Elite 84 AAU Basketball - College Prospects


Elite 84 is a AAU Basketball program based out of Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, NY. Head coach, Joel Velasquez says Elite-84 educates and empowers their athletes to be leaders, winners and students by developing the skills necessary for success in high school, college and life. Over the course of Velasquez’s coaching career he has been able to help his student athletes get accepted into four-year colleges, not only for sports but with a focus on furthering their education.


Anferny Pena (2021) 6’5 wing, OnPoint Academy (OK) - Pena is a versatile scorer who has the the ability to finish strongly above the rim and can really be a knock-down shooter when he is hot. He does needs to improve his shooting’s consistency in order to be more impactful at the next level.  He is also a great rebounder who scores second chance points and can push the break off the rebound with his ability to pass the ball. He’s great at being a help-defender which makes him the team’s defensive anchor. Velasquez’s says that Pena needs to improve on his on-ball defense to be able to play major minutes on the next level. He is projected to be a kid who will play 1 or 2 years at a JUCO and then finish his career at a mid-major. If he gets into the lab and further builds his shooting and athleticism, he would then have high major potential.


Jaheem Tyson (2021)- 6’5 small forward, Vision Academy -Tyson is using his AAU work and his next two seasons at Vision Academy to make the move from high school post man into a college swing man. He already plays above the rim and is a tremendous rebounder. His progression to the next level is now tied into his desire to grind and add perimeter skills in the practice gym. The success in that progression is hard to predict, and is totally up to Tyson. Scouts will watching, and where he lands on the D2 to mid major spectrum will depend on it.


Ronald Williams (2021) 6’1 point guard, Harry Van Arsdale High - Williams is a tenacious on-ball defender and team defender. To the point, he has earned the “Pat Bev” nickname from Elite 84 Coach Anthony Bonilla, in honor of the famed Los Angeles clipper defender, Patrick Beverly. He rebounds the ball well for size and can finish off offensive rebounds. He is the prototype “New York City guard” in that he needs to get into a practice gym to improve his jumper in order combine that with get his high motor strengths and get to the next level. Coach Velasquez thinks that Williams can be a great role player on a D2 team or can be one of the best players on a good D3 team.


Justice Davis (2021) 6’1 guard, William C Bryant High - Davis is a slashing guard who plays with a lot of energy on both sides of the court. He loves to play at and above the rim. Even at his size, he finishes strongly at the rim and doesn’t shy away from the contact. When Davis improves his decision-making, he will become a true point guard. Currently, he is much better off-of-the-ball. He’s a player who is going to need one or two years more work at a JUCO before evolving into a D2 level player.


Nicholas Molina (2021) 6’1 point guard, Vision Academy – Molina proved in high school that he could be a high level teammate and play a role on great teams. He is now getting the chance in AAU ball and as a post grad player to be the floor general and team leader. He is an explosive athlete. Now being tasked to win games with his leadership and defensive intensity, Molina has an opportunity to show college scouts a broader array of high impact play. He can be a knock shooter when he has it going.  With year of focus and a whole lot of practice gym reps, he should be able to make that a consistent asset in his game. This is a very important year for Molina.


Darryl Williams (2021) 6’1 guard, Nazareth High - Williams is a great leader for his team and is a very athletic guard who plays with a lot of energy and can finish at the rim. He is not yet a true point guard in his instincts and habits. I.e, he currently does much better off-of-the ball. The Elite 84 staff thinks that he needs to improve on his shooting and become a better passer if he wants to maximize his opportunities. They feel that he should progress to becoming a great player on the D3 level or good role player on the D2 level.

Myles Day (2021) 6’3 wing, Boys and Girls High - Day has a lot of potential to be really good with his size and his ability to play against wings and guards.  He’s a good rebounder and can score off of second chance points. For him to get to the next level, Coach Velasquez says that Day needs to improve on his motor and his shooting. If he gets that done, Velasquez thinks that Day will be a great D3 player, or a solid role player on a good D2 team.


Milo Scheve (2021) 6’5 wing, Woodstock Academy Blue (CT)- Scheve is a wing who can handle the ball and knock down jumpshots at a high level. He will not impress you with his athleticism, but will with his overall skills and IQ. The long and extensive developmental season at Woodstock Academy will give him a chance to improve his defense against outstanding opponents. Hopefully, he will also learn the value of becoming a better rebounder for his size. If he is able to improve in those areas and play with a more consistent motor, he can be a mid-major player. As is, he is likely a solid D2 player.


Randy Zarzuela (2021) 6’5 forward, Vision Academy - Only 7% of high school players make it as college players. Zarzuela has a chance to make that happen for himself. He has the length, ball-handling and jump-shooting abilty to get there. The question that will be answered over the next few months is does he have the ability to train his body into a D1 level of fitness and athleticism? In playing with Elite 84 in the fall and with Vision Academy in the winter, Zarzuela will be seen by enough eyes to prove whether the answer to that question will be yes or no.