2019 Top of the Hill Classic Top Performers - 7/29

By David Cordova

On Monday, July 29, Recruit the Bronx paid a visit to the Soundview section of The Bronx to check out the action at the Top of the Hill Basketball Classic. It is a brand-new tournament that is sponsored by Kemba Walker of the Boston Celtics, becoming a hub for plenty of talent from around the city. Here are standouts from Monday’s games:

Alberto Laureano, 6-4, Shooting Guard, Thurgood Marshall Academy, Team JO, Class of 2020 - Laureano can slice and dice to the hole with no problem and loves to play above the rim. Is a tenacious defender that looks to block shots when playing defense. A player that loves to run on the fast break.

Steven Turner, 6-0, South Bronx Preparatory School, Team JO, Class of 2021 - Turner can attack in transition and can make smooth moves to the basket. If not contained, he can obliterate the defense with his ability to penetrate to the lane and score.

Rosshaun Barreto, 6-2, Shooting Guard, Wings Academy, Class of 2021 - ABarreto has a long wingspan and is able to see the floor and is good at being aggressive on the offensive end as far as taking it to the basket. Is very hard to stop when it comes to scoring.

Rashawn Thompson, 5-10, Shooting Guard, Wings Academy, Class of 2021 - Thompson is very quick when in transition and loves to take it to the basket. Struggles with shooting, but finds ways to get through the lane for a layup. Is fearless when going to the hole and can get to the basket.

Eric Davis, 6-2, Shooting Guard, South Bronx Preparatory School, Team Jo, Class of 2021 - Davis can play in the low-post and grab rebounds and can attack in transition. Is very solid on defense and can put pressure on the opposition as a way to force them into giving up the ball so he and his other teammates can get steals.

Wesley Montero, 6-0, Point Guard, Wings Academy, Class of 2021 - Montero likes to drive to the basket and makes plenty of great moves when in the lane. Is a very careful ball handler and can be trusted with not turning the ball over. Has excellent court vision.

Davon Anderson, 5-10, Shooting Guard, Wings Academy, 2021 - Anderson knows where and when to move on the floor and can pick his spots as far as where to shoot. Makes strong drives to the basket and is unafraid of contact when going to the basket.

Khalil Brantley, 5-10, Point Guard, Boys & Girls High School, Terry’s All-Stars, Class of 2021 - Brantley is a potent scorer that loves going to the basket. Is good at driving into the lane and finishing in transition. Also, is very aware of where his teammates are moving on the floor and is a good passer.

Jalen Smith, 5-8, Point Guard, Cardinal Hayes High School, Terry’s All-Stars, Class of 2020 - Smith has plenty of physical strength and loves contact. Makes great drives to the basket and is also an excellent defender as he uses his great hands to obtain steals at all times.

Taj Chiles, 5-7, Point Guard, Bishop Loughlin High School, The Nation, Class of 2020 - Chiles has excellent court vision and is able to go to the basket despite his diminutive frame. Loves to shoot at a high volume, as he is efficient up for a jumper. Despite his lack of size, he is able to get to the basket and score efficiently, but is even better at setting up his teammates for opportunities to score.

Malachi Smith, 6-0, Point Guard, St. Raymond High School, Terry’s All-Stars, Class of 2020 - Smith is good at handling the ball and finds plenty of ways to get to the basket. Is a pass-first guard that likes to get his teammates involved. Is fearless when it comes to getting to the hole.

Moses Hughes, 6-5, Forward, Edward Reynolds/West Side High School, The Nation, Class of 2020 - Hughes is very strong and aggressive when it come to getting rebounds and can attack the glass when needed to. Has the ability to play above the rim, but is an enforcer for his team on both ends of the court.

Rashawn Wilson, 5-8, Point Guard, Denver East High School, The Nation, Class of 2021 - Wilson has plenty of toughness and is very fearless when in transition and going to the basket. Has the capability to control his team when on the perimeter and can also set up teammates for good passes. Has plenty of quickness as he is also prone to getting steals.