Teddy Ariel 6-3 forward NE Blizz  Omarie Sealy 5-11 guard Take Charge DeStefano  Evan Skeary 5-10 guard Take Charge DeStefano  Kevin Vidmar 6-0 forward ACC  Danta Davis 6-3 guard Playaz Basketball Club  Jack Hurley 6-1 forward HST  Jourdan Belcher 6-6 forward Next Level NY  Matthew Phillips 6-7 forward Next Level NY  Ethan Guy 6-2 wing Team Elevation-Green  Devin Kennedy 6-8 center Team Elevation-Green  Khalil Brantley 5-11 guard Playaz Basketball Club  Zarique Nutter 6-5 forward Playaz Basketball Club  Riley Ramundo 6-7 center 6th Boro Hoops  Ryan McPartlan 6-3 wing 6th Boro Hoops  Christopher Rotiroti 6-2 wing 6th Boro Hoops  Nathaniel Smith 5-11 guard XL Thunder  Caleb Corey 5-11 guard XL Thunder  Alex McAlevey 5-11 guard XL Thunder  Nate Brown 5-11 guard East Coast Elite  Octavio Alexander 6-0 guard Worcester Team United  Aiden Paquette 5-9 guard Lone Wolf  Bryce Ilsley 5-8 guard Lone Wolf  Amir Porter 6-4 post MSU Skyliners  Terrell Henderson 5-10 guard MSU Skyliners  Maddox Blaise 6-2 forward Lone Wolf  Daron Montgomery 6-1 wing MSU Skyliners  Jimyh Evans 6-7 center CD Premier  Tanner Daniels 6-1 point guard Maine Renegades  Judah Tomb 6-1 point guard Team Pennsylvania  Jonathan Maldonado 6-0 point guard One N Done  Andrew Tanous 5-10 point guard O.C. Kings  Nasier DePoy 6-7 center Demons 2021  Maddox Traynor 6-1 point guard Demons 2021  Michael Mendez 6-5 wing One N Done  Michael Wells 5-10 guard Mid Atlantic Heat  Willie Anderson 6-2 wing Mid Atlantic Heat  Nick O’Neil 5-9 guard WNY Braves  Henry Smith 5-9 guard WNY Braves  Christian Rhodes 5-10 guard East Coast Panthers’  Tate Pike 5-10 guard NE Blizz Elite  Cameron Reagan 6-3 wing NE Blizz Elite  Matt Ryan 6-1 wing NE Blizz Elite  Ethan Clark-Desouza 6-2 wing HOPE  Darnell Williams 6-0 guard HOPE  Matthew Rennie 5-11 guard HOPE  Naz Fowlks 6-2 wing HOPE  Colin James 6-3 forward HOPE  Theo Bosecker 6-1 wing Palisades Elite  Tahir Alexandre 6-3 forward Palisades Elite  Junior Tavares 6-0 wing Palisades Elite  Elijah Woods 5-10 guard We Got Next  Cole Fisher 6-1 forward Nook Raiders Moore  Jyaire Myers 5-8 guard Nook Raiders Moore  Jackson Burnham 6-1 forward Nook Raiders Moore  Dallas Weisse 5-11 guard Team Evaluation Blue  Eric Chamberlain 5-7 guard Mt. Pleasant Bulldogs  Hector Borges 6-4 forward Newburgh Zion Lions  Jaden Shelby 6-2 forward Newburgh Zion Lions  Liam Grass 6-3 forward Maine Renegades Rogers  Neftali Valentin 5-10 guard Bulls Basketball Club  Jayden Moran 5-9 guard Bulls Basketball Club  Jaden Castro 6-3 forward Bulls Basketball Club  Ojulu Omot 6-6 center BABC 2021  Sha Doherty 6-7 center BABC 2021  Kekoa McArdle 6-7 center BABC 2021  Tanner Tedescoe 6-0 forward Team Swish  Amir Muhajir 6-0 forward LI Rough Ryderz  Jordan Arias 5-9 guard LI Rough Ryderz  Karif Isaacs 5-9 guard Early Risers  Shane Circone 6-3 guard The Unit Promise  Ethan Butler 6-1 guard D Squad  Hunter Frisch 6-1 guard D Squad  Colin Harrington 6-3 forward Empire State Storm  Jamal Santana 6-0 guard Triple Threat-NJ  Caleb Hutchins 6-4 forward The Unit Promise  Carl Bruso 6-0 guard VT Elite  Devin Rogers 6-5 forward VT Elite  Jake Murphy 6-1 guard Long Island Lightning-Joyce  Jake Gomez 6-4 forward ASA Select-Rudy  Michael O’Keefe 6-1 guard ASA Select-Rudy  Dennis Demario 6-0 guard Unity Legends Select  Jordan Miller 6-1 guard Unity Legends Select  Tayshawn Lindsay 6-1 guard Blue Wave Elite-Pilsbury  Rodney Parker 6-2 guard City Rocks-Tucker  Marcel Davis 6-5 forward City Rocks-Tucker