2020 Elite 50 Showcase - Top Performers 2023-2024s


On Friday, August 21st, Connecticut Elite hosted its annual Elite 50 Showcase with players from CT, NY and MA in attendance.  Here are the top performers for rising freshmen and sophomores:


Michael Nwoko (2023) 6’8 forward, St Thomas More (CT) - Nwoko was one of the most dominant big man this evening standing at 6’8. Agile, good hands and good footwork for his age. He doesn’t shy away from contact and rebounds at the rim. This young man has a ton of upside. 

Jack Nieradko (2024) 6’9 forward, Kingswoods-Oxford School (CT) - Nieradko is a versatile big man at 6’9 due to his ability to stretch the floor with his 3-point shooting ability. He runs the floor well, finishes at or above the rim and makes the correct pass from the post. Nieradko has a bright future.


Jaysean Williams (2025) point guard - Williams defends and handles the ball very well. Gets everyone involved. Plays through contact and has an extremely High IQ of the game already.


Hakim Montgomery (2023) point guard, South Windsor High (CT) - Montgomery is a very quick point and knows how to run a team. He’s a disturbance on the defensive end and makes offense look easy with his ability to finish with both hands at the basket. One of the best PGs in the building.

Zachary Giddiens (2024) guard, Thurgood Marshall High - Giddens attacks very well and really enjoys playing defense. He has good range and can shoot the ball from deep. 


Luke Penna (2023) guard, Southington High (CT) - Penna played well on both ends of the floor this evening. He really stood out for his toughness on the defensive end and his ability to play without the basketball in his hand which led his teammates to find him on the floor as he was one of the better shooters in the gym.


Jason Robinson (2023) guard, Crosby High (CT) - Robinson made plays all evening. Finishing through contact with both hands, making the right play to teammates and hitting open jump shots. The Waterbury native didn’t disappoint. 


Quentin Duncan (2024) guard, Sacred Heart High (CT) - Duncan is a complete player who was able to do it all this evening and might arguably be the most talented player at the event for his age. Duncan has all the skills and makings of a future D1 basketball player.


Cedrick Similien (2023) guard, St Bernard High (CT) - Similien is a shifty and gets to the basket. If he can’t score, he’s looking to make the right basketball play to his teammate. If Cedrick continues to work on his jump shot, then he’ll be hard to guard. 


Edwin Roberts (2023) guard, Holy Cross High (CT) - boasts a solid body for a guard and is a great play maker. Roberts was not only able to create for his teammates all evening but did so for himself as well in the open floor. 


Mason Cottrell (2023) 6’0 guard, East Catholic High (CT) - Cortell made a living getting to the basket in transition and the open floor. He is tough to guard due to his speed physical play and is very fun to watch due to the energy he brings to the game. 


Alvin Davis (2023) guard, Amistad High (CT) - Davis has a lot of upside. He finishes around the basket and handles it well for someone his size. Once he begins to work on his shooting consistently and become stronger then he’ll be a tough match up for a lot of defenders.

Na’Zier Williams (2024) guard, Classical Magnet High (CT) - Williams is a strong guard who plays at his own pace. He doesn’t look to force anything and always looking to make the right play. 


Brandon Cary-Green (2023) swing, Trumbull High (CT) - Cary-Green was very active around the rim as he lived in the paint securing the easy two. He showed guard skills and has the skill set to be a good all-around player.

A’von Scudder (2024) guard, Wooster School (CT) - Scudder attacked the basket all evening and got to the basket for easy finishes.


Michael Malachi (2025) guard - Malachi was one of three 7th graders who played with the older group and he didn’t disappoint. He knocked down a several 3’s early and made some crafty moves to the basket.