2019 CHSAA Team Camp Player Previews


On June 28-30, the Catholic High School Athletic Association of Greater New York City will run its 2019 Team Camp. Give that this is NCAA Scholasstic “live period” sanctioned events, a very large number of D1 college coaches will be in attendance. Below we have previews on some of the top players that they will see.

All Hallows High

Bangaly Berte (2020) 6’3, Forward -  Berte is coming into his senior year with the most experience on the team. He is worked his way into the rotation in his junior year by doing the little things that gave All Hallows a chance to win. Look for him to take on a bigger role with leadership, and anchoring our defense as a senior.

Bangaly Kante (2020) 6’2 Wing - Bangaly is a lanky wing who is great playing passing lanes and defending smaller to bigger guards. While strength was a deficiency for him in the past he is currently working on his body and looks to turn a disappointing junior year into a good senior year.


Kelechi Okworogwo (2021) 6’6, Center/Forward - The long athletic forward Kelechi has made tremendous leaps from entering his freshman year till now. His game continues to grow in addition to his size; while being asked to use his athletic ability to block shots and rebound at a high level his sophomore year, Kelechi has also improved on his touch around the rim, finishing through contact, medium range jumpshot, and go to moves. He looks to have a breakout year and potentially play heavy minutes in the AHHS front court.


Lenin Garcia (2021) 6’3 Guard - The smooth 6’3 guard will be looking to have a breakout year after a sophomore year playing behind the CHSAA Player of the Year. Lenny, when in rhythm, has shown the ability to attack the basket and make shots consistently. While moving up to varsity was an adjustment as a sophomore, All Hallows will look to lean on him heavily to score and defend the ball, in addition to being a leader day in and day out.


Archbishop Molloy High

Deonte Benejan (2020) 6’1 Guard

Elijah Blackman (2020) 6’4 Wing - Elijah is a superior athlete who can shoot and get to the rim. He’s a strong, aggressive rebounder on both ends of the floor and is very quick off his feet. Elijah has the ability to make shots and finish at the rim.

Michael Brown (2020) 6’3 Shooting Guard - High energy player who can shoot and attack the rim. Relentless defender who never gives up on a play. Still growing. Very strong student (94. GPA, Awaiting June SAT)

Speedy Carcamo (2020) 5’9 Guard - Speedy is not only a nickname but also a description of how he plays. Speedy is a gifted passer who makes all around him better. A very good shooter both off the catch or dribble. He likes to play fast and share the basketball.

Alexander Maminakis (2020) 6’2 Guard

Chima Obayi (2021) 6’0 Guard

Joey Medlin (2022) 6’5 Forward



Archbishop Stepinac High


Alpha Bangura (2020) 6’8 Forward


Mathew Brand (2020) 5’10 Guard


RJ Davis (2020) 6’0 Point Guard - RJ is a USA Top 100 player in the class of 2020. Over his career he has shown his ability to score the ball, while also getting others involved. He is consistently improving his game. One thing RJ does well for his size is rebounds the ball at a high level.

Shamel Jones (2020) 6’2 Guard

Malcolm Chimezie (2021) 6’8 Power Forward - Malcolm started as a sophomore on a team that lost in the NY CHSAA City Finals. Raw in his ways, he has the ability to score around the rim and face up within 8 feet from the rim. Needs to continue to get stronger and quicker but has good foot work for a big man.


Adrian Griffin Jr (2021) - 6’7 Shooting Guard - AJ is a USA Top 10 player in the class of 2021. His frame allows for him to do so much on the Court. He has the ability to play with his back to the basket or face up and knock down shots from anywhere on the court. He has gotten better over his career shooting the ball at a high level.

Samuel Gibbs (2022) 6’2 Guard


Nathaniel Maldonado (2022) 5’11 Guard


Francisco Matte (2022) 6’0 Guard



Bishop Loughlin Memorial High


Maurice Doby (2020) 5’7 Guard

Darren Tehe (2021) 5’11 Guard

Johnny Nisbet (2022) 5’10 Guard



Cardinal Hayes High


Micah Coates (2020) 6’5 Forward

Tarik Dacosta (2020) 6’0 Guard

Shemani Fuller (2020) 6’8 Forward

Raheem McKenzie (2020) 5’11 Guard

Jalin McKoy (2021) 5’11 Guard

Jaylen Murray (2021) 6’0 Guard

Tobe Awaka (2022) 6’6 Forward

CJ Riley (2022) 5’11 Guard



Christ the King


Quaran McPherson (2020) 6’3 Guard

Ryan Myers (2020) 6’2 Shooting Guard - Myers is one of the best shooters in NYC. He is a high volume scorer, who has the strength to finish in the lane against bigger defenders. He is excellent at using screens to find open shots, and is also good at pulling up behind screens and hitting rollers out of the double-team. Myers is also an excellent on-ball defender, helped by his longer than average wing span.


Levell Smith (2020) 6’3 Guard


Moussa Cisse (2021) 7’0 Forward - Cisse is one of the premier rim protectors in the country. He routinely reaches double-digit shot blocks and rebounds against high level competition. He runs the floor above average for his size, is an excellent finisher in transistion, and has developed a reliable shot from15 feet out. Generally considered an professional prospect.


Sterling Jones (2021) 5’9 Guard - Jones is a pass-first point guard. He has great instincts and a high IQ. Jones can break down most defenseswith dribble penetration and finish strongly with either hand. He has improved as both a free throw and three point shooter. He has proven that he can lead a team at a high level.


Krist Garcia (2022) 6’0 Guard




Cristo Rey High


Jamel Anderson (2020) 6’0, Shooting Guard - Anderson has a good shooting touch from long range and is good for penetrating through the lane. Has the ability to pass to teammates in transition and has excellent court vision on the floor.


Joseph Hardin (2020) 6’0, Shooting Guard - Hardin runs the floor well and gives maximum effort on both ends. Has the ability to get rebounds and is not afraid of physical contact. Shows plenty of athleticism on the offensive end and is good at passing the ball.


Javier Panteleon (2021) 5’6, Point Guard - Panteleon is small in stature, but has a lot of energy on the floor. He can get teammates the ball in a timely fashion and is very quick when getting up the floor in transition. Makes smooth drives to the basket.


Fordham Preparatory School

Randy Zane Fulton (2020) 6’0 Guard


Mark Osime (2020) 6’1, Shooting Guard - Oisme has plenty of toughness and can move around the floor without the ball. He has the ability to attack the basket and can go up for rebounds. H e also has the ability to shoot from long range.


Alex Russo (2020) 6’0, Point Guard - Russo is a tenacious defender and is a good at facilitating to his teammates. He makes good decisions when on offense, including picking his own shots. Despite his lack of size, he finds ways to make impact on the court and shows plenty of heart.


Jake Okon (2021) 6’1 Guard

Kevin Dosin (2022) Guard

Maury Ward (2022) Guard

Thomas Whelan (2022) Guard


Iona Prep

Keeshawn Jones (2020) 6’2 Guard


Noah Tovar (2020) 6’1 Guard


Isaac Gonzalez (2022) 6’0 Guard


Ronald RJ Greene (2022) 6’4 Guard


LaSalle Academy

Michael Carothers (2020) 5’9 Guard


Monsignor Scanlan High


Rodney Bailey (2020) 5’8 Guard


Hamdel Mohamed (2020) 6’7, Forward - Mohamed is very strong and physically imposing in the low post. He has athletic ability and is good at grabbing rebounds and blocking shots. Loves to play above the rim and finds multiple ways to get the basket.


Joe Munden (2020) 6’2 Guard


Koby Brea (2021) 6’5


Ray Glasgow (2021) 6’0, Point Guard - Glasgow can create for himself on the perimeter and can shoot from long range. Although he struggles with lack of strength, he still manages to find various ways to score.


Mike Quick (2021) 6’5

Kesean Tracey (2021) 5’9 Guard


Regis High


Connor Geelan (2021) 5-11, Shooting Guard - Geelan has a knack for scoring and taking advantage of the opposition. He loves to get past his defender and is not afraid of physical contact when driving to the basket.




Sacred Heart High


Amir Byrd (2020) 6’3, Forward - Byrd is short for a forward but has a long wingspan to help compensate. He likes to run on the fast break on both ends of the court. He has cat-like quickness on the defensive end when it comes to getting steals, but truggles with drawing fouls. Byrd a great rebounder and is always ready to crash the boards.


St. John’s Preparatory School


Delano Berry (2020) 6’3, Forward - A short forward but with a long wingspan who can attack the glass with effort and can play tremendous defense. He has the ability to stay with his man at all times when on defense. Has good court vision as he knows when to pass the ball to his teammates.


Patrick Shea (2020) 6’2, Forward - Shea is undersized as a college prospect forward, yet physical when it comes to being in the paint. Great at boxing out when in the paint and has plenty of hustle as he will go running after a loose ball. Has plenty of toughness on the floor.





Mt St Michaels Academy


Chris Jenkins (2020) 6’7 Forward


Ibrahim Wattara (2020) 6’5 Forward


St Edmund Preparatory High


Malik Cole (2020) 6-4, Forward - Despite being undersized Cole can play the four or five position in high school ball. He is very aggressive on the low block when it comes to grabbing rebounds and is good at getting to the basket.


Sean Edwards (2020) 6’4 Guard - Edwards is scrappy, hard-working and can do plenty of things on the court. Is a good rebounder and can play defense when needed. Struggles with scoring, but makes up for it with his defensive effort.


Shemar Latty (2020) 6’0 Guard - Latty has the ability to score. He is a dangerous shooter from long range, also has plenty of toughness when driving into the lane and is always able to create for himself on the offensive end. He has good defensive tendencies and has good hands, which allow him to get steals.


Cameron Shields (2020) 6’0 Guard - Shields can hustle on both ends of the court and has plenty of quickness on the offensive end. He has as scoring abilities, but is very unselfish and prefers to make sure his teammates get points on the board


Chris Wiggan (2020) 6’4 Guard


Kyle Dunn (2021) 6’1 Guard


St Joseph By the Sea High

Gerard Nicholson (2020) 5’11 Point Guard - High energy scoring PG. Ability to get to the rim and strong outside shooting threat. Plays much bigger than his size and can guard multiple positions. High IQ player with great court sense and makes others around him better. 


Jaden Casanova (2020) 6’0 Shooting Guard - An explosive guard around the basket. Quick first step and finishes above the rim. Great in transition and creating shots for others by getting in to the paint.


Matt Koutros (2020) 6’2 Shooting Guard - High IQ player with ability to knock down the three. Long defender who has ability to be a presence on the boards.



St Peter’s High


Liam Murphy (2020) 6’7, Swing - Murphy that has a long wingspan and makes many powerful moves to the paint. He has guard skills with forward size which gives him versatility who can mix it up in the low post and on the perimeter….and play at the next level. He is very strong and is not afraid of contact. Great at rebounding.


Thomas Keane (2022) 5’10, Point Guard - Keane is a guard who knows how to control an offense and looks to pass the ball to his teammates at all times. Although he doesn’t look to score, he makes sure that he does not turn over the ball.




St Raymonds High


Elijah Castillo (2020) 6’4 Forward

Jayvon Flowers (2020) 5’10 Guard


Gary Grant (2020) 6’5 Guard - Grant is a slasher who is great in transition. Very athletic and will impress you with his thunderous dunks. He has a high motor and is always on the attack.

Luis Kortright (2020) 6’3 Guard - Kortright is the best shooter on the team. He is very crafty, an exceptional passer and can play above the rim.


Tahron Allen (2021) 6’4 Guard


Dior Davis (2021) 6’1 Guard


Dallas Dillard (2021) 6’0 Guard


Reggie Hudson (2021) Guard

Malachi Smith (2021) 6’0 Guard - Smith is a combo guard who is always on the attack. Always seems to make the right plays. Smith does both a great job of pushing the ball and being tremendous in the half -court game. He is lethal from 3 and is the Raven’s best on-ball defender.


Jaden-Lei Encarnacion (2022) 6’4 Forward


Xavier High


Blair Thompson (2022) 6’5 Forward - Thompson runs the floor well and is very active on the glass when it comes to getting rebounds. He is also very consistent when scoring in the paint. Uses his arm length to alter an opposing players’ shots.


Xaverian High


Elijah Hardison (2020) 6’6 Forward

Owen Jacobson (2020) 6-5, Forward - Jacobson has a lot of length and uses it to help him get rebounds. He is an enforcer in the low post for his team, and has good energy, which helps his team. A big body that can make his presence felt many places on the court.


Billy Reyes (2020) 6’2 Guard - Reyes is a versatile wing who kills with deep range shots. Reyes’ big frame allows him to score a lot of second chance points on the offensive glass. His crashing on the defensive glass creates a lot of fast break opportunities which compliment his run and gun play style.


Brandon Edmund (2021) 5’9, Point Guard - Edmeund gives his team a lot of energy and knows how to control the offense. He finds his way to the basket plenty of times and is good for getting steals on the defensive end. Shows plenty of quickness on both ends of the floor.


Nick Folk (2021) 6’0 Guard - Folk is a player with a tremendous shooting stroke and will hurt you if he has too much space outside the arc. A very long player, Folk is a combo guard who can play either the 1 or the 2 at an extremely high level. A workhorse on defense Folk uses his long arms to disrupt the ball handlers, passing lanes and grab rebounds.


Shawn Fulcher (2021) 5’11 Guard - Fulcher is a point guard who uses his strong ball handling to create lanes for himself and shots for others. He has tremendous court vision and speed. A great finisher at the rim. A player who is able to guard multiple positions and is able make the opposition very uncomfortable.


Jaden Pina (2021) 6’5 Small Forward


Matt Gonzalez (2022) 5’11 Guard