2020 Top Dog Camp All Camp Team


Tobias Ceasar and John Mandeldove really know how to throw a basketball bash. In their inaugural Top Dog Camp, they simply went out and rounded up some of the most talented bigs in the neighboring five states, and got a whole bunch of college coaches to tune in to the BallerTV live feed. That list of coaches included ACC, Big 10, Big 12, SEC and PAC 12 programs.


The players were put through skill stations, given instruction and played games. The competition was D1 sized and competitive. The following were named as the All Camp performers:


Donovan Clingan  2022, 7’2 center, Bristol Central (CT) Clingan was named the Top Dog of the 2020 Top Dog Camp. The rising junior is now up to 7’2 and he did not disappoint one bit.  He has gotten stronger, his ability to pass out of the post is at a high level.  What most impressed the camp staff the most was his ability to face up and hit shots.  Donovan competed in stations and in competitions so hard that others had readjust their level of play to new levels.


Badara Diakite  (2025) 6’8 forward, Redemption Christian School (NY) - Diakite, no that is not a typo, he is a 14 year old, rising 8th grader. He is a long wing, who can already handle, shoot off-the-catch and dribble very well for his age and size. He does not shy away from contact and is very active on the defensive end too.  He knows how to use his length. He has a neon-bright future ahead of him.


Taylor Bowen (2023) 6’8 wing, St. George’s School (RI) - Bowen is long wing with a very pure and smooth-looking shot.  He is a true wing who can get to his spots and get his shot off.  Rebounds very well out of his zone.  He can defend 2 thru 4


Nejohn Fortes (2023) 6’7 wing, St George’s School (RI) - Fortes is a D1 sized wing who is still maturing into his game.  He has all the tools, as he can handle and shoot and use his great length well.  Once he puts it all together he will be tough to guard.


Bube Momba 6’7 small forward, Phillips Andover Academy (MA) - Momah was physically stronger than most in camp.  His ability to make jump shots has improved.  He does not shy away from defending, which is probably his calling card because he can guard 2 thru 5. He has become comfortable on the wing now, which is going to bode well for his next level recruitment.


Kalu Anya (2022) 6’7 wing, Governor’s Academy (MA) Anya is not afraid to work hard.  He was unbelievable in stations with his effort and that translated into the same great effort in the games.  He has good guard skills and can shoot it from three.  He is very underrated as an athlete, but showed impressive spurts during camp.


Abdullah Mahamed  (2022) 6’9 forward, Worcester Academy (MA) - Mahamed was aggressively trying to dunk everything inside the paint.  He is long and athletic.  He can guard both 4s and 5s.  As he develops, Camp Director Ceasar sees him being an elite defender,  who will be able to lock down on ball screen and roll action.


Max Mitchell. (2021) 6’5 wing, Bridgeport Prep (CT) - Mitchell was orginally headed off to play college ball in Texas, when the crazy Covid summer of 2020 worked to derail those plans. Instead, he signed on to do a PG year at Bridgeport Prep and then got himself in as a last minute sign-up at Top Dog. At the camp, he scored from all levels and displayed an unknown level of athleticism with some impressive dunks in transition.  He shot the ball very well, and for a good stretch he looked unguardable. Safe to say, both Top Dog and Mitchell are happy he showed up.  He can help a lot of schools immediately.


Quron Zene (2021) 6’5 swing, Pomfret School (CT) - This Columbia University-commit came to Top Dog to get better, and did just that.  At 6’5 and 225lbs, Zene was strong enough to successfully contend post-ups by bigger players, and yet agile enough to stay in front of smaller guys.  He showed both his ability to post-up and shoot the three.  For the first time in his playing career, he was one of the smallest players on the court. It didn’t seem to phase him, as he immediately shifted into being a ball-handling, playmaker from the perimer mode.

For the Top Dog Camp’s BallerTV highlights and replays link go to https://www.ballertv.com/events/top-dog-camp