2019 Hoops in the Sun Vsonary Day

By David Cordova

On Saturday afternoon, August 10, RecruitTheBronx.com paid a visit to the Hoops in the Sun at Orchard Beach in The Bronx for the second annual Vsonary Day event, which features some of the best players in the tri-state area from the Class of 2022. Here are the standouts from the game:

Tyler Hawkins(2022) 6-0, Point Guard, Mount St. Michael Academy -  Hawkins is a shifty guard who has good moves to the basket and is a very solid playmaker. Is a player that has the ability to see where his teammates are moving so that he can reward them with assists. He also has an affinity for shooting from long range.

Andre Bly (2022) 5-11, Shooting Guard, Cardinal Hayes High School - Bly has the ability to make solid plays and is efficient by getting past his defender. Knows how to create for himself and has the ability to score in transition. Struggles with consistency with his outside shot, but makes up for it with toughness and his knack for defense.

Darrell Victory, Jr.(2022) 5-6, Point Guard, St. Francis Preparatory School -  Victory is a diminutive guard that has plenty of skills and is a good defender. Has plenty of quickness and can do many things on the court despite his small frame. Has the ability to shoot from long range and is a good passer.

CJ Riley (2022) 5-9, Point Guard, Wings Academy - A guard that is good at creating for himself and loves to run in transition. Has the ability to control the tempo and is a good passer who sees his teammates moving and delivers the passes in the right places. He can spread the floor with his ability to shoot the long ball.

Denver Anglin (2022) 6-0, Point Guard, Gill St. Bernard School (NJ) - Anglin has plenty of physical strength and can get to the basket easily and is able to withstand physical contact when he is in the lane. Has a good handle and is a potent scorer. Has good court vision.

Jayden Pierre, (2022) 6-0, Point Guard, The Patrick School (NJ) - Pierre is quick and is a true floor general. Has the ability to be a good playmaker as he knows when he has the ability to pass the ball. Is also able to create for himself and is good when it comes to showcasing his athleticism.

Maurice Odum (2022) 6-1, Shooting Guard, Union City High School (NJ) - Odum can run and score in transition and is also a good passer. Has a good shooting touch and has good court vision. Has a lot of quickness when running up and down the court.

Isaiah Griffin (2022) 5-10, Point Guard, Hudson Catholic High School (NJ) - Griffin is lightning-quick and makes good moves to the basket and is good at getting to the basket. Has the ability to see the floor well in an efficient manner and is able to set teammates up for passes on offense.

Chance Westry (2022) 6-4, Forward, Trinity High School (PA) - Westry is a forward who has plenty of finesse in his game, along with plenty of athleticism in his game. Is able to post up smaller defenders and can attack the basket in transition. Also has the ability to shoot from long range.

Kameron Rodriguez (2022) 5-7, Point Guard, Fieldston School - Rodriguez is another tiny floor general who can do many things on the court and is able to set teammates up on the court for passes. Has the ability to shoot from long range and is fearless when going up to the basket for a layup.