2020 New Haven Showcase - Top Performers


The New Haven Showcase got it done for a third straight year, pulling in college-prospect talent and getting college scouts to focus on them. According to Ryan Ott, one of the organizers, he was hearing the following statements from D2, D3, and prep school recruiters in attendance: “There are definitely several scholarship-level prospects here tonight. Plus a lot of really good D3 talent.” “75% of the kids in the gym tonight can play college ball.”“Multiple scholarship players here tonight and many other kids that can definitely play D3.”

Top Performers


#49 Ben Carroll (2021) 6’7 stretch 4 - Carroll plays hard, smart, and composed on both ends of the floor. Nice length. Active hands defensively. Soft hands on offense. Displayed very good footwork on a variety of post moves from both the block and mid-post, both with his back-to-the-basket and on face-ups. Solid outside shooter with range to 3pt arc. Demonstrated ability to use shot fake and drive vs other bigs on the perimeter. Active rebounder all night. Also runs the floor well in transition.


#43 Mike Green (2021) 6’6 wing - Green islong and very athletic. Runs the floor and finishes above the rim in transition. Range to the 3pt arc where he made several throughout the night. Good offensive rebounder. Good perimeter defender.


# 38 Dion Perkins (2021) 6’4 wing - Perkins plays with a lot of energy on the offensive end. Displayed a variety of perimeter breakdown moves and attacked the paint successfully all night in both full court and half court situations. Solid shooter, plays above the rim, finishes well in transition. Moves well without the ball. Can score from anywhere on the court.


#39 Robert Sanders (2021) 6’2 point guard - Sanders has good size for a point guard. He is athletic, smooth and a good decision maker. He is solid defender with his length. He is unselfish, great passer, good shooter with an impressive handle and athleticism when attacking and finishing at the rim.


#25 Malcolm Duncanson (2021) 6’0 guard - Duncanson has a strong body with a strong handle, and is able to get to the rim frequently. He had a knack for creating plays for himself and others off the bounce. He applied good defensive pressure on the ball and stayed in passing lanes when off the ball.


Other Notable Performances


#26 Dereyk Grant (2021) 5’10 point guard. Grant is a tough, quick point guard. He penetrates the lane and finishes well. He is a nice set shooter. Grant is a solid defender who plays with a lot of confidence. His quickness and toughness translated to the defensive end where he showed aggressive on-ball defense.


#5 Tavares Tuck (2022) 5’10 point guard - Tuck is a confident, attacking PG. He is quick and explosive. He knocked down perimeter shots from a variety of spots around the arc. Energetic on-ball defender with very active hands, good feet and a desire to disrupt. Tuck has great potential as he continues to learn the game. He will be a well-rounded PG by his senior campaign in 2022.


#27 Jayvon Taylor (2021) 6’2 guard - Taylor is smooth and athletic. He is a good finisher in transition and a solid shooter. He can play above the rim. Unselfish player. and an athletic defender.


#29 Ali Akilin (2021) 6’2 guard - Akilin is very strong when attacking the basket and drew fouls with his physicality. Solid mid range and perimeter shooter who was also active on offensive boards. Pesky full court defender and good defensive rebounder for his size. Hard worker who displayed consistent energy/motor throughout the night at both ends of the floor. Versatile player.


#6 Eli Blackwell (2021) 5’8 point guard Blackwell was looking for and effectively feeding the bigs in the post. He controls the pace and changes speeds well. Blackwell is a pesky full court on-ball defender. Vocal leader directing traffic on both ends.


#42 Kris Laing (2021) 6’4 wing - Laing is a long and smooth lefty. He has a good perimeter jump shot and a good finisher on drives to rim. He demonstrated a variety of scoring moves in half court and full court.